How to Fold a Blanket? 4 Methods

How to Fold a Blanket? 7 Methods

Add a throw blanket to a couch, chair, or bed for decoration. We’ll explain the seven best methods to fold your blanket.

Folding is the best way to save some space when looking for ways to use our space more effectively without having to get rid of things. Organizing is incredibly simple when you fold a blanket in a more effective manner.

Here are seven ways to fold blankets that will help you make more space in your home and deal with its current overcrowding.

Here is some useful information about sewing blankets:

How to Fold a Blanket for Storage?

Many blankets can be stacked on top of one another because the rectangular shape is thinner. This is perfect for hospitals and nursing homes that need to store lots of blankets.

  1. Lay the blanket flat on the ground or another flat surface after fully unfolding it. Folding and spreading out your blanket will make it easier. Spread the sheet out flat across your floor while holding the shorter edge in your hands. You can make your fold in such a way that you can easily reach every corner.
  2. The blanket should be folded in half. When you’re ready to make your first fold, hold the sheet’s corners and move them to the other side. If your blanket is rectangular, fold it in half lengthwise.
  3. With your hands, eliminate any folds or wrinkles. As you fold, run your hands over the top of the blanket, working your way outward from the center, to smooth out any wrinkles, folds, or lines. As long as there are no wrinkles, your sheet blanket will lay neatly and flat.
  4. The blanket should be folded in half crosswise. Grab the sheet’s shorter side and fold it over to the other side to create your fold.  After making your second fold, smooth out any creases or wrinkling.
  5. Your blanket can now be folded in half to make it smaller or you can store it as is. If you want to fold your sheet up smaller for storage, just keep folding it. Keep in mind that if you fold a blanket too frequently, it may become bulky and unable to remain folded.

This video explains how to fold a blanket for storage:

How to Roll Up a Blanket?

If you have a limited amount of storage or want to display your blankets. Instead of folding, you might want to roll your paper.

  1. Start once more with your blanket on a level surface.
  2. Remove any obvious creases before folding the blanket in half lengthwise.
  3. You might want to fold your blanket again if it is particularly large, depending on its size.
  4. The blanket can now be picked up from one end after being folded once or twice.
  5. Start rolling the blanket from end to end in a tidy, slow motion by positioning your hands on either end with equal distances between them.
  6. To prevent the shape from unrolling as you near the end, you might need to fiddle with it.
  7. The rolled blankets can then be placed next to one another, stacked on top of one another, or simply placed on display.

This video explains how to roll up a blanket:

How to Fold a Display Blanket?

Blankets need to be properly folded for display in a number of different situations. hotels, shops, homes, and showrooms. However, home display blankets are an exception to this rule and can be made without strictly adhering to any guidelines. Here are some ideas:

  1. Fold the throw blanket into thirds for a neat display. Bring one of the sides of your throw blanket to the center and fold it neatly. To make a tidy, lovely throw blanket display for your bed or sofa, fold the opposite side on top. Additionally, you can shake the blanket out so that it lays flat by grasping both corners with both hands.
  2. Fold the throw once in half if you want more of the blanket to be visible. Holding the corners in one hand, move them to the other side. If you are folding a rectangular blanket, fold it in half lengthwise. Put the sheet over the couch’s back or the bottom of the bed.
  3. Cover your couch, bed, or chair with the blanket. Hold the sheet’s edges so the folds stay in place after you have folded them in half or thirds. It should be laid gently on top of your furniture. You are free to place your throw blanket wherever you like. On the foot of your bed or the back of your couch, perhaps. To make a runner, simply lay your sheet flat at the foot of your bed or flip it over your couch. You can also put your folded blanket on the back of a chair.
  4. Run your hands over the blanket to remove any creases or wrinkles. Your hands should smooth out the sheet’s surface so that it remains flat. If there are any wrinkles, your throw blanket might not look tidy and appealing. Throw blankets make any space cozier and warmer.
How To Fold A Blanket For Display

How to Fold a Blanket into a Pillow?

Whether you’re on the couch or in bed, pillows and blankets make everything cozier. It’s a little trickier to turn a blanket into a pillow, but once you figure it out, it’s simple.

  1. The blanket should be folded in half along its long edge and placed on the ground.
  2. When it’s almost snug on the pillowcase, continue folding it in the opposite direction.
  3. The blanket might need to be cut in thirds to fit in the box, depending on its original size.
  4. A quick pillow can be made by placing the folded ingredients in a box.

This video explains how to fold a blanket into a pillow:

How to Fold a Bulky Blanket?

If the blanket is larger or particularly bulky, spread it out on a flat surface and smooth out any creases. Then, beginning with one of the long sides, fold it inward toward the center. To make the two long sides meet in the middle, repeat the process with the other long side.

Next, fold one side over the other to create a single long rectangle. Fold each of the short ends so that they meet in the middle, then shuffle one of the ends into the opening of the other. This will ensure that the thick blanket stays folded and is prevented from unraveling.

How to Fold a Bulky Blanket?

How to Fold a Thin Blanket?

  1. When folding a thin or smaller blanket, first spread it out, then fold the long side over by about a third.
  2. Fold over the top of it to the other long side.
  3. Then, beginning at one of the short ends of the blanket, begin to fold it into a rectangular shape, smoothing out any creases or wrinkles as you go.

When it is fully folded, flatten it out.

How to Fold a Thin Blanket?

How to Fold Blankets into Squares?

Similar to the rolling technique, begin by unfolding the blanket, bringing the short ends together, checking for wrinkles, and then folding it over again until you have a narrow rectangle. Start by folding over a portion of one of the short ends to form a square, then fold it over once more and again until you have a clean, square-shaped fold.

How to Fold Blankets into Squares?

Conclusion: Fold Your Blanket Now!

You can fold your blanket in the seven methods explained above to save space. You’ll need a storage solution if you have a lot of throw blankets or if you prefer to sleep without one. Large baskets work well as storage containers. Your blanket should be rolled or folded, then inserted. Go with a lidded basket for a neat appearance.

As you organize and declutter your home, we hope that these suggestions on how to fold blankets to save space will be helpful. Happy folding!

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How Do You Organize a Blanket in a Small Space?

Either fold them compactly into a zippered organizer or a lidded plastic tote and pop them onto a high closet shelf. If you don’t have enough room, you can also cram them into vacuum-sealed bags. Then just slide them under a bed frame. In either case, label everything inside to avoid confusion come fall.

How Many Throw Blankets Are Too Many?

You will only need 1-2 blankets, and/or one blanket and one comforter (or duvet) per bed, maximum, in most instances. Additionally, keep in mind that sometimes that may be used for visitors.

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