How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?

How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?

Read and learn how to fold clothes for packing before travel. Then you can save more space in your suitcase or backpack.

For your clothing, there are many different folding and packing methods. Depending on whether we select a bag, a suitcase, or a backpack, they vary. Organize your clothing by rolling, laying flat, stacking, or packing it vertically. It is worthwhile to test which garments are prone to creasing and how they respond to different packing methods.

The following approaches all have benefits and drawbacks, but this article will assist you in selecting the method that will work best for you and will walk you through the process of properly packing your bags step by step.

How To Fold Tops For Travel?

Tops are convenient to pack. Since they are so large, we can also pack socks and underwear inside of them if we so choose; however, more on that will be discussed near the end of this guide.

T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, shirts, and dresses will be the first items I demonstrate to you how to ranger-roll in this section. Since the procedures for t-shirts, undershirts, sweaters, and jackets are the same, I have combined them all.

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Fold T-shirts And Undershirts

Let’s start with ranger-rolling undershirts and t-shirts. You have a choice of either skipping the video or going straight to the step-by-step explanations.

  1. Fold the arms in on both sides of the shirt, long sleeves can overlap, and lay it flat with the front facing up.
  2. About 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) of the shirt’s bottom should be turned inside out.
  3. Both sides of the shirt should be folded in by a third. The second side may extend beyond the first.
  4. Roll the shirt all the way to the bottom starting at the collar.
  5. Lift the roll up with one hand and wrap the inside-out part of the bottom back over the shirt
  6. Take hold of the roll with your other hand, then flip the shirt’s inside-out portion over to the other side.
  7. The edges can be adjusted by inserting your thumbs inside the shirt.
How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?

Fold Hoodies

Since we can use the hood to hold the roll in place, we roll hoodies a little differently than other sweaters. If you prefer it to the jacket guide below, this method will also work for hooded jackets.

  1. Face the back of the hoodie upward as you place it on the ground.
  2. Bring both sides of the arms in. The folded second arm can fully enclose the first.
  3. Fold the hoodie in half along its width, starting from both sides.
  4. Roll the hoodie all the way up to the beginning of the hood starting from the bottom.
  5. To secure the roll, flip the hood over it and draw the strings in. Tie a knot.

Fold Collared Shirts

On the subject of rolls, I’ll demonstrate a fantastic way to pack your dress shirts and other collared shirts using a very straightforward roll that is also very wrinkle-resistant.

  1. Start by fully fastening the shirt’s buttons. The collar may alternatively be left open.
  2. To even out the fabric, flip the shirt over and lay it on its back.
  3. Fold the shirt in half from side to side (pro-tip: lift it up at the fold and give it a shake to even it out).
  4. When wearing a long sleeve shirt, fold the arms in toward the other end.
  5. Roll the shirt up to the collar gently starting at the bottom.

Fold Jackets And Sweaters

When packing them for travel, most sweaters and jackets are folded in the same way. In the section below, I’ve included two videos, one for each, but I only suggest watching one of them due to time constraints.

  1. Fold the arms from both sides to the opposite side, buttoned up with the front facing up.
  2. To make a pocket that we will use later, flip the bottom of the garment inside out by about 4-5 inches.
  3. Fold the jacket in half length-wise from each side so that the sides meet in the middle.
  4. Roll the garment tightly from the top down until it reaches the end of the pocket we made in step 2.
  5. To turn the inside-out portion of the garment back to its proper side, raise the garment.
  6. Make sure you cover the roll completely on both sides with this fabric as you do this.
  7. To make the fabric more evenly and create a ranger roll, insert your fingers inside the roll’s ends.
  8. It is now ready to be stacked horizontally or vertically in your suitcase.
  9. Put your underwear and socks inside the roll at step 1 for more saved space
How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?

How To Fold Dresses For Travel?

Using the ranger roll, you can enclose most casual dresses.

A lot of detailed dresses or dresses made of materials that wrinkle easily should not be ranger rolled. Linen and dresses made of only cotton are particularly prone to creasing. For these dresses, skipping the ranger roll’s pocket and simply rolling the dress up normally is a fantastic alternative.

  1. The dress should be laid out with the front facing up.
  2. To make a pocket, flip the dress’ bottom inside out and upwards 4-6 inches.
  3. Fold the dress in thirds of its width from the side.
  4. Repeat from the opposite side until the second fold completely encloses the first.
  5. From the neck to the bottom of the dress, roll it down.
  6. To cinch the dress, reverse the fabric’s inside-out position over the roll.
    Pro-tip: Work on one side at a time.
  7. By inserting your fingers into the pocket, you can adjust the roll.

How To Fold Bottoms For Travel?

In general, bottoms are quite bulky, especially when it comes to materials used for pants like denim and similar materials. So, in order to make the most of our space, we’ll try to compress these as much as we can.

Each of the various bottoms’ different types: pants, shorts, and skirts all have individual ways to be optimally folded. So be sure to research the three types listed below.

How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?

Fold Pants

Typically, your bag’s largest item is a pair of pants. Even though tights and yoga pants are not as bulky as other types of pants, they still benefit from being folded in the same manner, for example, jeans, sweats, and chinos.

Because it is generally superior to the ranger roll, the instructions will teach you how to fold your pants in rose fashion. If you prefer ranger-rolling your pants, feel free to adhere to the instructions for shorts on your pants.

  1. With the front facing up, place your pants on the ground.
  2. Fold them in half from side to side.
  3. At the knee, bend the top leg outward by 90 degrees.
  4. To make a straight line down the pant, fold in the crotch area.
  5. Roll the pants all the way down from the waist to the bottom of the leg.
  6. Holding onto the rolled-up pants, raise them with the free leg pointed upward.
  7. Place your hand inside the free leg and encircle the roll with it.
  8. Ensure that the roll is completely secured by adjusting the wrapped pant leg.

Fold Skirts

Your casual skirts can typically be ranger-rolled, just like dresses and shorts.

Your formal skirts, skirts with intricate details, and skirts made of 100 percent cotton or linen should not be ranger-rolled. The best way to roll up these skirts is to fold them in half from side to side, roll them from the waist down, and then roll them up gently.

How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?
  1. Lay your skirt flat with the front facing up.
  2. Pull the waist down 4-6 inches by turning it inside out.
  3. Fold the skirt in thirds from side to side.
  4. From the opposite side, repeat the process until the new fold completely encloses the old one.
  5. Roll the skirt up from the bottom all the way to the top of the waist.
  6. The inside-out waist should be placed over the rolled-up skirt after raising the skirt.
  7. Insert your fingers inside the waist opening to adjust the fabric from the inside for a uniform roll.

More Tips On The Best Ways To Pack Clothes For Moving

The key to making your move as stress-free as possible is to pack and organize your clothes. When packing your belongings, remember these vital moving basics:

  • Always pack heavy items at the bottom and lighter items at the top of the boxes.
  • To avoid odors and simplify the unpacking process, wash the clothes before moving.
  • Avoid stuffing the boxes too tightly because doing so could cause damage and weaken them.
  • Keep pricey clothing items, such as those with sentimental or monetary value, in your car.
  • When possible, keep your clothes hanging up.
  • Keep folded clothing in dresser drawers.
  • To protect the clothes, remember to line cardboard boxes and suitcases with packing paper.
  • Pack clothes you won’t be wearing soon in plastic storage containers.
  • Don’t forget to pack a moving bag with the necessities you’ll need in the days leading up to and following your move.

Which Is Better For Packing: Rolling Or Folding Clothes?

It didn’t matter how I packed; everything fit. The biggest difference wasn’t more or less space but where the extra space was.

How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?
  • Flat packing pushed things up, leaving pockets on the side
  • Rolling clothes pushed things out, creating a little extra space on top

This is most obvious when using a traditional hiking backpack, where the layers of items if packed incorrectly, can leave pockets of empty space all over.

No matter how I pack them, large clothing items like sweaters take up a lot of room. The only way I could get the sweaters to fit more compactly is to put them in a compression sack.

The t-shirts and other thin clothing did roll up smaller and pack more efficiently. Or, they appeared to be more compressed—at the very least. If I had combined techniques, I might have also been able to cram a few rolled items into the side of the bag for the flat-packing version.

The best answer is to do both. Several garments were rolled, and others were folded.

For example:

  • Rolls smaller and more delicate items, like shirts or dresses
  • Fold bulkier items, like jeans or sweaters

Roll items on top of and around folded items when packing a suitcase or travel backpack.

How To Roll Clothes For Packing?

How To Fold Clothes For Packing Before Travel?

The best method for preventing wrinkles is to roll your clothing because it is tightly rolled and has no sharp creases.

To avoid creases:

  1. Fold your clothes along the seams only
  2. Smooth out any wrinkles then
  3. Roll your clothes

Do not omit the second step. When you pack your clothes, they should be wrinkle-free; otherwise, they will still be wrinkled when you take them out of the bag. Although rolling can delay the appearance of wrinkles, it cannot get rid of them.

How to Pack Clothes Using the “Bundle” Technique?

  1. Start with the heaviest things like jackets or coats
  2. Add another layer in front of each other
  3. Add long-sleeved clothes like shirts and sweaters
  4. Sleeves should cover each other
  5. Put the trousers alongside the sleeves
  6. Fold them in half – they will fit perfectly
  7. Pack T-shirts and trousers
  8. Pack them alternately
  9. Place the underwear in the middle
  10. A bag with underwear or accessories will assure that there will not be any kinds of creases
  11. Start to roll them very tight
  12. Successively roll every layer until all the clothes are rolled

Conclusion: How To Fold Clothes?

Although rolling your clothes is an excellent packing technique, it cannot overcome the laws of physics to allow you to bring more clothing. To avoid wrinkles, maintain organization in your bag, and make the most of the space you do have, mix folded and ranger-rolled clothing.

No matter how I packed it, everything fit. The biggest difference isn’t more or less space but where the extra space is.


What is the 5 4 3 2 1 Packing Method?

Do the clothing countdown: If you need a mantra to help streamline your wardrobe, use the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule for a weeklong trip: Limit yourself to no more than five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes and one hat. The list should be modified to meet your requirements.

Is It Better to Roll Or Fold Clothes for Travel?

Rolling your clothes in your suitcase will generally save space. This is because it makes the most of the space that is available by forcing air from between folds. Rolling properly can also guarantee that your clothing will have fewer wrinkles.

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