How to Get Oil Out of Suede? 8 Easy Ways to Try!
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How to Get Oil Out of Suede? 8 Easy Ways to Try!

If you know how to get oil out of suede shoes, you can take care of your shoes and make sure they look as good as new after any mishaps.

When cleaning stains from suede, action must be taken quickly. The lack of a protective coating causes the fabric to more readily absorb stains. They might not come off if you wait too long because the suede will be permanently stained.

Suede shoes can be challenging to clean, especially when oil stains are involved. Your suede boot isn’t necessarily useless just because it gets an oil stain on it. Several common household items, such as cornstarch or dish soap, can get oil out of suede. A specialized suede cleaner is an alternative.

We’ve included a few of our favorite suggestions for cleaning up stains on suede below.

Using Cornstarch to Get Oil Out of Suede


This technique calls for paper towels, cornstarch, a damp microfiber cloth, a suede brush, or a toothbrush. First, blot the stain with dry paper towels if it hasn’t fully dried, to remove as much of the motor oil or other type of oil as you can.

The sooner you deal with an oil spill, the better your chances of successfully removing the stain are if you can absorb even a small amount of the oil using paper towels.

Next, apply a generous amount of cornstarch to completely cover the stain. Allow it to sit overnight or at least for an hour. Since cornstarch is naturally absorbent, it is hoped that over time, as much oil as possible will be absorbed by it.

With your damp microfiber cloth, blot out the remaining cornstarch after removing the majority of it by brushing it into the trash can. Avoid rubbing it as this could harm the suede.

Last but not least, buff the area with a suede brush or a fresh toothbrush, working from the top of the stain down. This buffing will help the suede fibers become softer and revive the fabric’s appearance. Repeat the procedure or try a different approach if the oil stain is still visible.

Here are other ways to clean suede products:

Using Baby Powder to Get Oil Out of Suede

baby powder

Similar to cornstarch, baby powder or talcum powder makes a great absorbent. If you have a fresh oil or grease spill on a suede item and are wondering how to remove oil from suede shoes before it soaks in, grab some baby powder.

As quickly as you can, cover the oil stain with a thick layer of baby powder. The powder should be applied with your fingers and allowed to absorb for about 30 minutes.

Start by carefully brushing the powder away with a suede brush or a nail brush, if you have one. Brushing the powder and stain from your suede shoes should be done slowly and methodically.

Using Dish Soap to Get Oil Out of Suede

Dish Soap

Dish soap works well to clean suede when combined with lukewarm water, which you most likely already have at home. The dish soap dissolves tough grease on our plates and cooking utensils, making it ideal for dissolving grease or oil on suede shoes. Make a solution with dish soap to clean your shoes with.

Put a little of the combined liquid on the suede stain. Gently work the soapy mixture into the stain using a small suede brush or a clean nail brush. Avoid using too much pressure when gently rubbing in tiny circles.

The area should be rinsed with water using a sprayer before being dried with a fresh cloth. Repeat this procedure if the stain is particularly stubborn to make sure all unwanted markings are removed. For a smooth finish, air-dry your suede shoes and give them a light brushing with a suede brush.

Using a Suede Cleaner to Get Oil Out of Suede

Suede Cleaner

A suede brush or toothbrush, paper towels, and a suede cleaner are all necessary to properly clean suede. Since suede cleaners are created with that purpose in mind, they frequently produce the best results.

Most shoe stores carry suede cleaner, as do numerous online retailers and big-box stores like Target and Walmart.

Starting once more with paper towels, blot the stain to absorb as much oil as you can. After that, gently scrub the affected area with a toothbrush or suede brush to get rid of any dirt. The same as with the dish soap technique, you should begin at the top and move downward.

Use the suede cleaner next in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. You might need to use the suede brush or microfiber cloth once more after you have finished following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Using White Vinegar to Get Oil Out of Suede

White Vinegar

The popular cleaner white vinegar can help you remove the tough stains from your suede boots. To get rid of mold on suede shoes, vinegar works well as a natural cleaner and deodorizer. First, gently pat a paper towel over the oil stain if it is still wet.

The marked area of your suede shoes or other suede items should be cleaned using a clean cloth or by carefully pouring a small amount of the cleaner onto the item. On your shoe’s stained area, allow the cleaning solution to dry.

The blemish on the suede leather disappears after being broken down by the vinegar. Once your shoes have been gently dried, remove any leftover debris with a suede or nail brush, then buff them to restore their appearance.

Using Baking Soda to Get Oil Out of Suede

baking soda

Suede grease stains can be removed from both sides with baking soda. A powerful stain remover like white vinegar, baking soda is absorbent like cornstarch and baby powder.

Because it can absorb grease, odors, and dirt, baking soda is a suitable option for cleaning suede. Apply generous amounts of baking soda with a suede brush to the suede’s soiled areas. Allow the baking soda to sit for approximately 15 minutes before brushing it and any associated dirt off.

Using Suede Eraser to Get Oil Out of Suede

Suede Eraser

The little bar that resembles a pencil eraser may have caught your eye if you ordered a suede care kit. To remove oil from your boots, use this suede eraser. You may use it separately or in conjunction with the suede cleaner.

Since all that is required to completely remove an oil stain is for you to rub it over the stain, it is simple to use. The small eraser shavings that have accumulated on the stained area can then be cleaned. The boots are ready for use or storage after the oil stain has been removed and they have been cleaned.

Take It to the Cleaners

You can also take your beloved clothing to a dry cleaner if you don’t feel confident handling the task yourself. Yes, taking suede to the dry cleaners is an excellent way to remove stains from it.

Many businesses have developed since the invention of dry cleaning to now offer services like shoe repair and suede item cleaning. Before dropping off your items, make sure to look into their pricing and process to make sure they’re using natural and approved products.

Conclusion: Get Oil Out of Suede

The last words in this article are that you don’t have to throw away your suede leather shoes or jacket because you can easily and quickly clean the stained area.

We strongly advise holding off on wearing your fashionable items until drier weather if you want to increase the likelihood that you won’t ever damage your suede items.


Can Baking Soda Get Oil Out of Suede?

Sprinkle baking soda on the stains and use a soft brush to work it in. An old toothbrush will do just fine, but most suede kits typically come with a special suede brush. After about 15 minutes, let the powder dry on the shoes before brushing it off. The oil and dirt ought to come off easily when you brush off the baking soda.

How Do You Get Oil Out of Suede Chalk?

  1. Sprinkle Powder on the Stain. Use baby powder or cornstarch to sprinkle the stain with to absorb the oil, then leave it for an hour.
  2. Replicate the powder step. Repeat the previous step until the powder stops changing color or texture after an hour.

Does Vinegar Ruin Suede?

If used carefully, white vinegar and white spirits won’t stain suede, unlike water. Apply surgical spirits or white vinegar to a clean, soft cloth and blot the stain gently. After allowing the fabric to dry, fluff it back up and remove any loose dirt with a suede brush.

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