How to Get Pen Stains Out of Microfiber Fabric? Step-By-Step
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How to Get Pen Stains Out of Microfiber Fabric? Step-By-Step

With just a little elbow grease and the right tools, you can get pen stains out of microfiber fabric.

It seems impossible to get pen stains out of microfiber. It feels like there is no turning back once something like microfiber gets stained, so you might as well throw the item away. However, there are a few simple solutions for what ails your microfiber.

Rubbin’s alcohol or hand sanitizer can be swapped out for clear vodka. Any product that contains mostly or exclusively alcohol will work as long as it is clear because alcohol is the key ingredient.

Read this blog and you can learn how to get pen stains out of microfiber fabric.

How to Get Pen Stains Out of Microfiber Fabric?

Here are a variety of items that you probably already have at home that can help you get ink out of your microfiber products.

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

Microfiber can take some rough washing, but if you do too much you’ll discolor the fabric. Baby wipes are a great alternative if you are unsure of what harsher cleaning products could do to the fabric, as they are both mild and strong at the same time when it comes to cleaning.

You can determine the stain’s severity with the aid of baby wipes as well. Baby wipes will probably be able to get the entire stain if they can easily get a small portion of a larger stain. You know you’ll need something more powerful if not.

Baby wipes are the best solution for cleaning white or light-colored items because you can get the offending ink without causing the surrounding area to turn discolored.

Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap

Utilizing liquid dish soap or detergent is one of the best options because there is little chance of discoloration. The effectiveness of this depends on how quickly you discover an ink stain.

Pick up some soap, mix in a little water, and apply the mixture. With a clean rag or towel, scrub the stain with the solution, and the ink should come up quickly. Compared to simply washing something in the washer, this works much better. Additionally, it is effective if you are unable to wash your item in a washing machine.

Hair Spray

You may have heard of this trick but have never actually used it. Although it might not seem like it would be effective, many people seem to find that it does the trick. After applying a light mist of water, blot the pen-ink stain with a towel. By doing this, the ink and the fabric are separated.

Additionally, unlike some other cleaning products, it won’t leave you with a water ring that is an eyesore. Just make sure it is a basic aerosol hair spray, as other product types won’t do the trick.

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial products like 409, Tide, and Oxiclean can also help you get rid of pesky ink stains on your microfiber. These cleaners ought to work if your stain has penetrated the fabric deeply.

However, many materials with darker colors may be harmed by these harsher products. As was mentioned earlier, test a hidden area to ensure that it doesn’t alter the color or texture of your fabric.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is a great way to get out any stubborn stain. Rubbish alcohol can get the majority of ink out of pens with ease. However, proceed with caution if the microfiber has any type of coloring because the alcohol may rub it off.

Diluting it can work well and prevent you from being worried about damage when applying. Rubbing alcohol has several drawbacks, but its bad odor is the main one. However, it will do wonders to get any extra ink out of your items.

Things to Know When Getting Pen Stains Out of Microfiber

If you don’t work from the outside in on your ink stain, you run the risk of spreading the stain further.

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There is a good chance that if you leave an uncapped pen on a sofa, the ink will spill out and stain the couch. There’s no need to start looking for slipcovers if ink spills on your microfiber couch. You could take the ink off.

  • Test your microfiber sofa for colorfastness first by dabbing a bit of either rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer onto an inconspicuous part of your sofa.
  • Use hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to dampen a portion of the cloth.
  • Working from the outside in, blot the stain with the dampened cloth. As soon as one area of your cloth turns dark from ink, dampen another area with more rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and keep going until the ink is gone.
  • With a dry section of your cloth or a fresh cloth, wipe away any remaining rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Final Words: Get Pen Stains Out of Microfiber Fabric

Polyester is a type of microfiber. Microfiber sofas can be cleaned with any stain-removal products that are safe for polyester clothing. Since you can’t just throw a sofa in the washing machine or soak it, spot cleaning is the proper method for removing stains.

It is always advised that you test a small, inconspicuous section of your item before attempting to apply one of these tactics in an obvious area just in case your fabric can’t handle a specific tactic.


What Takes Ballpoint Pen Out of Material?

Blot first with dry, white paper towels and then sponge with rubbing alcohol. Put an absorbent pad underneath smaller stains before you do this. Pour the alcohol into a small dish, submerge the stained area, and let it sit for 15 minutes if the stain is larger. Almost immediately, the ink should start to disappear.

How to Remove Ball Pen Ink from Clothes Without Rubbing Alcohol?

Wipe off the paste with a clean cloth or paper towel after you’ve taken out as much ink as you can. Use baking soda as a mild detergent for most fabrics. Washable inks, such as ballpoint pen ink, respond best to baking soda.

Are Pen Ink Stains Permanent?

This type of ink is typically not too difficult to remove from clothing and fabric because it is water-based. Traditional ballpoint pens typically contain oil-based ink, which is likely the most prevalent type of ink. This ink dries fast and is intended to be pretty permanent, so removing one of these ink stains can be a challenge.

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