How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes? 8 Simple Methods
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How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes? 8 Simple Methods

Here are a few of our tried-and-true methods for getting tattoo ink stains out of clothing.

Nothing compares to the anticipation and joy you experience before, during, and after getting a new tattoo. So how to get tattoo ink out of clothes?

The tattoo ink can be removed from clothing as soon as possible for best results. Water, baking soda, acetone, alcohol, vinegar, and hairspray are just a few options.

There are some clever ways to remove tattoo ink from clothing, though ideally, you should try to avoid getting tattoo ink on your clothes in the first place.

How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes?

Mistakes may occasionally occur after getting tattooed. The tattoo ink may unintentionally transfer to your clothes due to the tattoo’s recentness. If this occurs, don’t freak out! There are a few things you can do to get the ink off your clothes if you want to keep them. If this ever occurs to you, look over some of these suggestions and keep them in mind.

Blot With Water

How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes? 8 Simple Methods

The first thing you should do if the stain is still wet and hasn’t dried is to blot it with water. Using a clean, damp cloth to blot the stain will help you remove some of the excess ink.

While it’s unlikely that the stain will be completely removed, doing this will reduce the amount of ink that needs to be removed later. Additionally, you want to avoid rubbing the stain because doing so could make it worse.

Baking Soda and Water

baking soda

Try combining two parts baking soda with one part water to make a paste as your next step. Let the paste dry after applying it to the stain. If the ink is still wet when the paste is applied, it will help absorb some of the ink as it dries.

Baking soda should begin to clump as the ink is absorbed into it. Clean the baking soda off with a cloth or a rinse after it has dried. After that, wash the clothing again to get rid of any leftover ink.

Hair Spray

hairspray product

This appears to be the common household item that will remove ink stains the most effectively. Because hairspray contains a lot of alcohol, it can help ink dissolve and make it easier to remove stains from clothing using stain removal products or washing detergent.

But be sure to spray the hairspray on after you’ve washed the clothing. Applying it to a recent stain or too wet clothing is not recommended. Apply the hairspray afterward for maximum effectiveness, and if your clothing permits, use bleach during the washing cycle.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is also a strong contender among the stain-removing household items that we all own due to the high alcohol content. A highly effective solvent that can successfully dissolve and remove the ink stain is nail polish remover.

However, because it is quite powerful, nail polish remover may also harm or ruin your clothes, so be cautious with both the quantity and application of use. Apply less nail polish remover to the stain at first; do not let it soak into the stain.

Vinegar and Cornstarch


If nothing else works to get the tough ink stain out, we advise you to try combining vinegar and cornstarch. Assemble the ingredients into a spreadable paste by mixing them thoroughly at a 2:3 ratio.

The entire stain area should be covered with paste. Till the paste is completely dry, do not touch it. After that, wash the garment in the washing machine using the regular cycle settings after rinsing it and removing the paste.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

A commonly available household item is rubbing alcohol. In addition to being effective at removing stains, isopropyl alcohol can also be used to remove tattoo ink stains. Because of the high alcohol content, the ink is easier to dissolve and remove from clothing.

You can use an old rag or cloth and apply some alcohol to it. You can use the damp rag to dab the stained area of your clothing after it has been thoroughly wet. The ink stain would be easier to remove thanks to the alcohol’s ability to dissolve it.


Oxygen Bleach

For its capacity to attack and eliminate stains, bleach is well-known worldwide. Sadly, bleach is also known for bleaching clothes and being rough on them. However, you must use caution when using this potent cleaning agent. Bleach can be a great stain remover.

Bleach is usually saved for clothing that is one color, white. As a result, we advise against using bleach unless the item in question is a solid white. Make sure the care instructions allow the use of bleach, as with every item of clothing.

Soap and Hot Water

How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes? 8 Simple Methods

Many tattoo artists will advise you to use a paper towel to wipe away excess ink from a fresh stain before rubbing it with hot water and soap. If the ink hasn’t yet dried, this might be a successful method of removing it.

Even though the stain might be visible, it should disappear and become less noticeable after a few washings, especially on darker clothing.

How to Avoid Staining Your Clothes With Tattoo Ink?

Wearing more worn-out clothing to your tattoo appointment is one of the easiest and most straightforward things you can do. Select clothing that you don’t mind getting stained as well. The easiest way to avoid dealing with the hassle of ink stain removal is to do this.

Additionally, if the stain doesn’t go away, you won’t feel bad about throwing the garment away.

The bedsheets function similarly. Use old sheets you wouldn’t mind staining for the first few nights after getting a tattoo, it is advised. Most likely, your sheets and pajamas will get stained with excess ink and blood for the first few days or nights after getting a tattoo because of this.

Choose some old bedding and sleeping attire that you were going to discard anyway to avoid ruining your lovely pajamas and sheets.

How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes? 8 Simple Methods

We also advise you to pick your tattoo location wisely. An experienced tattoo artist will take every precaution to avoid ink stains while the appointment is being performed. When dealing with excess ink, they use specialized soaps and wipes to clean the tattooed area.

In the event that the tattoo stains your favorite clothes or sheets, they are also trained to give wise counsel. If you want a tattoo, your only choice should be a professional tattoo artist.

Does Tattoo Ink Stain Clothes?

Similar to other inks or pigmented products, tattoo ink can leave stains on clothing. In fact, since they are what will leave behind the most obvious stain, the ink’s pigments are the ones that cause the most trouble.

The ink’s composition must therefore be understood before it can be removed from a tattoo. Choosing the best products to remove tattoo ink from your clothing can be aided by understanding the material that the ink is made of.

The two main components of tattoo ink are typically a coloring agent and a carrier agent. Some kind of pigment serves as the coloring agent. Depending on the color, different sources can provide the pigment.

The carrier agent, which makes up the second main ingredient, is frequently some substance like water, alcohol, or glycerin. The type of tattoo ink once more determines the carrier agent.

However, the majority of the components used to make tattoo ink are typically water-based, so you don’t need to use particular cleaners meant to get rid of oil stains to remove the ink from clothing.

Final Thoughts: Get Tattoo Ink Out of Clothes

If the tattoo ink is still fresh, getting it on your clothes is simple. However, you shouldn’t have too much trouble removing the ink stain as long as you treat it right away. To remove tattoo ink from clothing, you can use a variety of common household items.

Therefore, be sure to gather some old T-shirts, pajamas, and a set of old sheets before getting tattooed. Use items that, if stained by the ink, you wouldn’t find upsetting.


Will Ink Come Out of Dried Clothes?

Removing ink stains from clothing, like jeans and shirts, is possible even after drying. You can get rid of tough stains by treating the fabric and using hand sanitizer.

Can Ink Stains Be Permanent?

Identify the kind of ink that left your stain by first doing this. Some of the simplest stains to eliminate are those caused by water-based ink, like those from washable markers. A permanent ink stain (including those from the majority of permanent highlighters and markers) can be more difficult to remove, but ballpoint ink is generally responsive to most techniques.

Will Hydrogen Peroxide Remove Ink?

Hydrogen peroxide removes most water-insoluble ink pigments, making it a suitable option for removing dry ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and printer ink. Although hydrogen peroxide is a good ink remover, you should apply it to a test spot first because it can remove the dye from your carpet.

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