How to Iron Lyocell Fabric? Tips

How to Iron Lyocell Fabric? Tips

If you are not sure about how to iron lyocell fabric, this guide will help you go through the process.

The natural fiber is highly reputed for its environmental friendliness, and Lyocell garments are simple to maintain. However, lyocell does wrinkle easily. Lyocell pants can avoid creasing by being left hanging overnight. But in a pinch, a pair of Lyocell pants can also be neatened with an iron. Lyocell responds well to conventional ironing techniques.

Read this article and you can learn how to iron lyocell fabric. And here are other types of lyocell fabric you should know, such as Bamboo Lyocell Fabric and Tencel Lyocell.

More information about lyocell you want to learn:

Can You Iron Lyocell?

Lyocell fabric can be steam ironed, and the clothes made of Lyocell fabric should be ironed on the reverse side of the clothes, and the temperature should be controlled between 120-150 degrees. Or dowel ironing.

Lyocell, a natural fiber derived from wood, is used to create Lyocell fabric. Avoid vigorous rubbing or wringing when cleaning lyocell fiber fabrics. To prevent wrinkles in the fabric after squeezing the water out, hang it up quickly and flatly.

Sorting your materials in advance will help when ironing. Various ironing techniques are needed for various fabrics. After that, you can start ironing. Check the laundry symbols on your garments to find ironing instructions, and read Fabric Ironing 101 which tells you how to iron different fabrics properly.

How to Iron Lyocell Fabric?

These are the instructions for ironing lyocell fabric. Because lyocell fabric is so delicate, you should keep them in mind as you iron.

How to Iron Lyocell Fabric? Tips
  1. Invert the pair of pants. Ironing board, open it.
  2. Choose a warm setting for your iron. Hot irons will cause Lyocell to burn.
  3. The pockets of the pants should be lightly ironed. Use your hand to hold the pockets straight and flat against the ironing board.
  4. Next, repeatedly run the iron over the hem and seams of one leg of the pants after ironing the fly. Replicate with the other leg of the pant.
  5. Right-side out, turn the pants.
  6. Place the pant’s waistband over the thin end of the ironing board. The fly must be facing downward. Iron the back pockets of the pants as well as the waistband.
  7. Fold the pants lengthwise, lining up the leg openings. One pant leg should be folded over before the other is ironed from the bottom to the crotch. Iron the outside edges of the pant leg after unfolding it. Do the same with the other pant leg.
  8. By the inseam, straighten the pants. Iron over the legs’ edges.
  9. Hang the pants right away. Remove the iron plug and turn it off.

We have compared lyocell and other fabrics, such as Lyocell Vs Tencel, and Lyocell Vs Cotton.

Precautions of Lyocell Fabric Washing and Maintenance

For better use, the following points should be paid attention to when washing and maintaining lyocell fabrics:

  1. Lyocell fiber clothing can be washed and dry cleaned, but the results are better with the latter.
  2. As soon as they are cleaned, lyocell fiber clothing should be soaked, but only for a brief period of time, and the water temperature shouldn’t be higher than 30 degrees.
  3. Clothing made of lyocell fiber should only be hand-washed gently; it should not be scrubbed or wrung out firmly or exposed to the sun. It must be flattened before being allowed to dry naturally in the shade.
  4. When washing lyocell fiber fabrics in a washing machine, the anti-wrinkle function should be used. Dehydrating in the washer will damage the fibers, so avoid doing it.
  5. The surface of the lyocell fabric will become increasingly smooth if you iron it at a medium temperature when it is 80% dry. Do not use high-temperature ironing.
  6. Garments made of lyocell fiber fabric can be stored after being washed and folded in a packaging bag, and should not be pressed by heavy objects.

Conclusion: Can You Iron Lyocell?

Lyocell is sensitive to heat! Select a low heat setting whenever you need to iron lyocell fabric. Never crank up the heat to the maximum setting because doing so will cause your clothes to burn. On a low setting, iron your lyocell. Set the iron on the Medium or 2-dot heat setting. To get rid of wrinkles, use steam. Alternatively, you could mist the garment with water before pressing the iron to it.


Does Lyocell Shrink Or Wrinkle?

Lyocell will shrink about 3% with the first washing and will resist shrinking from then on. Machine washing, using the gentle cycle, is appropriate for many garments (read the garment care label), and drip drying is preferable to machine drying.

Does Lyocell Wrinkle When Washed?

Tencel, a popular brand name for Lyocell, a semi-synthetic rayon, is a type of fabric. It’s soft and strong, drapes nicely is machine-washable, and (most importantly) resists wrinkling.

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