How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

By following these tips, you will help to keep your spandex volleyball shorts from rolling up while you are playing.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few pairs of spandex leggings or shorts that you love to wear under dresses while running errands, or while working out.

Nevertheless, you might have observed that they have a propensity to roll up at the waist, which is both bothersome and uncomfortable.

The following advice will help you prevent your spandex from rolling up.

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up?

Maintaining your spandex’s ability to roll up is simple. In actuality, selecting the appropriate Spandex type and size is largely what solves the issue. To keep your spandex in its proper place, consider the following advice.

Choose the Right Size

Choosing the proper size is the most crucial step in preventing spandex from rolling up. Sometimes all it takes to keep your spandex from rolling up is to try on a different size.

It will be more likely to roll up if your spandex is too small. The likelihood that it will sag and stop offering you the support you require increases if it is too large.

Spandex is available in a range of sizes, so try on a few before you buy to find the ideal fit. However, if you’re in doubt about which size to get, go with the smaller one since it will give you the extra support you require in all the right places.

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

Choose the Right Style

One of the reasons spandex rolls up at the waist is that when it is worn in a location near or under the belly button, movement from standing and sitting causes the fabric to roll down. A high-waist style can assist in avoiding this.

Additionally, think about getting longer shorts if the spandex shorts you currently own roll up when your inner thighs rub against one another. Your shorts will stay in place for a longer period of time if they are longer because the seam sits in a less-frictional area.

Choose the Right Fabric

Additionally, you ought to consider the spandex’s fabric composition. Some fabrics roll up more easily than others. Picking a brand with a little more polyester is a smart move. Compared to spandex made primarily of cotton, spandex made of polyester tends to hold its shape better.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind when choosing the right fabric for your spandex garments:

  • Because spandex is a synthetic material, it won’t breathe as well as organic materials like cotton. This means that in order to prevent uncomfortable sweating, you must select a fabric that is light and breathable.
  • Think about how much stretch the spandex fabric has. In order for the fabric to hug your body without being uncomfortably tight, it should have a good amount of stretch.
  • To prevent easy tearing, you must ensure that the fabric is strong.

More Tips to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

Did you try the aforementioned steps but were unsuccessful? If so, don’t worry, there are still a few things you can try to keep your spandex in place.

Stitch a Seam Inside the Garment

Spandex is a fantastic fabric for athletic wear and other form-fitting clothing, but one drawback is that it tends to roll up at the edges.

You can easily fix your spandex clothing if you’re sick of it looking frumpy by simply stitching a seam inside the item to prevent the fabric from rolling. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Twice as long as the seam you want to sew, cut a length of thread.
  2. At the end of the thread, knot a needle and thread it.
  3. At one end of the seam, insert the needle into the fabric; at the other end, pull the needle up through the fabric.
  4. To seal the seam, tighten the thread and tie a knot.
  5. Remove any extra thread.

Sew a Thread Loop

Wherever you want the edge of your spandex garment to stay put, sew a thread loop onto it. To prevent unraveling, make sure the loop is securely stitched. In order to secure the garment when you put it on, tuck a safety pin into the loop and attach it to another article of clothing.

Use Double-sided Tape

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

If you’re tired of your spandex rolling up, there’s an easy fix: double-sided tape. All you have to do to keep your spandex from rolling up is apply a strip of tape along the inside. Double-sided tape is very reasonably priced and is available online. Additionally, you can take it off when you’re finished exercising because it’s simple to apply and remove.

Use Hairspray

You can also use hairspray to keep your spandex from shifting. On the interior of your garment, spray some hairspray in a thin layer. An excellent way to give your skin and the spandex some traction is to do this.

Follow the Care Instructions to Clean Your Spandex

The care instructions on the tag should always be followed when washing spandex. As long as possible, the structure of the garment is maintained in this way.

If you’re wearing spandex clothing on a regular basis, it’s particularly crucial that it maintains its shape.

When spandex is washed in warm or hot water and dried, the fabric may shrink, which will make the garment roll up when worn. Check the care instructions before putting them in the washing machine because most spandex instructions call for cold water washing.

Wear Longer Tops

If your spandex absolutely refuses to stay put, make sure you wear a longer shirt over them. Thus, you will have an additional layer of comfort protection for when they do roll down.

To prevent the spandex from moving, you might also think about putting a long camisole or tank top on top of it and tucking it into your pants.

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

Causes of Spanx Roll-Down Or Roll-Up

Spanx can roll up or down for a variety of reasons, including:

It’s Too Small

It’s a common misconception that smaller sizes are preferable for shapewear because they will make you appear much smaller. However, wearing shapewear that is too small will probably prevent you from getting the smooth and shaped body you desire. The overstretched elastane and lycra may also cause it to roll down.

Visible panty lines (VPL), which are lines that can be seen through your thighs or bottom, are another unfavorable effect. Wearing shapewear in your proper size is therefore always preferable.

Too Big

It is possible for your Spanx shapewear to roll down if it is too loose across your ribcage or stomach. A larger body shaper, whether high-waisted or low-waisted, will constantly roll down because it won’t hold on to your curves and rib cage well.

Snug-fitting Spanx is manufactured. They are created from a durable material that will hold the wearer in all the right places. Therefore, in order to fit you properly and give you the smoothed-out, shapely effect you want, Spanx needs to fit around your ribs in addition to your stomach, butt, and thighs.


Elastane and lycra are the substances that give Spanx shapewear its pliability and sturdiness. If you wash and heat it too much, the elastic material will no longer perform as it did when it was brand-new. When you wear it, you might then notice that the elastic has become overly stretched and has begun to roll.

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

Please avoid using the tumble dryer to dry your Spanx. This will cause your Spanx to start rolling down.

Your Spanx shapewear can also be washed in a machine. However, be certain that it is brief and infrequent. In that case, I strongly suggest hand washing your Spanx to maintain the fabric’s quality and avoid rolling.

Old and Over-Worn

Nothing can be guaranteed to last indefinitely, not even high-quality items like Spanx. Form-fitting materials like elastic and lycra may deform after extensive use from stretching out of shape.

If you’ve had your pair of Spanx for a while, you may have noticed that the fabric becomes noticeably less firm and more stretchy. It might even roll down as a result of this, as you can see.

Disproportionate Rib Cage

The truth is that similar to the shoulders, your rib cage may be smaller or larger for your body size. This is not meant to be body-shaming. If your rib cage is larger, you won’t feel comfortable in the size of your shapewear. On the other hand, if your rib cage is smaller, it will probably slide down.

How Do You Keep Your Tights from Rolling Down?

Simply layer on another pair of bottoms over your tights is the solution, which is actually quite easy. Swim bottoms work best because they are thicker than underwear, extremely elastic, and have a larger surface area to grip onto your tights while holding them up. However, bike shorts or thick briefs can also work.

How to Keep Spandex from Rolling Up? 9 Tips

How to Find the Best Shapewear for Your Body Type?

Try a few different brands if you are unsure of the spandex shapewear to buy for your body type. Every brand and product of spandex shapewear offers a different level of compression, which is why spandex shapewear is so popular.

Compression and Size

Choose a garment with more compression if you want it to have more shaping ability. But be careful to avoid picking one that is too restrictive.

It’s critical to select the proper size, so before placing your order, measure yourself precisely and compare your results to the size chart for the item. The garment will be too loose or too small if you order the wrong size, which frequently results in it rolling up.

Spanx Shapewear Type

Consider the type of clothing you are wearing before choosing your shapewear. Remember that Spanx serves as your base layer, so the design should complement the rest of your attire.

For example, if you want a sleeker look because you’re wearing a tight dress or outfit, full-bodysuits are a better option than compression shorts. Short shorts would be appropriate if all you’re trying to do is cover your panty line under a pair of work pants.

Conclusion: Keep Spandex from Rolling Up

Volleyball shorts have the drawback of frequently being too short. You might start to worry about how to keep these shorts from riding up on you, which will make you feel uneasy.

Prevent spandex from rolling up, there are a few different methods. You can extend the life of your spandex and keep it looking great by picking the right size, washing them correctly, and staying away from specific activities.


Why Is My Spanx Rolling Down?

Your shapewear may roll up or down because it’s too small and therefore too tight on your body. Additionally, the overflow where the shapewear meets the skin can give off a lumpy appearance. Roll-down may also result from a piece that doesn’t grip well if it is too long.

Why Won T My Spanx Stay Up?

Most of the time, high-waisted shapewear rolls down because it is not fitted correctly around your rib cage. It might be stretched out too much because you picked a size that is too small. Or perhaps it is a little bit too big and does not grip very well. The same issue leads to shapewear rolldown in both cases.

Why Are Spanx So Hard to Put On?

Because Spanx are meant to be very fitted, they can be quite difficult to get on. Give yourself plenty of time to put on your Spanx, slowly work them up your body, and get them in the right position to make this as simple as possible. You might start to perspire if you attempt to hurry up the Spanx application.

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