How to Make a Tulle Bow? the Easiest DIY Guide

How to Make a Tulle Bow? the Easiest DIY Guide

See how to make a tulle bow using this easiest DIY guide.

This is the bow to use if you need an easy DIY tulle bow. This one is the easiest of them all. This homemade bow has a shape that resembles a pom-pom almost exactly. Making these tulle bows is a non-stop process once you get going. Anyone can make one since they are so enjoyable.

Making a dozen of these simple DIY tulle bows only takes a few minutes from the time you start. Let’s now discover how to create a tulle bow.

What You Need to Make a Tulle Bow

  • Instead of the kind used to make kitchen sink scrubbers, I use delicate tulle. The best kind is on the roll for super ease and speed, but feel free to use scrap or bolt tulle and cut to approximately 6″ wide by 36″ long for a big poofy tulle bow!
  • Use a pre-covered clip, as I did, or a vintage one you can find in the bathroom drawer, or even a bobby pin, to fasten the hair.
  • Cardboard wrapping frame – cut to approximately 5″ wide that you’ll use to wrap tulle around.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

How to Make a Tulle Bow?

Cut the Tulle Pieces

Cut two pieces of tulle from your 6″ wide spool.

  • One piece should be 1 ½ yards long, (it can vary, depending on how transparent you want your bows to be.)
  • And one just half a yard long – this is to tie off your tulle bow

Wrap the Long Piece

Fold the long piece in half lengthwise so the strip width is no longer 6″ (now it’s 3″ only) and place one end between your palm and your thumb, like this:

How to Make a Tulle Bow? the Easiest DIY Guide

Start by wrapping the tulle around your hand; I find it helps the tulle bow to be a bit larger if my fingers are kept apart while doing this. Repeat this process until you have used up all of the tulles. That will circle your hand somewhere between 11 and 14 times.

Add the Small Tulle Piece and the Ponytail Tie

Next, take hold of the centerpiece and fold it in an accordion style before pinching it shut. Thus, a bow shape results. Put a ponytail tie on after wrapping the small piece of tule around the center of the gathered fabric. Tulle attached to the bow’s back should be double-knotted.

Then, after wrapping it around the pleated center a few times, tie it off at the back.

How to Make a Tulle Bow? the Easiest DIY Guide

Done, enjoy!

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Ways to Enjoy Your Tulle Bows

Don’t just stick to a tulle bow in your hair. Use these enjoyable embellishments for a variety of occasions now that you and the kids have mastered their creation.

Add a tulle bow to any of the following:

  • Gift topper
  • Puppy collar
  • Birthday party favors
  • Wedding and baby shower place settings
  • Clip these in jewel tones to door wreaths
  • String a dozen of these on some wide satin ribbon and string across the mantel for Easter

Conclusion: Make a Tulle Bow

These tulle bows are incredibly simple to make, so you’ll be making them all year long for weddings, gifts, flower arrangements, and yes, even just for fun!

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