How to Make Pillow Covers Without Sewing? No-Sew Pillow Covers

How to Make Pillow Covers Without Sewing? No-Sew Pillow Covers

I’m going to demonstrate how to quickly make a no-sew pillow cover here.

  • Step 1: Determine Your Pillow Size
  • Step 2: Determine How Much Fabric You Need
  • Step 3: Fold and Iron the Long Sides
  • Step 4: Add Bonding Web
  • Step 5: Bond the Sides Together
  • Step 6: Insert a Pillow

To use as a seat cushion at a tailgate and while watching the game in the stadium, create a pillow cover in the colors of your favorite team. This DIY isn’t just restricted to couch pillows, though. No, you can use a fun no-sew pillow on your bed, on an outdoor seat, or anything. Even floor pillows can be made with this pattern. There aren’t any limitations.

It only requires a small amount of fabric and a few minutes. Get your scissors ready, and let’s start cutting this pillow cover without sewing!

What You’ll Need

  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • A roll of 5/8″ wide fusible bonding web
  • Fabric (see below for how much you will need)

How to Make a No-Sew Pillow Cover?

It is easy to make a no-sew pillow cover, just follow the steps below:

Three times as wide and twice as high as the pillow form in fabric, measured and cut.

Cut and measure your fabric. Skip the math and get the measurements for the most common pillow sizes by downloading the file below.

For unusual pillow sizes, multiply the short side measurement by one inch to obtain the short side fabric measurement. Add one inch to the measurement of the long side of the fabric, multiply by 2, and then add 4 to obtain the long side measurement.

  • Short side fabric measurement = short side measurement + 1
  • Fabric measurement along the long side equals 2 (long side measurement plus 1) + 4.

Start with the long side. Iron the fabric after folding it over by about 1/2 inch. This will give the edges a clean appearance and enable you to cover up any fraying or shoddy cutting. A fold can be maintained in place with ironing.

The short sides’ edges are folded, and a bonding web is used to iron them. First, add a small piece of bonding web underneath the corner to keep the corner crisp and in place. To prevent the iron from contacting the bonding web, place a piece of parchment paper underneath it. Iron the material until the corner is completely sealed. Then, sandwich one between the edge folds on each side of the short edges, and iron, two pieces of bonding web the length of the short edges.

Because these will be seen as your flaps, you should bond the short sides’ edges. It will only require ironing because the long edges won’t be noticeable. By attempting to peel apart the fabric you just sewed together, you can test the bonding web. If the fabric comes apart, keep ironing!

Fold the fabric over the pillow after centering it on the surface. The overlap should be between two and four inches. Remove the pillow, then pin the fabric. Using the bonding web, affix the sides together. Bond the 2-4-inch overlap along the edge as well.

Insert your pillow into your new pillowcase!

This video explains how to make pillow covers without sewing:

Tips for Buying Fabric for Your No-Sew Pillow Covers

Frankly, one of the biggest obstacles to making a ton of pillows for me in the past has been the cost of the fabric. So, I have been investigating how to find cheap fabric that I’ll really love for these no-sew pillows.

The best tricks I’ve found are:

  • Off-season purchase of the fabric When craft stores have extra fabrics from one season, they frequently list them at steep discounts during the following season to clear out inventory for the following one. Therefore, you can typically find the perfect item for much less if you shop six months in advance.
  • looking first in the leftovers area. Not every yard of fabric in the remnant section is a full yard; frequently, these fabric scraps are less than a half yard. However, on occasion, you can get a great deal on a yard of fabric that is out of stock or has a minor flaw.
  • examining the fabric on sale. Most craft stores have a bin that is always “on-sale”. They simply switch out the available fabric bolts. Make a beeline for the sale bin whenever you enter a craft store to check your options.
  • Shop online in the clearance section. But first, look through the online clearance section. Sometimes, you can find some fabrics there that are perfect that you won’t even find in the store.

What Can You Do With No-Sew Pillows?

How to Make Pillow Covers Without Sewing? No-Sew Pillow Covers

Now, I went through a short and quick list of what you can do with these no-sew pillows. But to be completely honest, I’m so taken with this simple tutorial that I’ve been thinking of a few different ways to use a new throw pillow made with the help of this tutorial to really spruce up other spaces.

One of my favorite ideas is to make a kids’ book nook filled with pillows, and another is to add several throw pillows to our bed. With these washable, detachable pillowcases, it would be so cool to match every comforter I own!), or even to make a couple of floor pillows for our porch so the kids can enjoy reading this fall outside. Further Reading: How to Wash Throw Pillow Covers?

Conclusion: No-Sew Pillow Covers

You now understand how to create pillowcases without sewing! Stop shelling out $30 for pillows. Simply save this to your favorite easy DIY ideas board so you can find it quickly when you’re ready if, like me, you enjoyed discovering how to make a no-sew pillow cover in just a few minutes but haven’t yet discovered the ideal fabric for your no-sew pillows.

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