How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

Security tags are sometimes difficult to remove. You’ll learn the most effective method for removing a security tag from your clothing in this article.

To deter shoplifting, the majority of stores tag the items they sell with security tags. If you leave the store with them still attached, these security tags will go off. However, occasionally checkout clerks may miss a tag, or you may receive an item that was shipped from the store after placing online order only to discover that the tag was still attached.

Learn how to take off clothing security tags by reading this article.

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags?

Using A Rubber Band

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?
  • Step 1 – The ink cartridge on the tag should be facing down. The part of the tag that sticks out of the plastic tag is the ink cartridge. It can be found on the pin’s other side.
  • Step 2 – The tag should be removed from the clothing. To prevent the ink from harming your clothes as much if the sensor malfunctions, place it as far away as you can.
  • Step 3 – The security tag’s pin should be wrapped in a rubber band to keep it in place. Rubber bands that are wide and thick enough to be sturdy but still thin enough to wrap around a pin are suitable for this task. As a result, the pin will be made looser.
  • Step 4 – Using just one hand, hold the larger portion of the ink tag. Remove the pin with your other hand. If the pins are tight enough, the tag’s pin should eventually snap off or easily separate from the rest of the tag. If the initial rubber band doesn’t sufficiently loosen, repeat the process.

Using A Screwdriver

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

You can take security tags off of clothing in your home by using a screwdriver with a flat end.

  • Step 1 – Place the clothing on a flat surface, making sure the ink cartridge is facing up. Put a tiny flathead screwdriver underneath the squared-pyramid cartridge and move it around.
  • Step 2 – Put the screwdriver firmly under the cartridge. With this, the plastic should be pierced and lifted. In order for the perimeter to emerge from the plastic, push the handle down with the screwdriver.
  • Step 3 – You should see a silver paper lining covering a metal plate underneath the ink cartridge once you’ve taken it out of the printer. Remove the silver-colored paper.
  • Step 4 – The screwdriver is used to raise the metal arms. Pull the pin away from the tag with your hands.


How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?
  • Step 1 – Putting the clothing in the freezer is another method for removing security tags. After freezing, remove the clothing and give it at least an hour to rest before you begin to take the tag off.
  • Step 2 – To get rid of them, use any readily available household tools you may have, such as pliers or scissors. If pliers or scissors are not available, you can still proceed using the rubber band technique. You can be sure that the tag won’t spill because the ink is frozen, so freezing it makes it safer.

Using Needle Nose Pliers

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?
  • Step 1 – With the ink cartridge facing up, place the clothing on the surface.
  • Step 2 – Grab one side of the rectangle-shaped tag with a pair of pliers.
  • Step 3 – Grab the tag on the opposite side with a fresh set of pliers.
  • Step 4 – Pull the tag down on both ends using the pliers. Avoid bending it too ferociously as doing so could cause the ink to spill.
  • Step 5 – When it suddenly slams open, stop bending. To loosen the pin, make sure to pull on it.

Hitting The Tag

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?
  • Step 1 – To remove the pin, repeatedly yank the tag away from the item of clothing.
  • Step 2 – Grab a large nail. In order for the nail to fit properly, the head should be at least as wide as a penny.
  • Step 3 – Pull the tag out of the item of clothing. Keep the long, plastic end of the tag out of the way.
  • Step 4 – Apply pressure to the ink cartridge to make it open. Gently tap the ink cartridge on a hard surface several times to open it. It might require twenty or more hits before you get it right. Be careful because if you hit the tag too hard, it might burst open.

Using Two Forks

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

Even though it might seem impossible, only two forks are needed to remove the security tags.

  • Step 1 – This is done by placing two forks, one on each side of the tags.
  • Step 2 – Pull them outward to release the tag, then pull them back to open it. Among the available tag removal techniques, this one is the most successful.

Using Candle And Plier

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

For this technique, all you need is a candle and a pair of cutting pliers.

  • Step 1 – Heating the tag’s domed portion with a candle will produce intense heat.
  • Step 2 – Next, start by removing the melted plastic section with pliers in order to remove the spring attached to the base cylinder.
  • Step 3 – Then you’ll see a ball bearing covering a needle. Take out the needle slowly.

A Powerful Magnet

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

Many security tags are disabled in-store using electromagnetic devices. To get rid of them from your house, use a strong magnet. With the dome or ink cartridge facing down, place the tag on top of the magnet. You ought to hear a sound once the tag has been disabled. By wriggling them up and down, the pins in the tag can be released.

Forcefully Removing Electromagnet Security Tags

Electromagnets, not ink pouches, are typically found in modern tags.

  • Step 1 –To give the tag some room to move, place something between it and the pin’s head.
  • It takes just a few back-and-forth bends of the pin before it snaps, which is how you break it.
  • Step 2 –To get the pin out of the hole, pull the tag back completely. The clothing’s tag should be removed.

Removing Electro-magnets Tags Using A Knife

  • Step 1 – Burn the dome-shaped portion of the tag with a lighter. The plastic will almost certainly catch fire after a brief period of heat exposure.
  • Step 2 – Use a knife or other cutting instrument to separate the dome. You can keep scraping in until spring and the tag almost completely pop out.
How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

Why Do Security Tags Get Left on Clothing?

There are several reasons why security tags are left on clothing. The biggest one is not paying for something. or avoiding the checkout consciously.

One of the main reasons why tags are left on clothing is shoplifting. Additionally, it is one of the biggest issues that retailers deal with. Though to have no victims because it is a crime against a business rather than an individual, shoplifting can have a significant negative impact on a retailer’s bottom line. not only from the stolen stock but also from profits and higher insurance costs.

The fact that everyone is drawn into the chaos and inconvenience that shoplifting causes doesn’t help. The tags can annoy unwary shoppers even though they were intended to serve as a warning to deter theft.

Occasionally, carrying a security tag through the sensors unintentionally can set them off. After paying for your purchases at the register, you proceed to the doors where the dreaded beeping begins.

The cause is a straightforward one: the tag was left on the item by a cashier who was rushing to close the line and didn’t see it. causing you to scramble to find the receipt you were looking for less than 2 seconds ago. while being silently glared at by a security guard with a poker face.

Human error can occur for a variety of reasons, not just with the poor cashier. It’s simple to overlook an item that is at the bottom of your cart. particularly if time is of the essence and you have somewhere else to be. One of the main causes of tags returning to your home is probably forgetting to pay for an item.

How To Remove Clothing Security Tags Without Ruining Your Clothes?

Next comes online shopping. It’s quick, easy, and free of the hassles of security guards and electronic tags to order your clothing online. Unfortunately, selling items online does not guarantee that they will be tax-free. When your purchase arrives with the security tag still attached, you learn this to your horror.

What Are Security Tags?

A security tag is a tiny signal transmitter that businesses put on their goods, especially clothing. The tag will sound like an alert if someone tries to steal the item and leaves through the exit without paying or removing the tag.

Clothing, accessories, and alcoholic beverages make up the majority of products with security tags inside. If the item is clothing or another soft item, the security tag is attached using a pin that is inserted through the fabric of the item. The security tag’s pin is then locked thereafter.

Businesses use mechanical locks and magnetic locks, two different types of security tags. There is a large selection of magnetic lock strengths available. The more powerful the magnet, the more challenging it is to take the tag off.

You’ll require the appropriate tools if you attempt to remove a security tag on your own. The shapes of security tags include circular, cube, and pencil. Circular tags, according to studies, are the most challenging to remove.

Conclusion: Remove Clothing Security Tags

You ought to have a better understanding of how to remove security tags without the use of any specialized tools after reading this post on the subject. Screwdrivers, magnets, freezers, and hammers are tools you can use at home to remove the tags. However, there is a good chance that you will end up ruining the garment in the process.

Before leaving for home, always make sure the security tag has been taken off. You’ll avoid having to make a return trip, which will save you some face.


How Do You Get a Security Tag Off Clothes Without a Magnet?

  1. The tag from the ink cartridge should be facing you as you lay the clothing flat.
  2. Using your pliers, seize one side of the tag.
  3. With the second set of pliers, grasp the opposite side.
  4. Use your pliers to hold both ends and gently bend them downward.
  5. The top will pop off.

Can You Demagnetize the Security Tag?

In retail stores, cashiers can use a magnetic removal tool to turn off the security tag, and then anti-theft strips are demagnetized.

What Happens If Security Tag is Still on Clothes?

Someone alerts you to the fact that the security tag is still attached to the clothing as you turn around. If you actually bought the item, and you remove the tag (though this can be difficult without the right tools), you might get ink on your clothes or the device might emit a shrieking noise, but you wouldn’t face any legal sanctions.

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