How to Sell Clothes Design Online? 7 Best Places

How to Sell Clothes Design Online? 7 Best Places

A list of 7 fantastic websites where you can profit from your fashion design ideas has been prepared especially for you.

Want to sell your fashion designs to well-known designers or merchandisers but are new to the industry? Then you should consider selling your design sketches online because customers from around the world can easily access your original designs there.

However, there are numerous online marketplaces where you can sell expensive apparel and accessories. How can you tell which platform and business will be most effective for you? What is the easiest location to sell designer clothing?

Let’s agree that your clothing design complies with industry standards. Here are the top 7 places where you can sell clothes design online:

  1. Etsy
  2. Cargoh
  3. Blomming
  4. Fiverr
  5. Zibbet
  6. MissHobby
  7. Zazzle

Let’s talk about each one in detail.



Etsy is a name you’ve probably heard of. It’s one of the most well-known online markets, and both buyers and sellers can access it via a mobile app. Shop owners on Etsy come from all over the world. Regardless of how specialized, Etsy customers can purchase almost anything.

Etsy’s most popular item listing shifts daily, but at the time of publication for this blog, special jewelry like an Irish “Claddagh” engagement ring trended alongside Numerous Etsy sellers also concentrate on goods that are inspired by cult books and movies like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.

Etsy makes it simple to sell. Just give your Etsy shop a name that honors your niche of goods and the customers who are looking for them while being descriptive and specific.

Etsy charges a listing fee of €0.18 for 4 months, a transaction fee of 5%, and a fee for processing payments of 4% + €0.30 per item sold.



Cargoh is a social marketplace for independent creators with a focus on independent goods from around the globe. Just like other websites, you can start selling on Cargoh by setting up your own virtual showcase and adding eye-catching product photos.

Instead of imposing monthly or insertion rate fees, this platform charges an 8% commission on each sale. Men’s rings with fingerprints are currently among the most well-liked accessories.



Blomming provides a simple embed code that enables fashion designers to sell directly from their blogs, social media accounts, mobile phone list, or brand website. For business owners who want to sell via social media, this resource is fantastic.

The user base of Blomming is subject to a monthly fee. The monthly charge scale is reasonable:

  • €9.99 for 200MB of product listing space a month
  • €19.99 for 1024MB of product listing space a month

Blomming is a fantastic tool for artists who want to market and sell specially made items and accessories because it allows users to create an ad hoc domain.



This is an alternative way of approaching the question of how to monetize your fashion designs. Here, you will be hired to draw someone else’s design concepts rather than selling your vintage sketches. Working for experienced professionals who know what they want, fashion designers and art directors is what you will do.

Therefore, this is not the place to learn. People who have honed their artistic abilities and established a distinctive style are ideal for Fiverr. Model drawings or design flats are both for sale. Be aware that the market is always in need of good apartments. At some point, all clients will require apartments. Not all models require drawings.



In order to create their own virtual store using one of Zibbet’s themes, online sellers must register for a plan there.

This marketplace does not charge commission fees on sales; instead, it charges users $5 per month, depending on how many sales channels they choose to use to advertise their Zibbet store.

Children’s clothing and accessories are among the most popular fashion categories sold here.



This marketplace provides free uploads, limitless storage, and access to products that are being given away on other websites like and Additionally, they include ads with no expiration date.

Registering on MissHobby and becoming an independent seller costs either €12 per year with a 3.5% commission on sales, or €39 per year with a 5% commission for a premium profile that includes Google Analytics.

Here, crocheted goods like bags, earrings, hats, and so forth are popular.



You can sell your artwork printed on a variety of items at Zazzle, including hats, t-shirts, bags, and mugs. You can create an account for free and without difficulty, and they give you all the tools you need to see how your design will look printed. However, you won’t receive the full profit.

Why Would You Like to Sell Clothes Design Online?

Since you want people to take notice of you and your talent and, of course, that you can profit from it, you can be discovered as a budding designer through online platforms even if you have no prior experience in the field.

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a special service we have created for you as a result, enabling you to launch your online business for nothing. Create checkout pages for your designs using this service, then add links to them on your social media accounts so that customers can purchase your designs directly from them.

Apart from this, you also get unlimited access to its fantastic features:

  • Add and sell unlimited designs for free to increase your sales
  • Automatically share invoices with your users
  • Integration with your website
  • Use the service without any transaction fees

Conclusion: Sell Clothes Design Online

There are numerous ways to find stock for your online store. You can buy fashion items in bulk, resell items made by other brands, or make your own private label.

Do not give up if sales are not coming in. Instead, increase your skills and knowledge and try again!


How Do Fashion Designers Sell Their Designs?

You can use established retailers’ established systems to sell through them, or you can use fashion-specific wholesalers and distribution companies like brandsdistribution and HYBRID APPAREL. Using your own point-of-sale system via your own boutique or website is an additional choice.

Can I Sell My Fashion Design Sketches?

Are you new to the fashion industry and want to sell the big designers or merchandisers your fashion designs? Then you should think to sell your design sketches online as people can easily access your unique designs online from all over the world.

Do You Copyright Clothing Designs?

In Star Athletica v. U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Varsity Brands, stated that “two-dimensional designs appearing on the surface of [clothing]” including “combinations, positionings, and arrangements” of shapes, colors, lines, etc. are protectable by copyright.

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