How to Sketch Clothes Designs? Fashion Sketching Guide for Beginners

How to Sketch Clothes Designs? Fashion Sketching Guide for Beginners

By following the fashion sketching instructions with me, you can begin drawing your own fashion sketches.

Each design is conceptualized as a sketch. You could almost think of a fashion sketch as the blueprint for a design; it’s the first step in realizing your fashion ideas. The main goal of these sketches, which lack a figure, is to convey your design and all of its technical details to the viewer, such as the length of the garment and fit.

You’ll be prepared to begin sketching the fashion line of your dreams after reading this guide.

How to Sketch Clothes Designs?

Drawing a simple, flat fashion sketch involves only the following few steps.

Gather Materials

For light, scribbly markings, use a hard lead pencil. Surely these faint traces are simple to remove. The fact that the paper is not grooved by these pencil creases is advantageous when the image is colored. A high-quality eraser is likewise a crucial component, along with thick paper.

  • If you can’t find the right pencil, you can sketch with a number 2 pencil but be careful to make very light marks and avoid pressing too firmly on the paper.
  • Drawing with a pen is not advised because you cannot take it back once you have started.
  • You will also require colored markers, inks, or paints to fully illustrate your clothing designs.

Create a Croquis

How to Sketch Clothes Designs? Fashion Sketching Guide for Beginners

Draw your croquis to create a model to the exact proportions you want or there are a few secret shortcuts you can opt for

  • Online Croquis downloads one. You can download a croquis in any shape you need, whether it’s a child, a man, a small woman, or another. You can find them in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
  • It’s now time to trace a model’s outline to create a croquis. Simply place a piece of tracing paper over the model and lightly draw an outline to achieve this.

Decide on a Pose

To best showcase the items, you should pose the model for your drawing. Choose the model’s pose—walking, sitting, bending, or any other position that appeals to you. Beginners should start with the most typical pose, which is a runway sketch. It depicts a model moving along a runway, either walking or standing.

  • Why this type of fashion design sketches for beginners? – because it is the most straightforward to draw and lets you fully illustrate all of your designs.
  • To make your illustrations and designs appear professional and appealing, it is important to base them on croquis that is well-proportioned and well-drawn.
  • The trick is to keep drawing hundreds of croquis to create different poses as you practice to perfect your skill.


By drawing your unique design, you can put your thoughts down on paper. Consider the appearance you want to achieve and write it down. The details, such as patterns, ruffles, text, bows, and more, should be included when designing a dress in order to produce a stunning piece.

Be clear about the style you’re going for by concentrating on the design’s components and including the appropriate accessories. Look up fashion trends online if you need some ideas for where to start.

How to Sketch Clothes Designs? Fashion Sketching Guide for Beginners

Sketch the Clothes

When drawing the clothing, use a bolder hand because the purpose of fashion sketching is to present your ideas. Create realistic drawings of the clothing. With your fashion sketches, recreate the way the clothing would hang on a real person on your model.

Always keep in mind how various fabrics drape on the body. For example, if the fabric is silky and thin, it will float away, or if the fabric is thick, like denim, it will look boxy.

In order to make the drawing look more realistic, remember to include details like zips and buttons and to depict the fabric’s texture as well.

Draw Creases

By employing various types of lines to produce various creases in the fabric that you are drawing, you can learn to depict various textures, including folds, wrinkles, and pleats. Using your knowledge of folds, wrinkles, and pleats, illustrate the structure of the garment.

Draw precise pleats by illustrating folds with straight edges, loose, wavy lines, and circular patterns.

The Importance of Fashion Sketches

You probably already keep your pencil sketches and designs in a fashion sketchbook if you’re a new fashion designer interested in launching your own line. Creating a technical fashion design drawing for a manufacturing team to follow, as opposed to just scribbling a sketch of a wedding dress in your notebook, is another thing entirely.

How to Sketch Clothes Designs? Fashion Sketching Guide for Beginners

You and your production company can decide what kinds of materials to use more effectively if you create a professional-looking sketch.

What is a Fashion Croquis?

A croquis is a drawing of a human body that a designer can use as a model and is typically disproportionate to the real thing. The exaggerated length, which is frequently referred to as the “9-head figure,” enables the illustrator to show more design elements.

Pick a pose that best fits your intended design and vision when looking for Croquis templates. The Upskillist fashion figure template, which you can download for free above, is a great guide to keep in your reference collection and will enable you to produce compelling and eye-catching fashion illustrations.

You can also make your own fashion croquis template by referring to your own body. For you to be able to determine your body shape, you must first take a full-length photo of yourself wearing tight clothing.

Print out your shape, then trace it onto a piece of blank paper, transferring all the key anatomical lines, such as your bust, waist, and hips. This exercise will assist in determining your body shape and give you the opportunity to try on various looks to see which one best suits your frame.

Final Thoughts: Bring Your Fashion Design Sketches to Life

Fashion design is all about drawing ideas from your personal sense of style and fusing them with the demands of your target audience. You want to design clothing that will entice consumers to purchase your goods right away and return each season.


What Are the 3 Methods of Fashion Sketching?

  • One of the most well-known and classic types of illustration is pencil drawing.
  • Figure in charcoal. In terms of style, pencil drawings, and charcoal drawings are very similar.
  • Water illustration.

What Are the 7 Main Techniques in Drawing?

  • Sighting / Measuring.
  • The Grid Technique.
  • Method of the triangular grid.
  • Basic Shape Recognition and Positive and Negative Space.
  • Linear Perspective.
  • Basic facial measurements.
  • Drawing gestures and figure proportions.
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