How to Soften Tulle? 3 Easy Steps

How to Soften Tulle? 3 Easy Steps

When you want to wear dresses made of tulle but only to find it stiff? Don’t worry, we are here to help you soften tulle.

Netted material called tulle is frequently used to make wedding veils, tutus, and formal gowns. Because of its stiffness, tulle is a suitable material for creating full-bodied tutus or adding puff to dress skirts. However, you might prefer a softer feel to the tulle when working on projects like a wedding veil and others.

To make your stiff tulle pliable, follow these instructions.

How to Soften Tulle?

  • Step 1: Activate the washing machine and add the tulle. To the washing machine, add the right quantity of fabric softener and detergent based on the size of the load the tulle creates.
  • Step 2: The machine should be set to a hot or warm wash cycle with the appropriate load size. Washing machine on. More times in the machine, using only fabric softener should be run with the tulle.
  • Step 3: In the dryer, dry the tulle.

The weights of tulle vary, just like those of most fabrics. Tulle that is lighter in weight has a softer feel to it than tulle that is heavier, which feels more scratchy. When choosing a tulle, keep in mind that both types can only be softened to a certain degree.

Warning: If you want to soften the tulle even more, repeat the procedure, but be aware that every time a tulle fabric is washed in the washing machine, the fabric’s lifespan is shortened because the fabric’s fibers are broken down.

How Do You Make Tulle Fluffy Again?

How to Soften Tulle? 3 Easy Steps

The lack of fluffiness in our tulle is a common occurrence. Due to the tulle’s softness, it has a tendency to flatten out over time. Making it fluffy again becomes necessary in this situation.

There are only two steps required to re-fluff up the tulle. To start, circle the skirt and remove the first three layers. Next, carefully pull them apart. That’s it!

How Do You Revive the Tulle?

A tulle object can be revived using any of the methods. Please move on!


To get rid of wrinkles, iron your tulle. The lowest temperature should be selected. Nevertheless, you must protect your tulle from the iron burn. Therefore, using a cotton sheet or handkerchief will be helpful. It will serve as a pressing cloth and guarantee adequate defense. Then go for ironing!

But it would be a good idea to check a scrap of tulle first. It will assist in preventing unforeseen damage.


You must find a convenient location for this. Afterward, hang your tulle from a hanger. Afterward, use a spray bottle to begin misting the wrinkled areas. Let it dry after spraying it with water. The entire chapter about drying should be hung up.

The spray bottle can be filled with fabric softener instead of water. Intractable wrinkles will be easier to get rid of. Do you desire a fluffier, fuller drape for your tulle skirt or tutu? After that, mist it and hang it upside-down.

How to Soften Tulle? 3 Easy Steps


The tulle becomes distorted or folded during shipping. Not specifically, but by giving your wrinkled tulle some breathing room, you can get rid of the wrinkles. It is time-consuming, but it is still productive enough. This technique can produce good results if you have the time to dedicate a few days to it.

The tulle must not touch any surface. Place a hanger on it. Typically, wrinkles vanish within a few days.

Professional Steaming

Your tulle product could be expensive. You might not have the self-assurance necessary to handle that. Then hiring an expert would be the best course of action. The task will be securely completed by a qualified dry cleaner. As a result, wrinkles can be removed quickly.


You should hang the tulle from the towel rack in your bathroom. Now, in order to use that, you must contain the steam. Therefore, shut the bathroom door and take a hot shower. For a few minutes, run the shower. It’s a great way to get rid of wrinkles.

Hand-Held Steamer

Let’s say the steam shower didn’t work, and you are searching for an alternative remedy. After that, we suggest using a handheld steamer! Please do not hold this directly over the tulle, though. Doing so a few inches away would be beneficial. Do not allow the steamer to become overheated at the same time. Continue to check frequently.

Stain Removing

Tutus and tulle clothing frequently become stained. So how would you bring your favorite things back? Get some water and some mild soap, that’s all. Next, work the tulle stain in. But be careful not to rub the netting too vigorously.


Maybe a proper wash is what your tulle needs. Then it would be beneficial if you tested some of that tulle material. It will make it easier to be confident in the cleaning outcome. And yes, since tulle is synthetic, kindly refrain from using harsh bleach and detergents.

Conclusion: Soften Tulle

It is easy to soften the stiff tulle at home! You should just place the tulle in the washing machine. then combine therein the laundry detergent and fabric softener simultaneously. Regardless of the wash cycle you prefer—hot or warm—you can do so. Dry the tulle using your dryer. You are done!


What Kind of Tulle is the Softest?

Silk tulle is the most delicate and softest. 100% silk is used in it. Evening wear and upscale wedding attire will have it.

What is Stiff Tulle Called?

Dressmaking and bridal tulle are terms for stiff tulle. The drape and medium stiffness of the bridal tulle are distinguishing characteristics. On the other hand, tulle for dressmaking is typically sold in bolts.

How Do You Soften Tulle Underskirt?

Get some water to boil. Spend about 15 minutes submerging your tulle there. Then dry with a towel. That’s it!

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