How to Store Mulberry Silk Clothes? Tips
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How to Store Mulberry Silk Clothes? Tips

Read and learn how to store mulberry silk clothes to keep them fresh. Here are some tips.

What care should be taken of clothing made of mulberry silk? Worms are simple to obtain on silk because it is a protein fiber. Therefore, pest control comes first. Read this article and you can learn more about mulberry silk clothes storage.

How to Store Mulberry Silk Clothes?

Make sure to buy mulberry silk clothing 2 to 4 cm larger than your original size when doing so, as this will make the garment more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause damage to the protein fibers of the fabric. Clothes made of mulberry silk should be dried in the shade, not in the sunlight or under fluorescent lights.

Clothing made of mulberry silk needs to be ironed at a medium temperature, preferably between 130 and 140 degrees Celsius. It is best to hang mulberry silk clothing on a hanger and keep it ventilated when not in use because of how highly hygroscopic it is.

Clothing made of mulberry silk is best kept dry and hung up. To prevent it from coming into contact with the clothing, the insect repellent must be wrapped in cloth.

It is simple to remove wrinkles from mulberry silk clothing because it tends to be light and thin. Therefore, it is best to store this kind of clothing in a separate location or on the top shelf of the wardrobe.

How to Store Mulberry Silk Clothes? Tips

Clothes made of mulberry silk must be thoroughly washed and dried before being stored. Pack it in a white cloth or plastic bag for storage to prevent dust and moisture from getting inside and causing damage like wind stains or silk clothing turning yellow. Learn How to Wash Mulberry Silk and Mulberry Silk Pillowcases.

Clothing made of mulberry silk should be stored apart from items made of wool and fur that are susceptible to insects. They need to be wrapped in cloth or plastic cloth to keep them separate if they can’t be stored separately because of limitations.

Since mulberry silk is a natural fiber that needs ventilation, it shouldn’t be kept in plastic bags for an extended period of time.

To prevent cross-coloring, colored mulberry silk clothing, especially brightly colored clothing, should not be stored with white mulberry silk clothing. Likewise, colored tussah silk clothing should not be stored with colored mulberry silk clothing.

To avoid deforming and affecting the appearance, velvet clothing must be hung on a hanger. It is preferable to use plastic hangers for clothing. The horizontal bar that touches the clothing should also have a layer of white cloth or white paper on it if bamboo and wood hangers are being used.

Maintenance of Mulberry Silk Clothes

  • Use a wide hanger when drying in a cool area; avoid exposing it to the sun as this will cause it to easily deform and turn yellow, shortening its lifespan.
  • The best way to store something is to hang it up on a hanger and cover it with a plastic bag to keep the dust out.


Here, we’ll give a brief overview of mulberry silk’s applications and care instructions for its garments. Mulberry silk clothing is cozy to wear, but it also needs to be cared for. If you choose to go to the laundry for dry cleaning when cleaning, it must be explained that it is made of mulberry silk.

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