How to Tell If Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Real? Tips
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How to Tell If Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Real? Tips

Afraid of buying fake Egyptian cotton sheets? We are here to teach you tips to figure out real Egyptian cotton sheets.

The rarity and qualities of Egyptian cotton have tempted many to disguise their inferior
merchandise. In doing so, they have used various strategies. Egyptian cotton may make up as little as 5% of a blend of fibers used by some in the fabric-weaving process. In place of long and extra-long staple fiber, they might use short staple fiber.

Read this blog and you can learn how to tell if Egyptian cotton sheets are real.

How to Tell If Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Real?

So here are some tips for you if you are about to select some new valuable Egyptian cotton bed linens to dress up your bedroom:

  1. Make sure the retailer clearly states whether the cotton is Long, Extra Long Staple, or Super Fine Egyptian Cotton before making a purchase.
  2. Make sure that 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton or a phrase expressing that meaning is printed on the product tag.
  3. Inquire about the nation of origin. Italy, France, Egypt, and Switzerland are recognized for producing textiles using long and extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. Many Asian nations are infamous for fusing Egyptian cotton with inferior short-staple cotton fibers and chemically softening the cotton to make it appear softer, but this weakens the fabric and ruins the yarn, and the softness quickly dissipates after a few washes.
  4. Inquire specifically about the quality of Egyptian cotton that was used in the fabric’s weaving. The fabric is likely made from low-quality short-staple cotton, not LS or ELS, even if the retailer claims it is 100% Egyptian cotton, if the answer is not one of the LS or ELS grades, such as Giza 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 92, 93, or the well-known Giza 70 and Giza 45.
  5. Check the softness and the quality of finishing of the linens, and ask if there is any warranty against pilling, (Real Egyptian Cotton never pills).
  6. Check the price of the sheets to see if it is reasonable. As was mentioned in the blog post before, less than 0.7% of the cotton grown worldwide is Egyptian Cotton, so prices like $60 or $70 per set mean that the cotton used is NOT pure, genuine Long, or Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton.

Consider whether you want to make an investment in soft, durable bed linens that allow you to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

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How to Tell If Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Real? Tips

Tips to Identify Fake Egyptian Cotton

Consumers looking for pure, premium Egyptian cotton should pay attention to the following advice.

  • Check the price. The Nile River Valley is the only place where Egyptian Cotton is grown, making it the rarest cotton on the market. Although $50 sheets on Amazon are probably made of low-quality cotton or are simply mislabeled, Egyptian Cotton products don’t have to be prohibitively expensive.
  • Research the company. A quick Google search will probably produce information about any problems with their veracity. For proof of supply for their Egyptian Cotton purchase, customers can call the business. A certification from the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) should be able to attest to a company’s use of 100% pure, genuine Egyptian Cotton.
  • Study customer feedback and reviews. Fake reviews and testimonials do exist, but it is usually easier to tell them apart because they tend to sound generic and repetitive.
  • Smooth, supple, strong, and long-lasting describe Egyptian cotton. If the item you bought does not exhibit these qualities, it might not be made entirely of Egyptian cotton.

100% Egyptian Cotton is Not Always 100%

Egyptian Cotton is a high-end fabric with a beautiful sheen and an elegant appearance that one can rely on in terms of quality and longevity.

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What happens, though, if the Egyptian Cotton you are paying for is fake? What if you are being provided regular cotton that is marketed as Egyptian Cotton even though you’re paying for the quality of real Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton sheets are one example of a mixed cotton fabric that many retailers are marketing and labeling as 100% Egyptian Cotton.

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) has taken steps to ensure that only genuine Egyptian Cotton products are made available to consumers and that no Egyptian Cotton products with erroneous labels are promoted in the marketplace.

The CEA has started an accreditation procedure to accomplish this, and all products claiming to be made of 100% Egyptian Cotton must undergo DNA testing as part of the process. Famous retailers have received reprimands for falsely labeling their goods, which is prohibited by law.

Final Thoughts: If Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Real?

So, that’s all. Now you have learned how to tell whether the Egyptian cotton sheets are real or not.

It can be challenging to tell fake Egyptian cotton from real fabric. The “100% Egyptian Cotton” label is one of the most ubiquitous in textiles. This clouds the issue. seriously clouds the issue.


What Does 100% Egyptian Cotton Feel Like?

Egyptian cotton produces a strong, unbroken yarn that results in a flexible fabric. This means that 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets feel super soft and can last even longer than regular cotton. In contrast to other kinds of cotton, it also doesn’t pill, even after numerous times of washing.

How Do You Pick Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

When shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets, look for a thread count between 400 and 700. Experts claim that a set of high-quality sheets will typically fall within this thread count range. 2 But warmer sheets are those made of denser materials.

Why Are My Egyptian Cotton Sheets Not Soft?

Vinegar and baking soda have both been proven to help soften sheets. Use your typical detergent to begin washing your Egyptian cotton. After that, pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar into the washer. Alternatively, you can toss a cup of baking soda in with your linens instead of washing them with detergent.

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