How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine? a Beginner's Guide
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How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine? a Beginner’s Guide

By using this straightforward, step-by-step guide, you can quickly and easily thread your Brother sewing machine. Start sewing on your machine in no time!

  1. Get the needle in the right position
  2. Load up the bobbin
  3. Get the tension right
  4. Back to the needle
  5. Reengage the needle

Brother sewing machines are well-liked for both creative embroidery and high-volume commercial use. But it can be difficult to learn how to thread a Brother sewing machine for the first time! 

You will discover that threading your sewing machine is as simple as can be with these suggestions and hints, though. Once you’ve done it a few times, threading your Brother machine will come naturally to you; you won’t even need to think about it. To thread a Brother sewing machine, follow these instructions.

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How to Thread a Brother Sewing Machine?

Although the thread take-up lever does not extend as far from the casing as other machines I have used, threading the top thread into this machine wasn’t too difficult. You might need to fumble with it for a moment before you can wrap the thread around it.

To disengage the needle, turn the hand wheel, which is the wheel on the sewing machine’s side. Or, another way to say it is to raise the needle up and away from the fabric surface you will be sewing.

The bobbin resembles a miniature spool of thread, but it is empty. On top of the machine, in a small compartment. Remove the bobbin, add your thread to it, and then replace it.

The end of the thread should be able to stick out of the small hole next to the bobbin so you can grab it. Your sewing machine is now loaded with thread! Ensure the thread is the appropriate size, color, and type for the task at hand!

The tension loop, which is a small metal loop that you can find on the side of the sewing machine, should now be wound around the end of your thread. By doing this, you can prevent your thread from flopping around and becoming tangled while sewing and keep it nice and taut and running straight.

Pull the thread gently until it reaches the needle by holding the end of the thread in your hand. The needle will have a tiny hole at the bottom; feed your thread through it. No knot needs to be tied in the thread, but you should make sure that when you thread the needle, there is about an inch of thread sticking out the other side of the hole.

Finally, reposition your needle so that it is once again close to the fabric. Do this by rotating the wheel back the other way until you hear a click which lets you know that the needle is back in position. This completes the process of threading a Brother sewing machine.

This video explains how to thread a Brother sewing machine:

How to Wind a Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine?

The process of winding a bobbin on a Brother sewing machine is very similar to the process on any other machines I have used. However, with this device, there is no clutch to release, saving one step. Here are the steps for winding a bobbin on a Brother sewing machine.

  • Your thread spool should be positioned on the spool pin.
  • Follow the picture on the machine’s top by running the thread to the thread guide on the left and wrapping it there.
  • Now run the thread back to your bobbin winder.
  • Take an empty bobbin, and insert your thread starting in the center of the bobbin into one of the tiny holes on the top disk.
  • Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder with the thread pointing up, and pull the thread long enough to hold it out of the way.
  • Press your pedal slowly to begin the bobbin winding while holding the end of your thread in your right hand (you can guide the thread from the spool with your left hand).
  • Trim the excess thread from the top once the bobbin has been wound.
  • When the bobbin is fully wound and has reached its stopping point, push the bobbin winder to the left and carefully pull it upward to remove it from the machine.
  • Cut the thread and you are done.

How to Install the Bobbin on a Brother Sewing Machine?

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine

The Brother sewing machine needs to have the bobbin installed after it has been threaded. The quick-set, top-drop bobbins on the more recent Brother sewing machines make this threading process simple.

  1. Turn off your machine’s power before using the needle-up button (on computerized machines only) or turning the handwheel in your direction of you to raise the needle to its highest position. Raise the presser foot also.
  2. To open the cover, press the button next to it on the machine’s right side, close to the bobbin cover. Remove the cover.
  3. As shown in the illustration on the base of your sewing machine or as shown above, drop your bobbin in. The bobbin should rotate counterclockwise if the thread were pulled.
  4. Then, feed the end of the thread through the bottom slit, catching the tension spring on the bobbin case. Lack of tension spring will result in incorrect bobbin tension and numerous sewing problems.
  5. Use the machine’s built-in cutter after pulling the thread around as instructed.
  6. Replace the cover on the bobbin case. The right side will click into place after the left tab is positioned underneath the base.

Problems When Threading the Needle

The end of the thread may be frayed and therefore too chunky to fit through the needle’s hole if you are having trouble threading it. Use your sewing scissors to give it a clean-cut edge once more to correct this.

To make the thread thinner, you can also attempt to wet the end of it and slightly twist it between your fingers.

However, in general, sewing machine thread is very thin (yet strong), and Brother sewing machine needles have nice, wide holes, making threading fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

Conclusion: The First Stitch

So, you’ve now learned how to thread a Brother sewing machine! Specifically, before you begin sewing, wind the bobbin, set it in place, and draw up the lower thread.

We sincerely hope that our advice will be helpful to you if you are a sewing novice and need help threading your Brother sewing machine.


How Do You Thread a Brother XL Sewing Machine?

From the front to the back, feed the thread through the needle’s eye. Pull out approximately 5 cm (2 inches) of thread toward the machine’s back after putting the thread end through the presser foot. Prior to feeding the upper thread, make sure to raise both the presser foot and the thread take-up levers.

What Should I Start Sewing First?

Household items can often be some of the easiest sewing projects to get started on. Starting with items like blankets, pillows, burp cloths, or even key fobs can be simple sewing projects to start with since clothing can be more challenging.

How to Thread Brother Sewing Machines Without Fast Bobbin Winding?

  1. The thread’s end should be inserted into one of the bobbin’s holes.
  2. If your sewing machine is computerized, turn it on by pressing the start button or by depressing the foot pedal while holding the end of the thread.
  3. To wind the thread a few times, press start/stop with light foot pressure and the slowest slider speed. To fully wind the bobbin, then, apply more pressure or turn the crank faster.
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