How to Thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine? Easy Tutorial

How to Thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine? Easy Tutorial

Read and learn how to thread and wind a bobbin on a Kenmore sewing machine. We also explain some common problems when threading a Kenmore sewing machine.

Have you ever experienced having a project interrupted by a broken needle thread? Or does the stitch have a variable density, giving it a crooked appearance? A few of the typical threading issues are listed above. The incorrect threading of the sewing machine is the cause of these issues.

Our instructions for threading a Kenmore sewing machine are provided in this article.

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Steps to Thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine?

Different model options for Kenmore sewing machines exist. Different models’ threading techniques may differ slightly from one another. However, all models sold under this brand essentially follow the pattern listed below.

  1. Locate the thread’s beginning on the spool to get started. The spool’s one end will have a notch where it will be hooked. Try using a sewing needle to loosen the thread if you’re having trouble pulling it free.
  2. Put the end of the spool with the notch facing the right on the spool pin once you have the beginning of your thread if you are using the spool horizontally. You don’t want your sewing thread to get tangled in the notch. Placing the notched end down against the machine, if vertical, is preferred.
  3. The thread should now be wrapped around the thread guide to the left, down the thread slots, back up and around the thread take-up lever, and finally back down to the needle housing.
  4. You must search for the thread guide above the needle once you have reached the needle housing area of your machine. Find it, pass your thread through the guide, and then thread your needle from the front as demonstrated in this video. Currently, your sewing machine is equipped with the top thread.

You can also watch this YouTube video to learn how to thread a Kenmore sewing machine:

How to Wind a Bobbin on a Kenmore Sewing Machine?

Although winding a bobbin may seem challenging, it is actually enjoyable once you get the hang of it. On a Kenmore, wind a bobbin as shown here.

  1. Take an empty bobbin and feed the end of the thread through one of the holes in the top of the bobbin from the side, then back down the center post of the bobbin.
  2. Holding the thread end until you have it on the spindle, carefully place the bobbin onto the bobbin winding spindle.
  3. To stop the bobbin from winding, move the bobbin to the right.
  4. Observe your sewing machine’s right side at this time. A smaller wheel ought to be located in the hand wheel’s center. This clutch will prevent the rest of your sewing machine from operating while you wind your bobbin, so pull out that wheel.
  5. You can now start winding the bobbin. Place your foot on the pedal gradually and start winding the bobbin. Holding the feeder thread over my fingers makes it easier for me to direct the thread onto the bobbin.
  6. Your sewing machine will sluggish to a stop once the bobbin is full. cut the feeder thread, slide your bobbin spindle to the left, and remove your bobbin by gently pulling upward.
  7. Trim the beginning section of the thread that has been inserted through the bobbin’s center post when you are finished.
  8. Remember to engage your clutch!

Common Threading Problems in Kenmore Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine? Easy Tutorial

You will probably experience threading issues with any brand of sewing machine you use. Here are some typical threading issues and solutions.

Tangling of the Thread

You might notice that the thread occasionally becomes tangled on the sewing machine’s underside while working on a project. You might typically blame the bad bobbin for this issue.

A defective bobbin does not always have to be the only reason for thread tangling. Tangling can occasionally happen as a result of poor threading.

As a result, you should restart threading with the presser foot raised whenever you experience thread tangling. Tangling of the thread can also happen if you keep the presser foot pressed while threading.

Jamming of Machine

When the thread or fabric becomes stuck on the sewing machine, it becomes jammed. Pull the fabric out carefully in this situation, making sure to free every tangled thread. The bobbin must also be taken out, along with all of the tangled thread. Following completion, you should rethread the machine before using it.

Breaking of the Thread

The thread splits for a number of reasons. To begin with, see if the thread is becoming tangled on the spool. Sometimes a tiny cut on the spool meant to hold the thread’s end can result in the thread being cut. This problem can be fixed by switching the thread feed’s direction.

A thread may break occasionally due to a poor-quality or outdated thread. Also possible is for the thread to break if the sewing machine needle is still fairly new.

Even with the aforementioned issues fixed, the machine needs a thorough cleaning if the thread still breaks. Check to see if you can feel any dust by tracing your finger along the thread’s path.

Final Thoughts: Thread a Kenmore Sewing Machine

The foundation of all sewing machine work is proper threading. You won’t be able to sew smoothly and finish the project on time if the machine isn’t properly threaded. It is best to carefully read the instruction manual before beginning to thread the sewing machine.

These instructions and videos, I hope, were helpful. Get sewing now that your sewing machine is threaded!

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