How to Use a Suede Brush to Clean Your Suede Shoes?
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How to Use a Suede Brush to Clean Your Suede Shoes?

In this article, we’ll go over the best cleaning techniques for suede and nubuck shoes as well as how to use a suede brush on them.

Suede shoes are feared by a lot of people. Suede leather is often thought to be delicate and needs to be handled carefully that a few drops of water will permanently damage the suede shoes. The opposite is true in this case. Suede is a hardy material that can withstand abuse. It’s much more difficult to scratch or scuff than a polished, smooth leather shoe.

Below are the steps to use a suede brush to clean your suede shoes and nubuck shoes.

How to Use a Suede Brush to Clean Suede Shoes?

Your Suede’ laces should be loosened first. For the purpose of avoiding shoe creasing while being cleaned, add a shoe tree.

Tip: If a shoe tree is not available, simply stuff the shoe with fabric.

  1. Using the soft brush, dry-brush your suede shoes to get rid of the dust.
  2. Three delicate pumps of solution to 250 cc of water will yield the perfect shoe elixir. Combine thoroughly with a soft brush!
  3. Dip the Soft Brush into the liquid. Use a circular motion to clean the suede shoe’s upper.
  4. Use a microfiber towel from the kit to remove the upper-body lather.
  5. Pick up the medium-sized brush for the midsole. Brush the dirt off with a soft bristle after dipping it in the solution. Use the Microfiber towel to remove the dirt.
  6. When cleaning the underside, use a hard brush. Dunk it in the solution and rub it in a circular motion to get rid of the grime.
  7. the sneakers have been dried and cleaned. When applying the Medium Brush to the leather, make gentle back-and-forth motions. It will feel like suede again. NOTE: To dry the shoes, pat them dry instead of wiping them with a Microfiber towel. Possible color bleeding
  8. Replace your shoes, then prepare to flaunt your new shoes.

Here is how to clean different suede shoes:

How to Use a Suede Brush to Clean Nubuck Shoes?

Lay the laces down after unlacing your sneakers. To prevent creases, insert a shoe tree. Please don’t have a shoe tree. The newspaper should simply be rolled and put inside the shoe.

How to Use a Suede Brush to Clean Your Suede Shoes?
  1. Remove the Soft Brush from its packaging. It can be used to dry brush the uppers of your favorite Nubuck sneakers.
  2. 250 cc of water should be diluted with three gentle pumps of the solution to create the perfect shoe elixir. Combine thoroughly with a soft brush!
  3. Enter the solution with the soft brush. Circular motions should be used to clean the top of your Nubucks.
  4. Use the microfiber cloth that is included in the kit to gently wipe and clean the upper.
  5. Apply the Medium brush to the Midsole using your hand. Brush the dirt off after dipping it in the solution. Use the Microfiber towel to wipe the dirt away.
  6. Clean the sole of your shoes using the hard brush. Immerse it in the solution, then rub it in a circular motion to remove the grime. The Microfiber towel should be used to clean it.
  7. Retighten the laces on your shoes. Have your new sneakers ready to go!

What is a Suede Brush?

Suede brushes are practical cleaning tools that keep a variety of suede apparel and accessories looking brand-new. A brush can be used to deal with surface stains and restore the short nap on suede material because it has soft and metal bristles.

Since many brushes are affordable, it is simple to keep a variety of sizes on hand for various projects.

These brushes typically consist of a solid wood base, a long wooden handle, and a body with numerous bristles. The brush typically has two different types of bristles. The interior of the brush design is composed of metal bristles, and the exterior is made of softer bristles.

The medium for the gentle bristles is frequently horsehair. The suede brush can firmly handle raising the nap and removing foreign objects while still gently massaging the material thanks to the combination of hard and soft bristles.

Conclusion: Suede Brush

The ideal formal or casual shoe is one made of suede. Its texture makes it interesting and its finish makes it easy to maintain.

In order to properly maintain and care for suede and nubuck shoes, a suede brush must be used. You can preserve the soft, clean, and fashionable appearance of your shoes for many years by using the proper procedures.


Which Side of Suede Brush to Use?

Some suede brushes have two sides: one for erasing marks and stains and one for gently raising the nap of the suede. If it does, after you’ve finished brushing, use the eraser to gently remove any traces of the marks.

Is a Toothbrush the Same as a Suede Brush?

If you don’t have a suede brush, a clean nail brush or toothbrush will work just fine. To remove grit and loose debris, start by lightly brushing the shoe’s surface.

Why Use a Suede Brush?

After each wear, a suede cleaning brush is a necessary tool to help maintain your suede shoes. Use a suede cleaning brush to remove dirt from the suede after wearing and to re-fluff the suede pile.

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