How to Use Bleach in the Washing Machine Safely?
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How to Use Bleach in the Washing Machine Safely?

You can clean clothes, make whites whiter, and get rid of tough stains by learning how to use bleach in laundry correctly.

  1. Test for Colorfastness
  2. Add Laundry Detergent
  3. Add Bleach
  4. Add Your Clothes
  5. Set the Cycle and Begin

Using bleach in the washing machine is a good way of making sure that your washing machine is free from horrid smells and nasty bacteria! In addition, it can be used to wash clothes! The bleach packaging and your washing machine can provide you with more detailed instructions, but you can also follow a few general guidelines when using bleach with laundry.

In your laundry room, bleach can work wonders if you use it correctly and with extreme caution. Continue reading if you don’t believe it.

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Things to Consider

Before you jump right in and start using bleach in the washing machine you should consider the following points:

  • When using bleach, gloves are recommended.
  • A solution of water and bleach should always be used.
  • Bleach and other common cleaning supplies shouldn’t be mixed.
  • Avoid getting bleach in your eyes or on your face.
  • To get the bleach smell out of your house, open a window.

How to Use Bleach in Washing Machine?

Let’s go over how to use these cleaners in your machine now that you are aware of our primary safety recommendations. Following these steps will both remove annoying stains and restore your white clothing.

Avoid causing harm to your clothing. So before using bleach in your washing machine, always do a colorfastness test.

Recap: Combine one teaspoon of bleach with two teaspoons of warm water. Dab the mixture onto a hidden area of the garment or garments you’ll be cleaning with a cotton swab. Make sure there is no color change or transfer to the swab by allowing it to dry completely.

While it’s true that we advised against combining bleach with other cleaners, doing so with laundry detergent is typically safe. Verify that there are no acids or ammonia in the detergent. Next, check the detergent’s instructions to see if the manufacturer has confirmed that bleach can be added without risk.

Additionally, make sure bleach is safe to mix with detergent by reading the packaging. It usually is for chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide, but you should always double-check. Laundry detergent should be added to your machine using the detergent dispenser once you’ve determined it is safe to use.

Now, it’s time to add your bleach. Depending on the type of bleach you’re using and the instructions on the packaging, the directions will change. Always check them first, then.

How to Use Bleach in the Washing Machine Safely?

You might need to first dilute chlorine bleach in a small amount of water. Before adding the bleach, fill the drum with water in a top-loading washer. In accordance with the care labels on your clothing, use the hottest water possible.

Depending on the brand you use, you should add different amounts of bleach. For example, Clorox suggests using the max line on your dispenser for high-efficiency washing machines or 13 cups for standard machines when removing stains.

Add the bleach to your bleach dispenser for front-loading washing machines, and it will automatically dilute throughout the cycle.

Before placing your clothes in the front-loading washer, add the powder for oxygen bleach to the drum. Use the same directions for adding chlorine bleach for top-loading machines. Don’t ever pour oxygen bleach directly onto clothes, as this can clean them unevenly. You can fill the bleach dispenser on your machine with liquid oxygen bleach if you have any on hand.

The final ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. For front-loading washing machines, pour one cup into the bleach dispenser. Add one cup of water to the washer before adding your clothes if it is a top-loading machine.

You can now put your clothes in the dryer. We advise wearing gloves when using top-loading machines because you might need to get your hands wet in order to submerge the clothing.

The clothes don’t need to come into contact with any bleach when being loaded into a front-loading machine.

Select a regular cycle with the warmest water you can find. For instance, use the 100 degrees setting if your care labels recommend a range of temperatures, such as 100 degrees and 140 degrees. 140 degrees could damage some of the garments.

Start the cycle and watch your clothes brighten thanks to the bleach! If you’d like, add an additional rinse cycle. This makes sure that all bleach residue is removed.

How to Use Bleach in the Washing Machine Safely?

Tips for Using Bleach in a Washing Machine

Let’s recap some of the most important tips for using bleach in your washing machine:

  • Use hot water: In accordance with the care label on the item, use the highest temperature. The bleach is now more efficient as a result.
  • Use correct detergent: Check to see if your chosen bleach can be used with detergent. Take the time to carefully read the instruction manual. Make sure the detergent is free of ammonia or acids.
  • Wear gloves: Always put on protective gear when using chlorine bleach. When working with hydrogen peroxide and oxygen bleach, we also advise wearing gloves if you have sensitive skin.
  • Never mix bleach: Never combine chlorine bleach with other cleaners, especially acidic or ammonia-based ones. This includes white vinegar that has been distilled. Toxic gases may be produced by this combination.
  • Add bleach before clothes: Avoid letting undiluted bleach contact your clothing. In a top loader, always add the bleach to the dispenser after diluting it. Your clothing may be harmed by undiluted bleach, which will also bleach it unevenly.
  • Read the product packaging: Always read the brand’s warnings before beginning because there might be additional advice depending on the brand you use. For instance, since it can weaken the fibers, you shouldn’t use the majority of oxygen bleach products on silk, wool, or leather.
  • Use fresh bleach: Use only fresh, unopened bleach; never use expired or previously opened bleach. Bleach can lose its potency and stop working well after about six months.
  • Don’t use chlorine bleach too often: Even though chlorine bleach is safe when used properly, frequent use can weaken fibers and cause yellowing. Use it only as required.
  • Keep away from children: Despite your best efforts, kids can still make mistakes when using bleach. As a result, never let them near the beach while you are bleaching clothes, and keep it out of their reach.

Types of Bleach to Use With Laundry

How to Use Bleach in the Washing Machine Safely?

For use with laundry, there are primarily two types of liquid bleach available. To avoid destroying your fabrics, it’s critical to know what kind of bleach you’re using. To find out what kind of bleach you have, carefully read your package.

Chlorine Bleach

You would use chlorine bleach, also referred to as liquid household bleach or sodium hypochlorite bleach, on whites. Wools, silks, spandex, mohair, or leather should not be subjected to its disinfecting, cleaning, or whitening properties.

Non-Chlorine Bleach

Non-chlorine bleach also referred to as oxygen bleach or color-safe bleach, can be used to remove stains and brighten almost any washable fabric, including colors and darks.

How Often Should You Use Bleach to Clean Clothes?

As mentioned, using bleach — especially chlorine bleach — too regularly can damage clothes. They may turn yellow and their fibers may become weak. While there is no set amount of time you should use bleach, we advise keeping it to emergency situations only.

More frequently, you can use hydrogen peroxide and oxygen bleach. According to the brand you choose, you might even be able to use oxygen bleach in every load of laundry.

Conclusion: Be Careful With Bleach

Learning to use bleach products safely is a key component of learning how to do laundry correctly. One quick and easy way to disinfect laundry and keep whites white is to use chlorine bleach, but it’s crucial to know how to bleach clothes properly.

For instance, if you use bleach improperly, you could have serious issues, but if you use it properly, your clothes and washing machine could sparkle! Let us know about your personal techniques in the comments.


Is It OK to Put Bleach in Washing Machine?

To clean, whiten, get rid of stains, and sanitize your clothes, you can add bleach to each load of bleach-safe laundry along with your regular detergent.

Where Do I Put Bleach in My Washing Machine?

One capful of bleach should be poured into the bleach dispenser slot on the front of the washing machine. As soon as the machine is full, the bleach is automatically released into the water. This makes sure that none of the laundries is exposed to bleach that hasn’t been diluted.

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