How to Wash Chenille Blankets? Handwash & Machine Wash

How to Wash Chenille Blankets? Handwash & Machine Wash

You will learn how to wash chenille blankets properly in this article without having to worry about the fabric getting damaged.

Consider how cozy and warm your chenille blanket can be; however, since it can’t be washed, it eventually gets dirty. Chenille blankets and throws lose their distinctive feel when they are improperly washed because these fibers are worn out. How to wash a chenille blanket?

To learn how to wash chenille blankets, take a look at the steps that follow.

How to Wash Chenille Blankets?

The purpose of blankets is to keep you warm and comfortable on chilly and depressing days so you won’t feel alone. Then again, you can’t keep them the same way you did before, isn’t that right?

While the fuzzy blanket may have made you feel the coziest, it still required a bath to stay clean and comfortable. Check out these instructions for washing chenille blankets by hand and in a washing machine.

How To Wash Chenille Blankets by Hand?

The following necessary supplies must be ready once you’ve read the manufacturer’s instructions for washing blankets and decided to hand wash your blankets.

You need a pot that can fit your blanket inside of it. The detergent that you will use comes next, of course. But we only advise picking a gentle detergent! Because the quality of the yarn in your blanket will be greatly impacted by a strong detergent! If necessary, have extra gloves on hand.

How to Wash Chenille Blankets? Handwash & Machine Wash

When everything is prepared, you can now begin washing the blanket! Please perform the following steps in sequence:

  • Step 1: Prepare the washing water by first adding enough water to the basin to fit the blanket’s size. Next, pour a tablespoon or so (15 to 20 milliliters) of detergent into the water-filled basin. Then you begin dissolving to completely dissolve the detergent and produce foam.
  • Step 2: The chenille blanket should be dipped in water and then gently squeezed to absorb the washing liquid mixture. Once the surrounding area has been completely hydrated, press gently on it once more. If your blanket is extremely dirty, you might think about soaking it in the detergent mixture for ten to fifteen minutes before pressing gently.
  • Step 3: The chenille blanket should now be removed from that filthy water basin after the tough stains have been removed. To keep the blanket’s original shape, pull slowly and gently. Squeeze lightly to get rid of the water layer, but don’t squeeze it at all! because it’s so soft right now!
  • Step 4: Rinse with water to get rid of any detergent and foam residue. At this point, you can drain the used water out of the basin and add fresh water to shake the blanket once more. In addition, you don’t need to fill the basin with water; you can just leave the blanket directly under running water! And you can keep doing this until all of the detergent and soap bubbles are free of it!
  • Step 5: Prepare a piece of fabric that is bigger than the blanket next (the bigger the piece, the better!). Your chenille blanket is brought to line up with the fabric’s leading edge after it has been spread out flat on a flat surface. The fabric’s end should then be taken and folded over the top of the item. Make a sandwich with the fabric serving as the bread and the chenille blanket as the filling.
  • Step 6: Take another piece of fabric and arrange it as in Step 5 once the fabric has absorbed the majority of the water from your blanket. You can now make the necessary adjustments to your chenille blanket and hang it up to dry for about a day. You’ve now completed washing the chenille blanket!

How To Machine Wash Chenille Blanket?

How to Wash Chenille Blankets? Handwash & Machine Wash

Once you’ve established that your chenille blanket can be washed in a machine without harming the chenille, there are a few steps you need to take to get the blanket clean while preserving the chenille.

The first is a pillowcase, also referred to as a cage net, which guards your blanket while it is being washed in the washing machine. After that, a gentle, delicate machine wash cycle follows!

And now, let’s start washing chenille blankets in the washing machine with the following steps:

  • Step 1: On the pillowcase, place your chenille blanket. Avoid rubbing your blanket too hard against the washing machine drum to prevent damage to the machine and protect your blanket during the washing process!
  • Step 2: Put your blanket in the washer and select a gentle wash cycle for delicate, easily ruined fabrics. Additionally, to prevent fabric shrinkage, remember to use cold water!
  • Step 3: Put enough detergent in the machine; we advise 15 to 20 ml. Pick the proper amount of water; too little water will render the blanket insufficiently absorbent. Now all you have to do is wait for the washing machine to finish!
  • Step 4: If your washing machine has a low heat setting to completely protect your blanket after the washing cycle is finished, you can dry the duvet in the dryer. Make sure your blanket is still in the safety mesh even during the last few steps!

Tips on Washing Chenille Blankets

  • Before you wash your chenille throw in the washing machine, braid the fringes of the throw together to prevent them from tangling.
  • Prior to machine washing or drying, try putting your chenille throw in a pillowcase. This will stop the shedding and possibly cut down on the amount of cleaning you have to do.
  • Your chenille throw shouldn’t be overdried in the dryer.
  • Insist on adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions printed on your chenille blanket.
How to Wash Chenille Blankets? Handwash & Machine Wash

How to Dry Chenille Blankets?

Either use a clothes dryer or hang the throw from a line are options. If your dryer doesn’t have a delicate setting, air dry your chenille throw blanket instead. Chenille regains its softness thanks to the dryer’s heat.

If you do use a dryer, it is best to dry chenille throw blankets by themselves to prevent other items from getting covered in the pile of moisture that is bound to form. On low heat, air dry the throw.

How Often Should You Wash a Chenille Blanket?

The preferences for everything vary. Depending on how much time you spend with it and who you let get close to it, you should wash your chenille blanket more frequently. Some people might be too busy or something to wash their blankets every month.

However, if you are using your blanket every day, it might be applicable for you to wash it once a week or every 2 weeks. Basically, the number of interactions you have with your blanket determines how frequently you wash it.

Conclusion: Wash Chenille Blankets

One of the most important aspects of getting and caring for chenille blankets is knowing how to properly wash them because it will increase their lifespan.

Place the throw in a pillowcase before washing if you plan to wash other items alongside it to stop the chenille fibers from shedding and getting caught on other items in the washer.


Does Chenille Shrink in the Dryer?

If you’re not careful, a chenille bedspread can shrink in the washer and dryer.

Is Chenille High Quality?

It is an incredibly versatile and high-quality fabric. Chenille is also opulent because it is uncommonly used in small accents or statement pieces of furniture rather than a whole room.

Is Chenille Fabric Hard to Clean?

Because of its substantial pile, chenille is particularly opulent and has a stunning sheen that both looks and feels amazing. However, due to the thick pile, chenille absorbs spills and stains quite easily and can be difficult to clean.

Does Chenille Absorb Water?

Because of its thick pile, standard chenille absorbs water quickly but not Most water- and oil-based stains can be easily removed from fabrics made of Crypton chenille.

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