How to Wash Hemp Fabric? Keeping Your Hemp Clothing Long-lasting

How to Wash Hemp Fabric? Keeping Your Hemp Clothing Long-lasting

Hemp fabric is strong and kind of stiff. Some people don’t know how to wash it. This blog will teach you tips on washing hemp fabric.

One of the strongest, most resilient natural fibers is hemp, but only if you give it conscious attention. Questions about how to wash hemp fabric properly are frequently asked of us.

Hemp clothing can be machine washed. Hemp can withstand spinning and washing without harming the fibers, unlike silk or other more delicate materials.

We have put together a thorough guide on washing and caring for hemp clothing so you can completely skip the trial-and-error stages.

How to Wash Hemp Fabric?

Like with other fabrics, you can wash hemp clothing by hand or in a washing machine; it’s completely up to you.

Hand washing is, of course, always kinder to any fabric. The fibers of hemp, however, won’t likely be harmed by washing in the machine because it is much more resilient than the other types of fabrics.

Hemp clothing actually gets more comfortable and better overall after washing. This is due to the fact that hemp fibers frequently hold onto moisture and become noticeably softer with repeated washings.

How to Wash Hemp Fabric? Keeping Your Hemp Clothing Long-lasting

However, there are some things that you should do differently from your regular washing routine:

  • Unless the clothing has significant stains, only use cold water.
  • Never use chlorine bleach as it will quickly stain hemp.
  • If the clothing is heavily stained, pre-soak it in warm (not hot) water and use gentle detergents to spot-treat the stain.
  • To maintain the color of colored hemp clothing, always wash it in cold water. Hemp retains color better than other fabrics, so a periodic warm water wash is acceptable.

Things to Know When Washing Hemp

Hemp constantly reveals new surfaces when washed, and it typically gets softer over time. It will serve you for a lifetime with reasonable care. When used for clothing or bed sheets, hemp fabric quickly absorbs moisture, which accounts for its coolness and comfort.

Since it is one of the few fabrics that is stronger when wet than when dry, washing does not make it more delicate. Here are the pros and cons of hemp fabric.

In general, high-end clothing, decorative hemp, upholstery hemp, and drapery hemp should all be dry-cleaned. It’s crucial to surge the edges of plain hemp fabric before washing in order to prevent fraying. This is especially important if the fabric hasn’t yet been turned into a garment.

Always test your fabrics for color fastness, and keep in mind that detergents with optical brightening agents (OBA) may cause colors to slightly change, which will take away from the appearance of the natural hemp’s subdued colors. The use of bleach should be avoided because it seriously weakens and degrades natural fibers.

Suggested Maximum Wash Water Temperatures for Hemp

How to Wash Hemp Fabric? Keeping Your Hemp Clothing Long-lasting
  1. Hemp without special finishes is suitable for any temperature, even boiling.
  2. Hemp without special finishes, where colors are fast – 65c. Note: for 1 & 2 above a temperature of 50c is generally sufficient
  3. Fine hand-embroidered hemp should be hand-washed at 40c
  4. Hemp sheds dirt more easily than other materials do, and after every wash, it becomes clean as new with a thorough rinsing. Use a specialized stain-remover before washing if it is stained.
  5. There is no need to add starch, with the possible exception of the finest hemp, as hemp already has a natural crispness. hemp does not have to be tumble-dried – it will naturally dry quickly.

Tips on Washing Hemp Fabric

Here are our tips on washing hemp fabric:

Wear More & Wash Less

Hemp naturally fights against germs and odor, keeping your clothes fresher for longer. Hemp is also naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and extremely breathable. Hemp should only be washed if absolutely necessary because the more you wear it, the softer it becomes. Instead, let your hemp garments air out in between uses.

You can extend the lifespan of your favorite fabrics by washing hemp less frequently, which also saves water and energy and reduces wear and tear.

Don’t Let Stains Set

Because hemp is so absorbent, avoid letting stains sit as they might become permanent, and make sure to get the stain out before washing the item. Apply detergent directly to the hemp garment to remove stains, or soak it first before washing.

How to Wash Hemp Fabric? Keeping Your Hemp Clothing Long-lasting

Say No to Harsh Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach on hemp as they are not only extremely harmful to the environment but also to your hemp clothing. If you want to brighten your white threads, add a cup of baking soda to your load and watch them glow. Keep it simple with a mild detergent, preferably an eco-friendly one.

Wash Cold & Keep It Gentle

To protect those priceless fibers, wash hemp with similar-colored clothing on a gentle spin cycle at a cool to warm temperature—never hot. Hemp is better off being washed in water than trying to dry clean it.

How to Dry Hemp Fabric?

You just need to use common sense when drying hemp, which is again fairly simple.

  • Avoid Direct Heat: All natural fabrics fall under this category. Hemp fibers don’t do well in high-heat environments like a tumble dryer or when placed near a radiator.
  • Drip/Line Dry: Yes, it takes more time, and yes, it occupies space in your living room that would be better used for a lavish 6-person bong centerpiece, but be honest with yourself. Do you prefer friends or some ill-fitting hemp clothing? They should be dried in the shade, away from the sun, to prevent bleaching. You can run them through a tumble dryer once in a while but don’t do it frequently. High heat can compromise the strength of fibers.

Final Words: Wash Hemp Fabric

We advise hand or machine washing in cold water with a gentle, natural soap when cleaning hemp blend items. If washing by hand, be sure to rinse well because leftover soap can cause oxidation-related brown spots on hemp.

It’s not just a way to save money to make your clothes last. A more sustainable, less disposable society can be achieved by adopting the “reuse-repair-recycle” philosophy. Spend some time caring for both yourself and your clothes.


Is Hemp Fabric Easy to Clean?

All hemp products can withstand any amount of washing and keep resurfacing. They require regular washing and use to thrive. Considered “Bulletproof” by many experts hemp is an amazingly strong, long-lasting fabric that launders easily.

Can Hemp Fabric Be Machine Washed?

Here are our suggested guidelines for taking the best care of your hemp garments: Machine wash cool, gentle with like colors, tumble dry, low heat. Use gentle and environmentally friendly detergents. Avoid using bleach and other cleaning agents like oxi-clean and enzyme-containing products.

Do Hemp Fabrics Shrink When Washed?

If you wash hemp fabrics in cold water, they won’t shrink. In a similar vein, you can avoid shrinkage by air-drying your clothing rather than tumble-drying it or hanging it out to dry in the sun.

Can Hemp Fabric Get Wet?

Hemp Collection has both anti-static and waterproof treatment that protects the fabric from ongoing climatic exposure. This renders the fiber impervious to liquids and dust, making it climate resistant.

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