How to Wash Lyocell? Care Guide

How to Wash Lyocell? Care Guide

Washing lyocell needs more care. Read and discover how to wash lyocell and learn the tips on lyocell washing.

Check the care labels of your clothes, and chances are you’ll see ‘lyocell’ pop up a few times. It’s not used quite as frequently as materials like polyester or cotton, but its popularity is certainly on the rise. So how should I wash lyocell?

You’d better hand wash lyocell fabric and dry it naturally because it is delicate. Without care, your lyocell will be destroyed. Here is a washing and care guide to washing lyocell.

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How to Wash Lyocell Fabric?

Although it can be washed by machine or by hand, the fibers have a low degree of elasticity, so it is best to wash it gently or not at all by hand to avoid altering the shape or size of the clothing.

Handwash Lyocell

  1. To maintain the original color when washing with detergent, it is best to wash it in cold water. Underwear shouldn’t be submerged in hot water because doing so will cause sweat stains to solidify, stick to the fabric, and appear yellow.
  2. Separately wash the light and dark-colored shirts; do not soak them for an extended period of time to prevent fading.
  3. Dry clothes: After dehydration, clothes should be quickly leveled and dried to reduce wrinkles; the inside of the clothes should be facing out when drying in the sun to prevent color fading; and the clothes should be dried in a ventilated and cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  4. Refrain from using a hard rub, hard brush, and hard wiring. Clothes should be folded to drain the water.
  5. Take short, frequent baths. Not to go above 45 degrees, water temperature.
  6. To dry them without wringing, you should set them in the shade.
  7. Your lyocell clothing should be air-dried after washing. Items made of lyocell are not friendly to the intense heat and activity inside a tumble dryer. To protect the fabric and keep them extra fresh and airy, hang them up to dry in the sun.
How to Wash Lyocell? Care Guide

Machine-wash Lyocell

When washing Lyocell clothing in your washing machine, use a gentler cycle to keep the fabric soft and free of wrinkles.

A gentle wash cycle with a low-temperature setting and a time limit of 30 minutes is what you should go with.

However, be cautious to only machine wash your clothing when it has a noticeable stain. The fibers of your Lyocell clothing may become harmed if you machine wash them too frequently.

Tips on Washing Lyocell

To keep your lyocell fabric looking new and fresh, keep in mind these washing instructions.

Pretreat Stains

If you get a stubborn stain on your garment, wash the stain straight away under cold water and apply just a dab of delicate detergent to rub it out gently. Never use bleach or abrasive stain removers to get rid of tough stains because doing so can weaken the fabric and leave your clothing looking patchy. Instead, try using baking soda or vinegar.

Avoid Overwashing

Because of the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities of lyocell, which are well known, clothes stay clean for longer and need to be washed less frequently. Hang your clothing outside on a sunny day to air it out.

Gentle Washing

How to Wash Lyocell? Care Guide

Although you should always abide by the care instructions, lyocell clothing generally needs to be hand washed at a low temperature to prevent shrinkage. For some garments, you can machine-wash your garments in a delicate cycle if you’re running out of time but, always check the labels before throwing them in.

To avoid causing damage to your clothing, always place it inside a mesh laundry bag.

Wrinkle Free

Lyocell garments dry relatively wrinkle-free, but if you want to spruce it up with an iron, use a warm or “synthetic” low heat setting and turn off the steam. Particularly with microfiber fabrics, high heat can permanently damage the material, and steam can leave stains that won’t disappear until the next washing.

A safe alternative is to hang the item while taking a shower or place a pressing cloth between the fabric and the iron. Read and learn How to Iron Lyocell Fabric?

Dry Naturally

After washing, gently shake or stretch the lyocell clothing before putting it in the dryer. Avoid wringing or twisting your clothing when hand-washing it; instead, gently press the water out of it.

Your lyocell garment may shrink from 3% to 5% during the initial washings before it starts to hold its shape. All garments should be hung over a rail or laid flat to prevent creasing and drying in direct sunlight, and a tumble dryer can cause discoloration and shrinkage.

Store It Properly

How to Wash Lyocell? Care Guide

The garment may become ruined by mildew and moths. When storing them in a cool, open space, make sure they are dry and clean. Avoid storing them in plastic bags because doing so could cause the clothing to rot, attract moisture, or develop static electricity.

Does Lyocell Shrink When Washed?

When and how does shrinkage of lyocell occur? When gently washed, lyocell should initially shrink by about 3% and then stop shrinking after that.

However, when subjected to high temperatures during washing or drying, lyocell does shrink more significantly. This is why it’s crucial to wash your clothes in cool water, whether by hand or in a machine and to avoid drying them in a tumble dryer. We have compared lyocell and other fabrics, such as Lyocell Vs Tencel, and Lyocell Vs Cotton.

What is Lyocell Fabric?

Lyocell fabric is a form of rayon, made from plant-based and environmentally-sustainable materials, making it generally a more eco-friendly choice than synthetic fabrics like polyester.

It’s a great fabric for those who care about the environment because the “closed-loop” process used to make it even works to recover and decompose all of the emissions or solvents used in production. It has anti-bacterial qualities, is incredibly strong, and is great for sensitive skin!

Conclusion: Wash Lyocell Properly

Lyocell fabric is extremely delicate and easily damaged, so washing it by hand or dry cleaning is typically the safest option.

You should feel prepared to add this clever and environmentally friendly fabric to your wardrobe now that you have a better understanding of the materials used to make lyocell and how to wash lyocell clothing.


Is Lyocell Easily Washed?

Lyocell can usually be washed in the washing machine at 30°C maximum using a delicate cycle. If Lyocell is woven (you can tell if it has a tiny bit of stretch in it) and has a dark color, it might be sensitive to harsher detergents or wash cycles.

Is Lyocell Machine Washable?

With the initial washing, Lyocell will shrink by about 3% but won’t continue to do so. Machine washing, using the gentle cycle, is appropriate for many garments (read the garment care label), and drip drying is preferable to machine drying.

Does Lyocell Wrinkle After Washing?

Tencel, the company’s brand name for Lyocell, is a semi-synthetic rayon. It’s soft and strong, drapes nicely, is machine-washable, and (most importantly) resists wrinkling.

Can Lyocell Get Wet?

Lyocell fabric is very strong whether it is wet or dry, and it is more resistant to pilling than cotton.

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