How to Wash Spandex? Washing Guide
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How to Wash Spandex? Washing Guide

When it comes to washing spandex, following the right techniques can significantly extend the lifespan of your clothing.

Your wardrobe probably contains more spandex, also known as lycra or elastane. In order to stretch and maintain their shape, all clothing types actually contain some spandex in the fiber content. But because spandex is delicate and easily harmed by excessive heat or friction, washing it can be challenging.

We’ll go over some key pointers in this article for how to wash spandex and maintain its best appearance.

How to Wash Spandex?

Stretching, elasticity loss, and even damage to the fabric can occur as a result of improper washing.

Hand Washing

In order to have more control over the washing process, hand washing is frequently the best method for cleaning spandex clothing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hand-wash spandex:

  1. Add a mild detergent created especially for delicate fabrics to a sink or basin filled with warm water.
  2. The spandex garment should be submerged in water and given some gentle agitation for a few minutes. Avoid vigorously rubbing or twisting the fabric as this can harm it.
  3. To get rid of all detergent residue, thoroughly rinse the garment in clean water.
  4. Without wringing or twisting the fabric, gently squeeze out the extra water.
  5. To remove more moisture, lay the garment flat on a fresh towel and roll it up.
  6. Allow the clothing to air dry, and reshape it if necessary.
How to Wash Spandex? Washing Guide

Machine Washing

Although it can be machine-washed, spandex needs to be handled carefully to avoid damage. Follow these steps when using a washing machine to clean spandex:

  1. Before putting the spandex item in the washing machine, flip it inside out. It also safeguards any delicate embellishments and the outer surface.
  2. Utilize a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics with a gentle cycle and cold water.
  3. Because they can weaken the spandex fibers, avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.
  4. As soon as the wash cycle is finished, take the item out of the washer to avoid wrinkles developing.
  5. Although tumble drying on the lowest heat setting is recommended to prevent excessive shrinkage or fabric damage, air drying is always preferable.

Dry Cleaning

If your spandex clothing needs special handling or has intricate patterns, dry cleaning is a good option. Spandex is a delicate fabric that requires the experience of a professional dry cleaner. When opting for dry cleaning, follow these guidelines:

  1. Select a trustworthy dry cleaner that has experience cleaning spandex clothing. For assurances of their dependability, consult recommendations or reviews.
  2. The specific maintenance needs of your spandex garment should be disclosed to the dry cleaner. Mention any spills or areas that need extra care.
  3. Before bringing the garment to the dry cleaners, take off any detachable straps, embellishments, or other removable components.
  4. Make sure to express your preferences, such as whether or not you want your clothing to be pressed or hung up.
  5. Make sure the clothing has been cleaned to your satisfaction after you pick it up from the dry cleaner.
How to Wash Spandex? Washing Guide

How to Wash Spandex Undergarments?

Up to 70% of the spandex in the majority of bras and supportive undergarments, including shapewear, may be made up of nylon, polyester, or other synthetic fibers. Although they can be washed in a machine with lukewarm water on a gentle cycle, never dry them. From bras to spandex pants, hang everything made of spandex on a drying rack.

Hand washing these items is the best option for preserving the shape, color, and life of the spandex lingerie trim. Use a special hand-washing detergent like Woolite along with cool water that is cold but not icy to your hands.

A mild dishwashing detergent can be used as a substitute to help remove the salt and oils from perspiration. All the seams should be gently scrubbed with your hands before being thoroughly rinsed with cool water. In order to gently press out the remaining water, wring the garment to remove the majority of the water before rolling it up in a big towel.

After that, hang your laundry to dry on a drying rack. Wearing spandex on a flat surface is not recommended. Once completely dried by air, they will take on their original shape. Furthermore, never wash any spandex clothing with chlorine bleach.

How to Wash Spandex Tablecloths?

If some companies are looking to invest in spandex tablecloths, here’s what to expect for the washing and maintenance of the material:

  1. Look for any signs of obvious stains or pungent odors on the spandex.
  2. You can pre-soak in a cold water solution of one part white vinegar to one part cold water if there are strong odors present. (Undiluted vinegar is also a good stain remover for sauces and red wine. For major stink, increase the vinegar to 2 parts white vinegar, and 1 part water. Pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent for 30 minutes for coffee or tea stains.
  3. Machine wash in lukewarm water
  4. To keep the fabric’s high level of elasticity, tumble dry it on the coolest heat setting.
  5. There shouldn’t be a need for ironing; however, if wrinkles do appear, iron on the lowest heat setting.
How to Wash Spandex? Washing Guide

How to Remove Stains from Spandex?

It can be challenging to remove stains from spandex because the elastic fibers can be damaged by using chlorine bleach or other chemical stain removers.

As soon as possible, make an effort to remove the stain. Pour cold water and liquid dish detergent over the stain and let it soak. Rinse it thoroughly to finish. Your best option is this.

Tips and Advice on Washing Spandex

  • Do not iron Spandex. If you feel that ironing is absolutely necessary, use the lowest temperature setting, place a pressing cloth between the clothing and the iron, and iron quickly (leaving the iron in one position for an extended period of time or letting it rest directly on the fabric can seriously harm the fabric).
  • Except as directed on the label, avoid dry cleaning Spandex because doing so may cause the fibers to temporarily swell and cause the garment to be misshapen. The fibers also have a tendency to retain the smell of dry cleaning agents).
  • Spandex should never be bleached; color-safe bleach is acceptable if your garment’s care instructions do not state otherwise.
  • Do not mix colors.
  • Do not add any bleach of any kind. White fabric will become yellow when bleached.
  • Printed fabric that is dark. Use a standard wash cycle and a small amount of mild detergent in cold water.
  • Use a small amount of mild detergent in hot water and a standard wash cycle for white fabrics.

If you are curious about other properties of spandex, you can check out this post – Spandex vs. elastane.

Conclusion: How to Wash Spandex?

Finally, washing spandex clothing carefully is necessary to preserve its elasticity and shape. You can help your spandex clothing last longer and maintain its best appearance by paying attention to the advice provided in this article.

Clothing made of spandex can be hand- or machine-washed in warm water with an all-purpose detergent and then dried on a line or in a tumble dryer set to a low temperature.


How to Wash Spandex Leggings in a Washing Machine?

The best way to wash spandex clothing without overstretching it is in a mesh bag with detergent. Use lukewarm water instead.

Can Spandex Get Wet?

Not unless it has received chemical treatment or coating to make it water-resistant. The ability to be waterproof will not be present if the fabric is not treated with a waterproof finish.

Does Spandex Shrink After Wash?

You must use the hottest setting because spandex does not shrink when washed normally. This is often the setting for “heavy duty.” Then, let it complete a cycle while being set to the hottest setting. Detergent is not required unless you also want to wash the garment.

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