How to Whiten Nylon Fabric? 3 Ways to Whiten Nylon
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How to Whiten Nylon Fabric? 3 Ways to Whiten Nylon

Even when handled with the utmost care, nylon will eventually turn yellow. There are three ways to get rid of the yellowing.

A synthetic fabric called nylon is used to make clothing, upholstery, luggage, and other items. Because it dries quickly and doesn’t absorb moisture, nylon is widely used. With warm water and laundry detergent, nylon can be washed in a washing machine. But over time, white nylon may turn dingy due to aging.

So how to whiten nylon fabric? Utilize ingredients found in the typical kitchen to brighten or whiten nylon fabric separately. Let’s start.

How to Whiten Nylon Fabric?

Here is a tried-and-true cleaning recipe along with a time-tested fix that has been used for decades. Both will do so without harming the nylon fabric’s yellowing.

Using Lemon and Sunshine


You Will Need:

  • Lemon juice
  • Spray bottle
  • Bright sunshine

Steps to Remove the Yellowing:

  1. Into a spray bottle, add 1/2 cup of lemon juice.
  2. Completely spray all of the nylon fabric’s discolored areas. Keep the lemon juice free of water.
  3. On an outdoor clothesline, hang the nylon fabric. Alternatively, you could lay the nylon fabric on top of a towel on an outdoor table. The citric acid in lemon juice reacts with sunlight to produce a bleaching effect.
  4. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, expose the nylon to the sun for 30 minutes to three hours. Check the fabric occasionally to see if the yellowing has disappeared.
  5. To completely eliminate yellowing, repeat Steps 2 through 4.
  6. Once the yellowing is gone, wash the nylon material as usual. By doing this, the fabric is cleaned of the lemon juice.

Using Enzymes


You Will Need:

  • Enzyme digestant
  • A bucket or tray
  • Oxygen bleach

Steps to Remove the Yellowing:

  1. Use an enzyme laundry detergent, like Biz, by mixing the amount recommended on the label into a bucket of water and soaking the item in the solution for an entire night. Placing the item on a tray and soaking the fabric with enough of the enzyme stain remover solution so that it won’t dry out overnight are the proper procedures for using Nature’s Miracle or another enzyme stain remover.
  2. The following day, wash the item as usual in the hottest water the fabric will allow. Wash the item in oxygen bleach if you have any. In that case, use twice as much detergent as usual.

Using Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen Bleach

You Will Need:

  • Oxygen bleach
  • A bucket

Steps to Remove the Yellowing:

  1. Put enough water in a bucket to completely submerge the garment.
  2. As specified on the package label for the amount of water being used, add oxygen bleach in the recommended amount.
  3. Let the object soak in the solution all night.
  4. The next day, wash the item as usual with the hottest water the fabric will allow.

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Tips and Advice on Whitening Nylon Fabric

  • Jackets and other non-machine washable items respond well to the lemon juice method.
  • A whitening product made by Rit can be used to get stains out of clothes. Stick to the instructions on the package. In the laundry section near the clothing dyes, you can find Rit products.
  • Chlorine bleach should not be used to try to whiten the garment because it will make the fabric even more yellow.
  • By spraying the garment with hydrogen peroxide and then washing it as usual, one website user claims to have successfully removed the yellowing.

Why Does White Nylon Turn Yellow?

The majority of us use chlorine-based bleach to make white clothing brighter. It’s important for you to understand, though, that overusing chlorine bleaches on the same piece of clothing can also turn the white yellow.

Bleach is more vulnerable to synthetic fibers like nylon, microfibers, and polyester. These fibers become looser when chlorine bleach is used, which gives synthetic materials their natural yellow color. Overworked bleach can be the real cause of whites turning yellow, even on cotton clothing.

Conclusion: Whitening Nylon Fabric

The garage, a closet on the sunny side of the room, or basements are good options for storing white nylon clothing because they are enclosed, cool, and away from temperature extremes.

An acid- and lignin-free archival tissue is essential if you want to store your favorite whites for a particular season (such as a white jacket for winter). By wrapping the storage box with kitchen tissue, you can keep your white favorite away from any metals or plastics that might cause a reaction.


How Do You Clean Dirty White Nylon?

Unless the nylon fibers are combined with non-washable fibers, nylon clothes can be machine or hand-washed using cool or warm water and any commercial or homemade detergent (always check the manufacturer’s care label.) Use a strong detergent to remove oily stains from nylon.

Will Bleach Turn Nylon White?

You can safely bleach cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and rayon. Never, ever bleach any amount of wool, silk, mohair, leather, or spandex. After making sure that the clothing is made of a fiber that is bleach-safe, you should determine whether the color is bleach-colorfast.

How Do You Restore Nylon Color?

If your nylon carrier is extremely faded, the best solution is to use a dye of the same color. In order to prevent further color degradation of the nylon, carefully follow the instructions. Applying the dye to the impacted areas using a spray bottle is the best method. Check the results by washing it after letting the dye dry.

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