Is Khaddar Fabric Good for Summer? Find Out!

Is Khaddar Fabric Good for Summer? Find Out!

Let’s find out whether Khaddar fabric is good for summer and the benefits of wearing Khaddar fabric in the summer.

People begin to wear their summer attire as the temperature rises. And what about summertime textiles? Is khaddar fabric good for summer? Rather than cotton, sheer, and linen, khaddar is another easy-to-care-for summer fabric you can count on to feel relaxed, cool, and classy even in the hot and scorching heat.

Here is why Khaddar fabric is good for summer.

Is Khaddar Fabric Good for Summer?

Khaddar is one of the most popular summer textiles. A type of cloth called khaddar is made of cotton and linen. Since it is frequently very thick and heavy, it is ideal for cooler weather. Khaddar, on the other hand, is not typically thought of as a summer fabric due to its weight.

Can you wear Khaddar fabric in the summer then? The answer is yes! Actually, khaddar is a great summertime fabric to wear. Although it is heavy enough to offer some sun protection, it is light enough to keep you cool. You won’t have to worry about perspiring because it is also very breathable.

Benefits of Khaddar Fabric

Khaddar is frequently used to refer to traditional Indian clothing. Others see it as a versatile and fashionable fabric that can be used in any weather condition. Khaddar is primarily made of cotton, though silk or wool can also be used. All of these materials are spun into yarn on a charkha.

Is Khaddar Fabric Good for Summer? Find Out!

It is adaptable and can be worn in both warm and cool climates. Sometimes Khaddar is starched to give it a stiff feel and an improved appearance. Numerous fashion designers find it to be appealing. A Khaddar item is a great option if you’re looking for a traditional Indian dress fabric or a versatile winter clothing option.

About Khaddar

India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are the countries that manufacture hand-woven khri, also referred to as khaddar. To make the yarn, it is spun in charkha, and various fabrics such as silk and wool are used as well. The two are different in that it is warm in the summer and cool in the winter.

The Khaddar shirt is a well-liked option due to its special combination of fabrics. The British used to import cotton from India at a discount and weave it into clothing in Britain. The fabric is combined with other fabrics and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

What is Khaddar Fabric Used For?

For clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and jewelry, khaddar fabric is frequently used in the fashion industry. Additionally, it’s used to create furniture, upholstery, home decor, household textiles, and bedding.

The craze for Khaddar is growing. Khaddar helps fashion companies and designers of clothing meet the demands of customers for affordable, ethical, and sustainable clothing.

Is Khaddar Fabric Good for Summer? Find Out!

In the clothing sector, it can produce knitwear, loungewear, hats, suits, blouses, dresses, shirts, coats, pajamas, robes, undergarments, and more with Khaddar fabric.

In addition to other soft and opulent fabrics, Khaddar is a common material for home furnishings, upholstered furniture, carpets, bed linens, curtains, drapes, bathrobes, and home decor.

As new applications for clothing and home furnishings emerge, particularly in East Asia, the market for Khaddar fabrics is anticipated to increase slightly over the coming years.

Khaddar is significant for the fashion industry’s present and future as a means of advancing a local, sustainable economy. Khaddar is significant from a historical and philosophical standpoint, but it also has a significant impact on the growth of a more moral clothing industry.

Final Words: Wear Khaddar in the Summer

The natural, organic, skin-friendly, and hand-spun fabric is perfect for Indian weather and keeps the wearer cool in the summer. Khaddar is a chemical-free fabric that is kind to the skin and “breathes.”

Therefore, don’t overlook Khaddar the next time you’re looking for a summer fabric. For you, it might be the ideal material.


Is Khaddar Fabric Warm?

Due to the thick, tightly woven cotton fibers used to create khaddar fabric, it is suitable for use during the winter. This makes it warm and insulating, allowing it to trap heat and keep the body warm in cold weather. The fabric also has a soft, plush texture that is cozy to wear and adds additional warmth.

Is Khaddar Fabric Soft?

It’s extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable. Water-absorbent and quickly drying, khaddar cloth is also very soft to the touch.

What is the Difference Between Khaddar and Linen?

Khaddar is handwoven and handspun. A wheel, or “charkha,” is used to spin it. ‘ On the charkha, the cotton fiber is converted into yarn, which is then woven into a fabric. In contrast, linen is mechanically spun and woven.

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