Is Lyocell Breathable? is It Good for Summer?

Is Lyocell Breathable? is It Good for Summer?

Here is a brief list of some of the characteristics of lyocell that make it such a great material for a summer T-shirt.

  • Super light and smooth
  • Less transparent compared to comparable cotton t-shirts
  • Ultra-breathable
  • Elastic and stretchable, while also being durable and long-lasting

Your level of comfort in the heat can be greatly influenced by the type of T-shirt you are wearing. If you put on a bulky t-shirt, you’ll get hot and bothered pretty quickly. Here comes Lyocell, a new material that works really well for light summer t-shirts.

Tencel‘s superior ability to breathe is one of the reasons it has grown to be so well-liked. When the summertime comes and the temperature rises, this fabric won’t make you perspire. We have compared lyocell and other fabrics, such as Lyocell Vs Tencel, and Lyocell Vs Cotton.

Here are some reasons lyocell is appropriate for the summer.

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Is Lyocell Breathable?

Lyocell fabric is made from natural materials thus it contains top breathing abilities. That’s because this fabric was made using a nanotechnological process. The fibers are made to be small to allow for more softness, comfort, and breathing to take place.

Not all of this fabric’s advantages are listed above., It only has one significant weakness but is strong and resilient as well. When wet, it becomes weaker. If you are not careful, it might shrink on you, but the shrink rate is between 3 and 5%.

The ability to breathe and wick moisture away will be the most significant characteristic of summer. Longer drying and cooling should occur on your skin. Your Lyocell clothing shouldn’t retain any heat from your body.

Is Lyocell Breathable? is It Good for Summer?

This is the reason why the material has become so well-liked in recent years. It was made with your lifestyle and personality in mind.

It is important to know whether your fabric is breathable before you buy it. If it is not a breathable fabric, it may make you sweat and uncomfortable. Below, we reviewed the breathability of different types of fabrics:

Is Lyocell Cool in Summer?

Lyocell is so pleasantly cool in the summer that it rivals linen and cotton in this regard. Cotton remains the top fabric for staying cool with linen right behind it. Lyocell follows closely behind, ensuring that you have plenty of summertime options.

Lyocell has the advantage of being competitive in terms of color. When it comes to color variation and dye holding, it competes favorably with both cotton and linen.

If your Lyocell blouse is not the right color you can always change it to fit your fashion style. To ensure you get the color you want, simply adhere to the dyeing guidelines. Following that, you can take advantage of the summer without getting too hot.

You can stay calm and collected all day thanks to its ability to breathe and wick moisture away.

Does Lyocell Make You Sweat?

Lyocell shouldn’t cause you to perspire. Normally, your physical activity should take care of that rather than the fabric. If anything Lyocell should help keep you from sweating as it releases the heat fairly well. Wearing Lyocell clothing ensures that overheating won’t be a problem.

Additionally, you shouldn’t feel hot or sticky because this fabric is made to wick moisture away from your skin and leave it feeling dry. You do not have to be embarrassed by the heat as Lyocell should have your back and keep you looking good.

Because this fabric is made of tiny fibers, your perspiration should evaporate quickly. That implies that you should be free of bacteria and odor while wearing this type of clothing. It comes from a sustainable raw source so the fabric should be around for a long time, keeping you cooler and more presentable every time you wear the fabric. Here are other types of lyocell fabric, such as Bamboo Lyocell Fabric and Tencel Lyocell.

Is Lyocell Breathable? is It Good for Summer?

Does Lyocell Show Sweat Marks?

This substance can breathe well and can absorb moisture. Although it should not have any sweat stains, each person perspires differently. This material is specifically discouraged from being worn in the summer by some fashion outlets.

For precisely those reasons, it is recommended by others. You can infer from this that each person’s outcome will be unique. Both yes and no, depending on how much sweat is present. This will also be impacted by the high temperatures.

It is more likely that the sweat-resistant property will be overwhelmed as the temperature rises. For the most part, the material should not show sweat stains so you can lift your arms in celebration and not feel self-conscious.

When you take off the outer layer of your Lyocell undershirt, you’ll probably notice sweat stains.

Other Fabrics to Help You Beat the Summer Heat

In order to prevent sweat stains and stay cool during the summer, we’ve found 5 fabrics in particular to wear.


The first fabric that we stock up on in our closet for summer is cotton. Cotton is a soft fiber made of interlocking threads that create airy loops, which allow air to circulate through the fabric. The free-flowing air that can get into the fabric makes this super breathable and perfect for dry heat or humidity.


The next fabric that we like the wear in the summertime is linen. Linen is made out of fibers from the flax plant. The natural fibers in linen allow for the fabric to have maximum breathability making it one of our go-to fabrics when we want to feel cool even when it’s almost too hot to handle outside.

Is Lyocell Breathable? is It Good for Summer?


Chambray, similar to cotton, is a woven cotton textile that usually comes in a higher thread count than regular cotton making the weave finer and therefore more breathable. The look of chambray is similar to denim making this a lighter alternative for the summer months. Chambray is super in right now – and now you can wear it and know that it is one of the best fabrics for keeping cool when it’s hot, hot, hot!


Bamboo is another fabric that we tend to lean toward when it’s warm due to its many valuable qualities. First of all, bacteria do not survive well in bamboo, meaning that even after long hours of wearing the fabric it will not become smelly.

Furthermore, bamboo blocks 97.5% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Another benefit of bamboo is that the fabric absorbs moisture well keeping skin dry during the hot summer months and also making this a breathable fabric choice.


Hemp, much like the other fabrics listed here, absorbs moisture well and is highly breathable. In addition, hemp is naturally anti-microbial and is resistant to mold and mildew, which is important when it’s hot and sticky outside.

Hemp is another one of those fabrics that may have you shaking your head since it is not the most common one on the market right now, but the benefits it has really should make you consider this if you tend to be sweating through your other clothes.

Conclusion: Lyocell is Breathable?

Lyocell does have a number of benefits over cotton, such as being denser and less transparent when used in lightweight weaves. Additionally, it wicks moisture from the body better than cotton and is more breathable than cotton. Lyocell is a suitable material for the sweltering summers you experience there.


Is Lyocell Cooler Than Cotton?

These hydrophilic fibers also mean far less sweat will collect between the body and the bedsheets, making For people who sleep hot or in more humid countries, lyocell is a great option.

Is Lyocell Better Than Polyester?

Polyester is not as breathable as Lyocell and it provides low moisture absorption. Lyocell requires more special handling than polyester because it is more delicate (only cold water can be used for washing).

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