Is Micro Modal Fabric Good for Summer?

Is Micro Modal Fabric Good for Summer?

In this article, we discuss the breathability of Micro Modal and the reasons to wear Micro Modal in the hot summer.

In places where maximum softness is required, such as loungewear, underwear, sheets, and sportswear, Micro Modal is becoming more and more popular because it requires less upkeep than silk.

According to your body’s temperature, Micro Modal constantly adjusts to your movements and aids in keeping you warm or cool.

Read and learn whether Micro Modal is good for summer.

Is Micro Modal Fabric Good for Summer?

Micro Modal fabric is suitable for the summer. Micro Modal excels at being breathable, allowing air and moisture to pass through it. This breathable, lightweight fabric draws moisture from the skin and wicks it away. Your skin’s surface moisture is drawn up through the fabric and out to the surface where it is drawn back onto your skin.

It then fades away into the atmosphere. Micro Modal maintains its breathability while providing an exceptional range of motion, even when combined with a synthetic fiber like Spandex.

Traditional cotton, which has a tendency to hold onto liquid and can create an uncomfortable situation, is only 50% as absorbent as this material. Whether you’re at the gym or making a significant presentation to your boss, Micro Modal helps you stay relaxed and comfortable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Modal Fabric

Is Micro Modal Fabric Good for Summer?

Here are some of the best advantages of Micro Modal fabrics:

  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbent
  • Quick-drying
  • Easy to wash
  • High comfort and softness
  • A luxurious look and hand feel
  • Good elasticity
  • Good tensile strength
  • Good resilience
  • Good durability
  • Good pilling-resistance
  • Good wrinkle-resistance
  • Moth and fungus resistance
  • Hypoallergenic

The main drawbacks of using Micro Modal fibers are:

  • Low chemical protection
  • Low heat-resistance
  • Low thermal stability
  • Low abrasion-resistance
  • Low resistance to UV and sunlight

Micro Modal Clothing Care Guide

Is Micro Modal Fabric Good for Summer?

Despite the fact that you should always refer to the specific care label on your garment, here are some useful suggestions to remember.

How to Wash Micro Modal Clothes?

Like us (who are we kidding, really? ), Micro Modal requires little upkeep. More seriously, most modal clothing can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and dried by laying flat; however, avoid using high heat when drying Micro Modal clothing; instead, use a low to medium temperature, unless your item’s specific care label specifies otherwise.

Can You Iron Micro Modal Clothing?

Micro Modal clothing can be ironed if necessary. To avoid scorching, use a pressing cloth after turning the items inside out.

How to Get Stains Out of Micro Modal Clothing?

Use your preferred stain removal technique to treat the area first, soak as necessary, and wash the entire garment as directed on the care label. However, do everything in your power to keep chlorine bleach far, far away from micro-modal clothing because it could result in permanent harm.

How to Store Micro Modal Clothes?

Micro Modal resists creasing, so store as you see fit in a cool, dark location.

What Makes Micro Modal Sustainable?

The pulp of beech trees, which self-seed and are typically found in the Northern Hemisphere, is used to make Micro Modal. This indicates that the raw materials have the capacity to renew themselves naturally.

In addition to being natural and biodegradable, modal-based fabrics require ten to twenty times less water to dye than cotton-based materials.

The addition of petroleum-based fibers like elastane and spandex, which decrease the modal’s biodegradability, is a crucial point to make. However, a small amount of elastane extends the life of clothing by preventing bagging and sagging. Additionally, doing so might ultimately be more sustainable.

Although polyester is not the most environmentally friendly fiber, it is currently the only viable option in terms of longevity until a better fiber becomes available.

Conclusion: Wear Micro Modal in the Summer

The cellulose fibers of beech trees are used to create the fabric known as Micro Modal. It is well-known for being supple, sturdy, and breathable, making it a popular option for summer.

Wearing Micro Modal might be more comfortable and breathable if you perspire a lot or are active. It is 50% more water-absorbent and twice as soft as cotton.


Can Modal Be Worn in Summer?

Smooth and soft by nature, Modal is great for warmer temperatures.

Will I Sweat in a Modal?

Unlike garments made from synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester, Modal does not trap perspiration and odors. Modal is up to 50% more absorbent than cotton, so clothing never feels sticky or sweaty.

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