Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?
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Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?

If you want to purchase bedding made of mulberry silk, you might be unsure if it is genuine silk. Let’s find out.

Today, there are actually a number of different types of silk that are created using various methods and resources. With that, we can say with certainty that not all silks are created equal. The market offers a wide selection of silk fabrics.

The most well-known and widely used type of silk is Mulberry Silk, ranging from the common ones to the latter. What kind of silk is mulberry silk?

Although a product made of 100% Tussah silk is 100% silk, its quality should not be confused with that of 100% Mulberry silk. For more details, please keep reading.

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Is Mulberry Silk as Good as Real Silk?

The finest silk is mulberry silk, which is produced by silkworms that consume mulberry tree leaves. For a high-use item like a pillowcase, it is the softest and most resilient silk available. Silk is graded on an A, B, and C scale, with A being the highest standard.

Long, naturally white strands with a distinct sheen are the characteristics of grade-A silk. Following that, there are various numbers, with 2A being the least expensive to produce and rising to 6A.

What Makes Mulberry Silk Better?

The most valuable silk in the world, mulberry silk makes up about 90% of all silk production worldwide. Its reputation as the highest caliber silk explains why it is so well-liked. The other reason Mulberry Silk is so well-known is that it also has a lot of advantages.

Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?

Here are some of the advantages of Mulberry silk compared to regular silk:

Natural and Hypoallergenic

In your bed, microorganisms, dust mites, and other microparticles can flourish. As these are the main allergen triggers, allergy sufferers can attest to this. As a result, keeping them out of your bed is a crucial step in reducing your allergic reactions.

Naturally Hydrating

Healthy skin and hair depend on adequate hydration. In contrast to other materials like cotton and regular silk, mulberry silk has a better ability to maintain the skin’s and hair’s essential natural oils while you sleep, reducing dryness and dullness.

In addition to assisting in the retention of these essential oils, the breathable fibers and naturally hydrating qualities of Mulberry silk also allow your skin and hair to fully absorb the essential beauty products you use every day.

Mulberry silk has the best ability to keep moisture close to your skin all night long, so you can be sure to wake up the next day looking fresher and more radiant with hydrated and supple skin.

Regulates Temperature

A good night’s sleep depends on maintaining and having the ideal temperature. The good news is that Mulberry silk, as opposed to other synthetic silks, has a better ability to regulate temperature, helping to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Mulberry silk acts as a permeable barrier between your skin and the outside world, helping you to regulate your body temperature as needed. The temperature of the body can be maintained by mulberry silk and other types of natural silk.

As a result, Mulberry silk bedding is primarily advantageous for anyone else who experiences hot dreams or for menopausal women who frequently have hot flashes.

Moisture Wicking Ability

Humans typically perspire while they are sleeping. Some people, however, sweat more than others do because of hormonal and environmental factors. They consequently experience severe sleeping discomfort.

Prevents Microbial Growth

In keeping with Mulberry silk’s ability to wick moisture, it also slows the development of microorganisms in your bed. For these microorganisms to survive, moisture and water are essential.

They cannot develop and proliferate without this crucial element. Mulberry silk has better-wicking properties, which also prevents microbial growth because there is less water available for these pathogens to use.

Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?

Around 90% of the silk produced worldwide is mulberry silk, which is the most prized silk in the world. Its reputation as the highest caliber silk explains why it is so well-liked.

Mulberry Silk is well-known for many reasons in addition to those mentioned above, though. Here are some of the advantages of Mulberry silk compared to regular silk:

How to Identify Real Silk?

Because of how expensive it appears and how amazingly soft and smooth it is, silk has always been associated with luxury. While they all appear to be very similar in photographs, not all silk products that are sold online are actually made of the same material.

Check the MOMME:

Because it determines the quality of pure silk, the momme count is one of the fundamental and significant metrics when purchasing silk. Due to the use of more silk, fabrics with a higher momme count are thicker and of higher quality. Be cautious of sellers trying to trick you into buying “silk” without declaring the momme weight. Prior to buying silk online, always request this measurement.

Choose Mulberry Silk:

The finest silk on the market, mulberry silk is renowned for its superior quality. The world uses this kind of silk, which is from China, for opulent products. Compared to synthetic and silk blend varieties, mulberry silk is a 100% natural silk that feels softer and smoother.

Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?

Silk fabrics that aren’t 100% silk are produced by some retailers by blending silk with other fibers. Others use wild silk, which is less smooth and durable, or cheaper short-fiber silk. Verify that the silk fabric contains only long-strand mulberry silk of the highest grade (6A) prior to making a purchase.

Pick the Right Weave of the Fabric:

Keep an eye out for a charmeuse weave. With the help of this technique, the silk can be woven so that the front of the fabric has a reflective, smooth, and lustrous appearance while the reverse is left with a dull appearance. Pure mulberry silk’s already supple nature is highlighted by charmeuse.

As a result, a soft, fluid, and attractive fabric is produced. It is tempting to shop for “silk satin” products because they are cheaper than pure silk. The substance used is not satin; rather, it is a weave (similar to charmeuse).

Most “silk” satin products on the market are synthetic fabrics made from polyester. They may resemble silk to an extent, but that’s about it. Polyester will appear overly shiny, feel like plastic (because it is plastic), and slip around much more at night than silk.

The health advantages of silk are virtually nonexistent in polyester satins. Always inquire about the fabric used, such as whether it is silk, cotton, or polyester.) just to be sure.


Even though it’s not completely conclusive, the price can also help determine whether silk is genuine. Real silk is pricey, especially mulberry silk. However, some retailers might be exploiting this fact by charging exorbitant prices for their goods in order to suggest that they are offering genuine silk.

The Burn Test

Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?

One tactic employed and the only surefire way to determine whether silk is genuine is the Burn Test. When placed near an open flame, pure mulberry silk will burn slowly and produce little to no smoke.

Its ashes are black, crispy, and easily crushable into a powder. Extremely flammable fake silk can be found. Even if it is not directly exposed to flame, it will still burn. Burnt plastic will be the aroma and appearance of fake silk.


Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk due to its composition of distinct long fibers, which also contributes to its luminous white color. In fact, 100% Mulberry silk is extremely sought-after because, in addition to being of excellent quality, it is also remarkably resilient.

We hope that this will make it clear to you that not all silks are created equal. As long as Mulberry Silk is present, you are secure.

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