Is Spandex Stretchy? The Stretchiness of Spandex
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Is Spandex Stretchy? The Stretchiness of Spandex

In this blog post, I’ll outline several methods for stretching out spandex items so that they will fit you properly.

The generic name for a synthetic fiber made by humans that can be stretched many times its length before returning to its original shape is spandex. Stretch denim, high-performance activewear, and a plethora of other items for daily wear are all created using spandex’s extensibility.

You might be wondering how to stretch out spandex so that it better fits your body. The good news is that there are a variety of techniques for stretching out spandex clothing to create a desired size and fit more comfortably. Let’s practice stretching spandex.

Is Spandex Stretchy?

Yes, spandex is stretchy. This fabric is frequently used in form-fitting consumer apparel and can stretch up to 5-8 times its normal size. The spandex fibers are pushed by more than 500%, and after repeated stretching, they return to their original length.

Although rubber fibers are stiff and heavy, elastane fibers are stronger and more resilient.

How Much Does Spandex Stretch?

Stretchiness is characteristic of something expanding beyond its resting size. A yarn will not be as valuable or useful if it simply stretches. The recovery of spandex fibers is the next-best feature.

Recovery is the ability of the material to regain its original size and shape. In textiles and their use in clothing, elastic recovery is a crucial chemical characteristic.

Only 1% to 2% of fabrics with stretch labels actually contain spandex fibers. The stretch and recovery capabilities of these materials will be reasonable, but after some use, washing, and wear, these fabrics may sag or bag out.

When the spandex percentage is 4% or higher, the fabric performs better and the spandex percentage is that much higher.

Some fabrics are stretchable, but some are not. Therefore, we put the information together in our Stretch Fabric 101 to help you figure out whether your fabric or clothes is stretchy.

Is Spandex Stretchy? The Stretchiness of Spandex

Pre-Washing before Stretching Spandex

Your spandex clothing needs to be prewashed before you attempt to stretch it. Why is this?

By doing this, you’ll be able to stretch it without it becoming loose and with a smooth, long-lasting stretch.

The clothing can be hand-washed in a sink filled with warm water and a mild detergent, then left to soak for approximately ten minutes. Never use a hot cycle when adding the clothes to the washer; instead, set it to the cold delicate wash cycle. However, avoid putting the item in the dryer as this could easily damage the elastic.

Instead, hang the clothing indoors, away from heaters and sunlight, at room temperature with low humidity. In addition to preventing tearing or damage to the clothing, this will safeguard the elastic. After use, store the spandex clothing separately from other clothing to prevent tangling.

How to Stretch Spandex?

Below, you will find several methods for stretching spandex. The spandex clothing will occasionally shrink back to its original size even after being stretched out. It might take a few tries before it truly sticks because stretchy fabrics hold their shape better than any other material.

The spandex garment should be stretched using one of the following techniques two to three times for the best results.

Wearing Wet Clothing to Stretch Spandex Clothing Method

You can put on your stretched-out spandex clothing after soaking it in water. Use your left hand to pull the clothing item from one end, and your right hand to gently pull it in the direction of your body.

After that, put on the clothing and start moving around. The process should be repeated if it doesn’t feel like a good fit.

Stretching Spandex With Weights

Is Spandex Stretchy? The Stretchiness of Spandex

To help stretch spandex clothing, you can use weights. Put the clothing item in 120 to 140-degree water to start. The next step is to place the item on a flat surface while it is still warm, like a table, an ironing board, or the kitchen counter.

On one side of the clothing, place a three to five-pound object. You can hold the clothing if you don’t have any free weights; just make sure the textbooks weigh no more than three pounds. Additionally, make sure the weighed item can get wet without changing the colors of your clothing.

The spandex material should then be stretched out by pulling on the side that doesn’t have weights. The clothing ought to become permanently stretched out from the constant pulling. Place additional weights on the opposite side and allow the clothing to air dry for an hour.

If the fabric is thick, give it an additional hour to dry. Repeat the procedure if you weren’t successful in getting the desired shape the first time.

Soaking Spandex Clothing With Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is a mild liquid that you can use to stretch spandex without worrying about damaging your clothing. Additionally, the shampoo helps spandex stretch by relaxing the fibers inside the clothing.

Use a hair conditioner if you don’t have any baby shampoo. The effects of the hair conditioner are equivalent to those of baby shampoo.

Place water that is between 85 and 90 degrees in the bathtub or sink. For every quart of water, add up to one tablespoon of baby shampoo. You want the water to be slick and soapy once the baby shampoo has been added.

Spend up to 30 minutes soaking the spandex clothing in the water/baby shampoo solution. When finished, stretch the fabric while ringing out the excess water and twist it until the water stops dripping.

Is Spandex Stretchy? The Stretchiness of Spandex

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t rinse the clothing because the shampoo needs to further relax the fibers. Roll the item between two towels and allow it to dry for an additional ten minutes if the garment is still too wet.

With Hair Conditioner and Luke Warm Water

Stretching spandex apparel made of polyester differs slightly from stretching spandex apparel made of cotton fabric. Polyester fabrics maintain their original shape because they are made of more durable materials.

Stretching polyester fabric is nevertheless still a possibility. The best way to do this is by using a combination of hair conditioner and lukewarm water.

Make sure the water isn’t too hot as you fill the tub or sink. An article of clothing may warp and lose its shape if the water is too hot.

One tablespoon of hair conditioner should be added to the sink, and your clothing should soak there for 15 to 30 minutes. If you leave it in the water longer than this, the water will cool and lose its ability to loosen the elastic fibers.

Press, twist, and squeeze the piece of clothing to remove extra water after letting it soak. Once you’ve finished with this, your garment ought to be just a little damp.

Next, stretch the item of clothing out by pulling it in various directions. Additionally, you can place heavy objects on your clothing item to further stretch it out. When you’re finished, let it air dry completely before putting the clothes on.

Conclusion: Is Spandex Stretchy?

Spandex is extraordinarily elastic. To give the garment the elasticity and ability to retain shape over time properties of spandex fibers, spandex may be used to make it on its own or added in small percentages to natural or synthetic fibers.

Before you find the approach that works best for you, you might have to try a few of the ones listed above. Just keep in mind that no approach is ever perfect the first time around.


Are Polyester and Spandex Stretchy?

Polyester-spandex blend is the most popular combo for creating comfortable, soft, and super stretchy clothing. The garment can stretch to double its original size in any direction with just 10% more spandex added to it.

Is 5% Spandex Really Stretchy?

The fabric is typically marked with the following information: 95% polyester, and 5% spandex. This indicates that 5% of the fabric is made up of spandex fibers. This will be a moderately stretchy fabric. A fabric will be extremely stretchy if it contains more than 10% spandex fibers.

Is 80 Polyester and 20 Spandex Stretchy?

8020 A tricot (four-way stretch) fabric of very high caliber is nylon spandex. It is 80% nylon and 20% spandex and offers great stretch and recovery, good strength and abrasion resistance, and long-term resistance to body acids.

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