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What is Kona Cotton? Definitive Guide

Learn more about the benefits and characteristics of Kona cotton. You will then be able to appreciate why picking this fabric is a good idea.

When it comes to the foundation of many of our aprons, cotton is king. And probably many of your sewing projects as well. We need to choose the right cotton if we’re going to make character aprons, in our opinion. So what’s up with the love for Kona?

Please read this article to learn more about Kona cotton.

What is Kona Cotton?

Unlike some cotton which is blends (think cotton/rayon, cotton/polyester, etc), Kona is 100% cotton. It doesn’t stretch or get distorted when you work with it, which is a HUGE deal when you’re doing appliques.

The fabric is thick and strong, weighing 4.3 + 4.35 oz. per square yard, making it ideal for those portions of the apron or garments that receive the most rugged use, such as neckties + waist ties.

Kona Features That Stand Out

It has already been mentioned that the fabric’s superiority over other cotton fabrics is due to its high quality. Additionally, Kona has minimal shrinkage and the colors don’t bleed like a lot of other solid fabrics do.

This is essential if you’re mixing blue, red, yellow, and white in an item of clothing or an apron. And speaking of color – there are over 300 color options in the Kona line-up. I have never seen a fabric manufacturer offer that many color options in a single line—talk about options.

kona cotton

Why Do We Choose Kona Cotton?

Kona cotton has many advantages, so we list some below:

It’s a Colour Thing

There are simply too many options. The largest selection of quilting cotton solids still on the market is Robert Kaufman’s line of Kona cotton. We currently have more than 120 of the more than 340 available shades. You can check them out here

The names of Kona solids have become part of the language of modern quilters. Let’s face it, when someone uses the word “Pickle,” we all know they are referring to this delectable shade of yellow-green.

You Can’t Beat Kona Cotton for Quality

Have you ever cut a solid fabric only to discover that it frays easily? Or exposed it to the light and discovered a terrible loose weave? If so, it wasn’t a Kona cotton, you can be certain of that.

While sturdy, Kona cotton is soft. Using various substrates for printed fabrics in my quilts is something I actually enjoy doing to mix things up a bit. Kona excels in every area. Its even weave and softness complement lawn beautifully, and its durability pairs well with heavier fabrics like linen and canvas.

Using an additional thread, the fabric is woven in a manner akin to that of regular cotton sheeting. As a result, the cloth is firmer and has a higher thread count, but it is still soft and simple to stitch.

Kona COTY & 90 Free Patterns

A limited edition Kona Cotton Color of the Year has been made available by Robert Kaufman for the past three years. 2018’s color is a shade of orange called Kona Tiger Lily.

As you can see, Tiger Lily has a deeper hue than Kona Tangerine and is comparable to Kona Flame in value but less saturated. Please excuse my chip’s poor condition; I spilled coffee on it.

The year’s color is used as inspiration for a pattern that some of our favorite designers are asked to create. This amusing mushroom quilt created by Elizabeth Hartman was one of my favorites for Tiger Lily.

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