Modern Meadow Joins Forces With Navis TubeTex to Revolutionize the Textile Industry

Modern Meadow Joins Forces With Navis TubeTex to Revolutionize the Textile Industry

A leading supplier of high-tech finishing equipment to the global textile industry, Navis TubeTex, and Modern Meadow, a biofabrication company that specializes in the creation of sustainable materials, have announced their strategic partnership.

This partnership combines the cutting-edge Bio-Alloy technology from Modern Meadow with the cutting-edge Gaston Systems foam technology equipment from Navis TubeTex in an effort to redefine the dyeing, finishing, and coating equipment market.

Due to their shared commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, Modern Meadow and Navis TubeTex have formed a partnership. The companies are well-positioned to revolutionize the sector and advance sustainable practices by combining Modern Meadow’s biofabrication expertise with Navis TubeTex’s in-depth understanding of textile machinery.

“We are thrilled to partner with Navis TubeTex in our quest to transform the textile industry,” said Modern Meadow’s CEO, Catherine Roggero-Lovisi. “Our ground-breaking Modern Meadow Bio-FREED powered by Bio-Alloy, a novel miscible mixture of plant-based protein and biopolymer, along with Navis TubeTex’s cutting-edge machinery, allowed us to develop a quicker, more resource-effective dyeability process. With regard to blended textiles in particular, Bio-FREED™ will offer a quicker and more environmentally friendly manufacturing process that uses roughly 95% less water, 75% less energy, and 80% less dye and chemical without sacrificing quality or performance.”

Modern Meadow shares the dedication to environmentally friendly practices of Navis TubeTex, a company renowned for its proficiency in textile machinery. Navis TubeTex aims to improve the environmental profile of the textile manufacturing process by integrating Modern Meadow’s Bio-Alloy™ technology with their Gaston Systems, a proprietary system for applying a low water foamed chemistry onto or into substrates. Because of the partnership, businesses will be able to use less water, less energy, and less toxic chemicals, lowering their overall ecological footprint.

“We believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of every industry, including textile manufacturing,” said Navis TubeTex’s president and chief executive, Will Motchar. “We can now provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that support their sustainability objectives thanks to our collaboration with Modern Meadow. We can influence the future of the textile industry by bringing about meaningful change together.”


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