Rains Damaged 49% Cotton Crop in Fatehabad

Rains Damaged 49% Cotton Crop in Fatehabad

According to the district administration’s report, the cotton crop on nearly 78,000 acres in Fatehabad district was damaged by more than 33% as a result of excessive and untimely rains in September. 1.60 lakh acres of the district’s crop have been planted, which means that nearly 49% of the crop has been damaged.

Farmers in the cotton belt had complained about crop damage brought on by the rains, and the state government had responded by ordering a special girdawari.

The district administration had completed the report on the extent of damage to the kharif crops, including cotton, based on the girdawari.

The report stated that kharif crops on a total of 1.05 lakh acres had been at the receiving end due to the excessive rains and waterlogging after September 22 last year.

Of the 78,000 acres, 34,592 had crop damage greater than 75% and 28,834 had crop loss between 50% and 75%. 14,651 acres in all had experienced losses between 33 and 50%.

The farmers claimed that the government was not acting quickly to determine the losses on various accounts and compensate them.

Reference: https://www.tribuneindia.com/

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