SINGER® and SUPREME Partner for Coolest Sewing Machine Ever

SINGER® and SUPREME Partner for Coolest Sewing Machine Ever

Maintaining a sense of power across all age groups is something that SVP Worldwide has sought to achieve as it moves beyond the basic sewing trends. Keeping a historical brand modern is no easy task. This month, it revealed a collaboration between SINGER® and SUPREME to create what will undoubtedly be hailed as one of the holiday season’s must-have products in the fashion industry.

The company’s accomplishments in technology over the past nearly 200 years will carry them into the future, according to Dean Brindle, SVP Worldwide CMO, but marketing is the key to keeping the SINGER® brand contemporary. “Even after 171 years in business, we are still working to define who we are. We have embraced social media through sewing instruction, amassed a digital collection of motivational projects, and collaborated on clothing lines with Disney’s Cruella, Making the Cut, and now SUPREME. We are still dedicated to retaining both current and potential customers.”

SINGER® and SUPREME Partner for Coolest Sewing Machine Ever

A new consumer experience is created by fusing SINGER’s iconic performance with the SUPREME design. The new SINGER® SP68 offers 548 stitch applications with 300 unique stitch options for basic, stretch, and decorative stitches, as well as 2 lettering fonts. The LCD screen on this machine, which shows stitch images and settings, and the thread cutter button, which trims the top and bottom threads automatically, are some of its standout features. Additionally, the speed control feature enables sewers to work at their own pace for total control.

Established in New York City in April 1994, SUPREME is the leading contemporary American skateboarding lifestyle brand. Skateboarding, hip-hop, and youth cultures are all reflected in the brand’s designs. In addition to skateboards, Supreme also designs and produces clothing and accessories.


Sewing has been associated with the SINGER® brand for 170 years. The spirit of useful design and inventive innovation that has defined the brand from its inception has persisted today, from Isaac Singer’s patent of the first consumer sewing machine in 1851 to the release of the first cloud-based sewing ecosystem in 2015. We are dedicated to expanding and developing SINGER® products for sewers of every skill level, from fashion to home décor, embroidery, and quilting.


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