13 Best Popular Spanish Clothing Brands 2023: Freshen Up Your Style

17 Best Popular Spanish Clothing Brands 2023: Freshen Up Your Style

In this article, we list the seventeen best popular Spanish clothing brands that can freshen up your style. Please keep reading and pick the one you prefer.

The top Spanish clothing companies use organic or recycled materials to make cozy, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly fashion items that let you dress to impress while feeling good about your choices.

Numerous Spanish fashion labels exist that can give your appearance a touch of European flair. Here are some of our favorite Spanish clothing companies.


Desigual logo : histoire, signification et évolution, symbole

Women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion and home décor collections are produced by Desigual, a Spanish clothing company with an affordable price point. The clothing line is renowned for its vivid hues, vibrant prints, innovative designs, and vibrant patchwork.

You can feel good and do good things with the help of Desigual, a brand that is environmentally conscious and ethical. It supports authenticity, equality, diversity, and freedom while working to produce clothing in a sustainable manner.

With as little negative impact on people and the environment as possible, Desigual seeks to expand in a sustained and sustainable manner. More environmentally friendly fibers, such as organic cotton, are sought after.


Balenciaga: a Timeline of the Holiday Teddy Bear Ad Controversy

Known for creating stylish menswear, womenswear, shoes, handbags, and accessories, Balenciaga is a high-end Spanish fashion label.

In 1917, Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga established the business in San Sebastian. The fashion company’s headquarters are currently located in Paris, France, where business is currently conducted.

Famous for its fashionable streetwear, including shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, pants, denim jeans, and sneakers, Balenciaga celebrates iconic or fashion-forward looks.

2018 saw a collaboration between Balenciaga and the World Food Programme. It seeks to bring attention to the recent increase in world hunger and to support initiatives to do so by the year 2030.

Continued awareness- and money-raising efforts by Balenciaga. It increased the percentage of sales from each item with a WFP donation designation from 10 to 20 percent.


Castañer Opens Miami Store, Launches Capsule Line With Paul Smith – WWD

Castañer is a Spanish shoe company with well-known roots and a standout aesthetic that has captivated a plethora of famous people and become a fashion icon. Its espadrilles are worn by charismatic musicians, actors, and models all over the world.

The classics made by Castañer are enduring, stylish, and in style forever. In the summer collections, many styles have evolved into must-haves worn by the most prominent global influencers.

Since 1927, Castañer has promoted enduring style, expert craftsmanship, tradition, and natural materials. Its espadrilles are still made in essentially the same way today.


Ecoalf — The Ignite Project

In order to lessen its impact on the environment, the Spanish company Ecoalf produces affordable, moral, and sustainable clothing that is entirely made of upcycled and recycled materials.

As a REACH-compliant manufacturer, Ecoalf is Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certified. Numerous independent organizations, including BSCI, SA 8000, and SMETA, confirm that Ecoalf’s suppliers adhere to the highest social standards.

Affordable, vegan, and lightweight clothing for men, women, and children is available from Ecoalf. They are cozy, eco-friendly, form-fitting, and fashionable. Ecoalf uses sustainable materials like recycled nylon and polyester.


SUNAD – blossom

Spain-based Sunad is a well-known, reasonably priced, and ethical clothing company. With a focus on natural fibers alone and a slow fashion ethos, it produces small, seasonless clothing collections.

Running Sunad in Madrid, Spain, are two young businesspeople and designers who first met in Paris, France. They create an exquisite line of adaptable, cozy, and classic shirts, trousers, jackets, and dresses.

Between its headquarters in Madrid and its atelier in Arteixo, Sunad manufactures all of its clothing in Spain using local materials and ethical production practices. It advocates spending money on classic items and caring for them so they last longer and age with you.


Loewe reopens flagship store in Soho, NYC

This Spanish fashion house (pronounced “lo-weh-vay”) defines itself as having an obsessive focus on craft and unmatched expertise with leather. Since 2013, the company has been run creatively by Jonathan Anderson, and the label hails this as the beginning of a new era as they embrace a more daring and playful visual identity.

If you only purchase one handbag, make it the iconic Puzzle bag, which Anderson introduced in 2015 and is frequently seen by celebrities like Beyoncé.


Mango pledges to eliminate plastic packaging | Fashion & Retail News | News

Mango is arguably one of the most well-known Spanish clothing brands, right after Zara. It appeals to a wide range of fashion tastes and we doubt you’ll leave its stores empty-handed. It offers a mix of stylish separates, statement dresses, and designer-inspired accessories.

2022’s collection is bursting with retro prints, vibrant colors, and simple-to-wear silhouettes to satisfy any fashion whim. It carries some of the best midi dresses and transitional outerwear. Mango carries some of the best dresses for plus sizes as well.

Massimo Dutti


Massimo Dutti, a Spanish fabric company that specializes in cashmere and wool products and was founded in 1985 by designer Armando Lasauca, is well known for its elegant take on wardrobe essentials.

Although the brand’s initial focus was on men’s fashion, it entered the women’s market in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. You can anticipate chic color schemes, high-quality knits, stylish separates, and simple accessories.


Zara Business Model

This amazing brand sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids. There are many different kinds of clothing available for casual wear, formal occasions, and even daily wear. I know a lot of people who have purchased the ideal wedding attire at Zara without breaking the bank!

You should also be familiar with Zara Home, where you can find a variety of items for the home, as well as children’s products and some clothing. You will have to stop, I promise!

With thousands of options available, Zara is affordable for all consumers. You can never walk into Zara without making a purchase.

Pull & Bear

Pull&Bear | Lakeside Shopping Centre

This company is a member of the prestigious Inditex group. It was founded in 1991 with the goal of dressing a young audience who prefers to dress in a more casual and laid-back manner. Dressing women and young men is still its main goal.

If you are someone who shops frequently and wants to save money, I believe this is the ideal brand for you. Pull & Bear is the store for you if you like versatile clothing that makes you feel great!


Oysho - C.C. Miramar Fuengirola

I particularly love the brand Oysho, and I believe you will enjoy it as well. I frequently purchase numerous outfits here because the prices are reasonable and the quality is top-notch!

The first thing to clarify is that it’s a brand exclusively for women, where you will find different collections for different moments.

One of my favorites from their pajamas and underwear line. You will look very sexy while also feeling incredibly cozy and comfortable, so you won’t want to take them off!

You can’t miss their line of incredibly stylish gym gear, which will motivate you, even more, to work out. Additionally, they have a lovely swimwear collection if you enjoy the beach and the sun as much as I do.

Roberto Verino

logo-roberto-verino-pasarela-española - Pasarela Española

The prêt-à-porter line by Galician designer Roberto Verino includes reasonably priced coats, trench coats, dresses, sweaters, pants, accessories, and more.

The Spanish clothing company champions morality over beauty. It promotes the need for durable fashion to safeguard industries from the current trend of inexpensive, low-quality clothing.

Slow fashion is incredibly important to Roberto Verino. He advocates for classic designer clothing where local production of collections is valued and protected. He pledges to create a world that is much kinder and supports the nation’s cultural heritage.


Stradivarius | Retail News Asia

The Spanish clothing line Stradivarius, which is less expensive than its stylish sibling but a little less well-known, is frequently referred to as Zara’s younger, hipper sister. Although it caters to a younger audience, there are wardrobe staples for all ages as well as more trend-driven purchases.

The collection is ideal if you want to stay on top of the latest trends without breaking the bank and is sure to add some fun to your wardrobe.



Given that it is one of the most well-known, you must include this Spanish clothing line on your list. Although it was founded in 1880, it wasn’t until 1945 that it became a well-known brand.

The clothing lines made by Cortefiel are stylish and cozy, enhancing the figure and primarily catering to middle-aged women and men. It features traditional designs but is always in line with current fashion, making its products extremely innovative all the time.

Bimba Y Lola

Bimba Y Lola

The Domínguez sisters, nieces of renowned Spanish fashion designer Adolfo Domínguez, established the company in 2005. However, they chose their dogs’ names, Bimba and Lola, to define the name of the brand rather than naming them after their respective names, Mara and Uxa.

One of the clothing brands with the fastest rate of growth in the Spanish fashion market is this one. It is focused on women’s clothing, where vivid hues and eye-catching patterns are crucial. This brand features a mix of opulent goods with some contemporary elements.

Along with their shoes and other accessories, wallets, and handbags are among their best-selling items. Just take a look at the stunning colors and top-notch fabric quality, and you’ll see why, in my opinion.



This brand initially sold only men’s clothing, but in recent years, it has also released collections for women and kids.

With very stylish designs and affordable prices, Scalpers has enjoyed great success in the Spanish clothing market. The clothing is of incredible quality and can be worn every day with ease. The brand embodies a spirit of rebellion.



I adore Natura because it is such an insanely gorgeous bohemian brand. The Spanish brand name “Natura” is a Spanish word that signifies “the entire set of things and forces that comprise the universe.”

Over 1,300 people are employed by Natura, which currently has 221 stores spread across Portugal, Spain, and Andorra.

Check out Natura if you’re looking for distinctive Spanish clothing brands that are exotic, bohemian, or just plain different in general.

Final Words: Spanish Clothing Brands

The elegance of Spanish clothing styles was well-known throughout the world. Spanish fashions like Spanish capes, corsets, and farthingales gained popularity across Western Europe as Habsburg Spain’s power increased.

You can now see a list of all 33 Spanish brands. You were informed of the top footwear, jewelry, designer, and apparel brands. That is to say, there is something for everyone.

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