Supima Vs Egyptian Cotton: What Are the Differences?
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Supima Cotton Vs Egyptian Cotton: What Are the Differences?

This comparison of Supima Cotton Vs Egyptian Cotton will highlight their similarities and differences. So, keep reading.

You might be wondering what exactly distinguishes Supima cotton from Egyptian cotton as you look to replace the sheets in your bedding. Supima cotton has a higher quality and a better feel than Egyptian cotton, which is the main distinction between the two types of cotton.

It is up to you to decide which fabric would best suit your needs out of the two high-durability fabrics that encourage softness and comfort. To help you better understand the intricacies of both types of fabric, we’ve put together a rundown on each.

Supima Cotton Vs Egyptian Cotton: Differences

Unquestionably, one of the most opulent cotton varieties on the market is Egyptian cotton. This cotton is soft to the touch and gets softer after each wash. This suggests that Egyptian cotton is a durable fabric.

Color and Selection

These two cotton fabrics come in a variety of hues and textures. Because it is blended with other materials by manufacturers, Egyptian cotton may be better known.  Supima is not blended with any different fabric.

Supima cotton vs Egyptian cotton | Comparison and key differences

The process of dying both of these fabrics is thankfully relatively easy. It is simple for manufacturers to produce these fabrics in a variety of colors because they both have good color vision. Both fabrics are extremely resistant to fades. You will notice that Supima cotton is slightly better in this regard too.

You need to remember that Supima is a highly luxurious material, and only 1 percent of all sheets are Egyptian cotton sheets have been imitated, making it challenging for many consumers to purchase the genuine article.

Supima cotton sheets are protected by regulatory standards, even though you might be unsure about purchasing genuine Egyptian cotton sheets. Even more expensive than the well-established Egyptian cotton sheets is Supima. However, it all pays off with the much superior softness and quality of the fabric.

Temperature Regulation

These cotton types are excellent for warmer months because they promote airflow and coolness. Egyptian cotton doesn’t perform as well as Supima cotton because it feels softer. Due to the long fibers they contain, these sheets are ideal for warmer climates. Supima cotton has extra-long fibers, making it slightly superior to Egyptian cotton in terms of airflow.


Supima cotton is much more comfortable as compared to Egyptian cotton and is much softer because of the extra-long fibers. Regarding it, you’ll feel very at ease. The main focus here is on comfort because it is also very simple to maintain. Although Supima cotton offers more comfort than Egyptian cotton, the latter is still of the highest quality.

Care Instructions

Supima vs. Pima vs. Egyptian Cotton Sheets: How to Choose | GhostBed®

Excellent choices for care and upkeep include Supima and Egyptian cotton. They both are among the most durable types of cotton. Due to its extra-long fibers, which get softer and more durable with each wash, Supima is slightly better in this regard as well.

However, the maintenance guidelines for these two materials are remarkably similar. You can conveniently wash these fabrics in any washing machine and don’t need to pay much attention. These materials will age better if you simply tumble dry them on low heat. The best part is that both these fabrics are wrinkle-free.


Thread Count

Supima cotton has a higher thread count. It will continue to perform well because it is Egyptian cotton. It only going to get softer and much more soothing.

Despite having a lower thread count than Supima, Egyptian cotton has these qualities. However, that doesn’t imply that it doesn’t work well. With each wash, it becomes softer and keeps getting longer.


Given that we have already established that Supima is significantly better than Egyptian cotton, the finest cotton fabric available, it is a no-brainer. If something is more luxurious than already luxurious, it is bound to have a massive price tag, and the same is true with Supima cotton.


Both these cotton types are high-quality fabrics, so they also come with an extended warranty. These two materials, both of which come with sizable warranties, are the most resilient kinds of cotton that are currently on the market.

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Similarities Between Egyptian Cotton and Supima Cotton

There are a few similarities between these two luxurious types of cotton and they are:

Supima Vs Egyptian Cotton: What Are the Differences?
  • There are two types of luxurious cotton sheets on the market: Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton.
  • They are softer and more robust than other cotton varieties because they are made from cotton fiber that has been stretched beyond normal lengths.
  • In comparison to other cotton sheets, they are relatively more expensive.
  • Both are simple to use and maintain because you can wash them regularly and normally.

Which is Better, Supima Or Egyptian Cotton?

Despite the unique qualities of each of these fabrics, it is incredibly difficult to pick one over the other. The best sheets for you will depend on a variety of factors, all of which are unique to you and what you require from these sheets.

These sheets’ true worth to you will only become apparent after you use them in terms of comfort, longevity, breathability, etc. Thank goodness, warranties are usually attached to these kinds of purchases, so you can usually use or even charge the fabrics. Before making any final purchases, especially if you are unsure which to make, check the store policies.

Egyptian fabrics feature long fibers that encourage softness and breathability in contrast to Supima’s longer, finer fabrics, which ensure strength. These two intriguing fabrics can withstand numerous uses and washings.

Both types of sheets are single-ply, which increases the fabric’s ability to breathe and allows for airflow. Anyone who frequently perspires at night or wakes up frequently from getting too warm will especially benefit from this. Since they both encourage cooling and airflow, these cotton sheets are excellent for the warmer months as well.

What is Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton is a very lengthy cotton fiber that is soft to the touch and incredibly cozy for sleeping on. Because the fibers are so long, the sheets only require minimal splicing, which results in a soft, pill-free feel. Supima cotton has even softer fibers than Egyptian cotton, giving it an even longer wear cycle.

The U.S. produces Supima cotton. Early in the 1900s, Texas was where it was primarily made. Since then, the country’s Supima cotton producers have increased in number. There are about 11 Supima cotton producers today.

Supima Vs Egyptian Cotton: What Are the Differences?

Supima cotton stands for “superior cotton,” which is a step above In terms of feel and quality, Egyptian cotton. The fibers are extremely strong and easily withstand washings. Your night’s sleep will be relaxing and comfortable because Supima cotton is so soft.

The cost of purchasing Supima cotton is higher than that of any other sheet material you will find because it uses long fibers and has a very luxurious feel. The best sheet material available today, the fabric is of unsurpassed quality.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

The only fabric that is inferior to Supima cotton is Egyptian cotton, which is also of excellent quality. Even though it still has a high price tag, Egyptian cotton is luxurious to sleep in and soft to the touch. Egyptian cotton can only be produced in Egypt, so its production is extremely specialized. The rich, fertile land along the banks of the Nile River is where the cotton for Egyptian cotton is harvested.

The authentic Egyptian cotton logo cannot be applied to cotton that is not Egyptian. Make sure the sheets have a black triangle encircling the cotton plant logo when shopping for them. You can only verify that the sheets you are buying are made of genuine Egyptian cotton in this way. There are many imitations of Egyptian cotton available, but they don’t have the same durability or feel.

Sheets made of Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are different in that Egyptian cotton is not a regulated material. Because of this, some producers are now able to represent their products as being made of genuine Egyptian cotton when they are not. Compared to Egyptian cotton sheets, buying Supima cotton sheets gives you a better chance of getting a genuine piece of clothing.

Conclusion: Supima Cotton Vs Egyptian Cotton

In a nutshell, two opulent cotton sheets are made of Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton. Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are fundamentally different from one another in that Supima cotton is of a higher caliber and has a better feel.

Keep Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton in mind as you start your search for new bedding. You might want to choose Egyptian cotton as a more cost-effective option, depending on your budget. Choose Supima cotton for your sheets if you want something of excellent quality and a softer feel.


Which is Softer Supima Cotton Or Egyptian Cotton?

Calling a fabric “Supima” ensures that the cotton is grown in the United States, and ELS cotton yarn is used to make the fabric. Therefore, if choosing between Supima and Egyptian cotton towels, consider that Egyptian cotton towels may have shorter fibers and be less soft.

Does Supima Cotton Make You Sweat?

Supima cotton is both supple and strong, resulting in minimal pilling over time and lasting comfort. The cotton is also highly breathable, making the set well-suited for hot sleepers and people who are prone to night sweats.

Is There Anything Better Than Egyptian Cotton?

Pima cotton sheets are cheaper than Egyptian cotton sheets and are the most favored and popular kind of cotton used.

Does Supima Cotton Need Ironing?

You can machine wash Supima® cotton between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. Supima cotton only needs to be slightly stretched after washing to take on its original shape. Your Supima® cotton clothing will dry most effectively if you lay it flat on a towel. If you dry them this way, there is no need to iron them.

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