Textile Dye Market Expected to Reach US $ 11.25 Billion by 2026

Textile Dye Market Expected to Reach US $ 11.25 Billion by 2026

The textile dye market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.59 percent to reach US $ 11.25 billion by 2026, driven by the apparel industry’s increased demand. It is currently worth about $8.72 billion USD.

A report by Research and Markets claims that While North America is anticipated to experience the fastest growth during the forecast period, Asia-Pacific held the top spot in the global market for textile dyes in 2021.

The garment industry has a sizable base of raw materials, including all varieties of natural and synthetic fiber dyes, which has aided in its rise to prominence on a global scale.

A key trend that is gaining popularity in the textile dyes market is a new technology, the report also says. To become a more sustainable industry, the textile dyes sector is constantly advancing and implementing new cutting-edge dyeing techniques.

The textile industry has advanced significantly as a result of the use of nanotechnology to produce more technological clothing, such as fire-repellent, self-cleaning, and water-repellent clothing. To maintain their position in the market, major businesses involved in the textile dyes industry are concentrating on new technologies.

The majority of textile dyeing businesses have recently adopted waterless smart dyeing technology.

Zhejiang Runtu Co., Archroma, Atul Ltd., Colorant Ltd., and Vipul Organics Ltd., Among the top businesses in this industry, are Ltd and Alchemie Technology.

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