Textile Museum to Be Inaugurated in Gilan

Textile Museum to Be Inaugurated in Gilan

According to the provincial tourism director, the first phase of a museum devoted to textiles will soon be opened in Qassemabad village, in the northern Gilan province.

According to Vali Jahani on Sunday, this museum could be crucial to understanding the local textile industry.

The official added that there are a total of 27 museums spread throughout the province, with an amazing half of them having been founded and opened in just the previous two years.

He pointed out that creating or revitalizing museums can be an effective way to explore Gilan’s history, culture, and civilization while also drawing attention to the region’s numerous tourist attractions.

The warm-hearted and welcoming people of Gilan are among the city’s top tourist draws. Gilan’s inhabitants, who come from a variety of ethnic groups like the Gilak, Talesh, and Tat, have come together to create a very rich and varied culture.

The successive Achaemenian, Seleucid, Parthian, and Sasanian empires that ruled Iran until the 7th century CE had influence over the northern region. As a result of the subsequent Arab conquest of Iran, numerous regional dynasties rose to power, and Gilan was granted independence, which it kept up until 1567.

Additionally, Rasht, the sophisticated capital city, has long been a weekend getaway for Tehran residents who want to experience the delectable local cuisine and hope for some pluvial action. Rasht is the biggest and wettest town in the northern region. A coastal plain, which includes the expansive Sefid Rud delta and nearby Alborz range portions, separates Gilan.

Reference: www.tehrantimes.com

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