What is a Twill Shirt? Style Your Twill Shirt!
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What is a Twill Shirt? Style Your Twill Shirt!

Twill shirts are one of the most common shirts people wear in daily life. This blog is going to tell you what is a twill shirt and how to style your twill shirt.

There are so many different kinds of shirts available that things can easily become perplexing. If you’ve ever found yourself googling ‘What is a twill shirt?’, here is the answer:

Shirts with a twill weave are referred to as twill shirts. As a result, a cotton shirt with a twill weave is one that is made of cotton. The term “twill” refers to the fabric’s weave rather than a particular kind of material or fabric.

Please read this blog to learn more about a twill shirt.

What is a Twill Shirt?

To put it simply, a twill shirt is a shirt made of cotton with a twill weave. It refers to the way the fabric is woven, placing one thread over another and taking a step between rows to produce a distinctive diagonal pattern. It is not a specific type of fabric.

Twill weaves are also used in denim, tweed, chinos, and work clothing in addition to shirts. It’s a timeless shirt design that ought to last for more than just one season.

An all-around solid, opaque, and well-draped twill shirt is a good investment. Along with hiding stains well, they also tend to show creases and wrinkles less visibly. Check out non-iron or zero-iron twill shirts if this is something you really want to avoid to avoid creases even more.

This can make them a great option for occasions, particularly if you have to travel and leave your outfit in storage. It truly lasts a long time because it is heavier than cotton and has a structured form.

What is a Twill Shirt Weave?

Two over, two under, and an offset between the rows are typical shirt constructions for twill-weave fabrics. As a result, the weave of twill shirts has recognizable parallel diagonal patterns. A twill weave is demonstrated in the black-and-white pattern image below.

What is a Twill Shirt? Style Your Twill Shirt!

The threads are raised in the parts of the above diagram where the threads are depicted in white. An ordinary pair of jeans will have diagonal ridges as a result of the twill weave if you look at them closely. Twill weave is frequently used for jeans. Right-to-left line direction, or Z direction, is referred to as such.

Other types of weaves, such as herringbone, chevron, and houndstooth, are included in the category of twill weaves. Broken twills come in different varieties, and herringbone is one of them.

Where to Wear a Twill Shirt?

A twill shirt is a functional, adaptable addition to your wardrobe. You can wear it while working from home, relaxing, or even at work. With its more structured design and assortment of fits, it can even be dressed up for more formal occasions. Every style of twill shirt is available, including tailored, slim, and regular.

The type of twill used to create this fabric is known by many well-known fabric patterns, including checks, diamonds, herringbone, plaid, and houndstooth. Additionally, it feels soft and is cozy to wear.

Because of the strength and durability of twill’s weave, it can be worn frequently (without wearing out). This makes it a fantastic choice for year-round wear and for situations where you need a stronger, more durable shirt.

When the weather is cooler, it’s also excellent for staying warm. It might not be a good idea to layer a twill shirt over a suit made of a heavier material.

How to Style Your Twill Shirt?

You are free to wear your twill shirt however you feel most comfortable doing so, but if you’re looking for some advice to make choosing an outfit even simpler, then check out this guide on how to wear a twill shirt.

What is a Twill Shirt? Style Your Twill Shirt!

Formal and Semi-formal Events

Check the dress code first for a formal event. When the event is not a black tie, you can start wearing your twill shirt with a formal suit style. Most of the time, it’s best to stick with simple hues like a white twill shirt and your preferred shade of black, navy, or suit, plus formal accents like a tie, cufflinks, or even a dress watch.

With a semi-formal event, there is more room for experimentation and a more relaxed color scheme. Even better, wear your shirt with chinos, a smart jacket, and less formal shoes.

Sometimes it’s all about the accessories if you want to downgrade the formality. Reduce the formal details while increasing your casual footwear, belts, and timepieces.

Business Casual and Smart Casual

The difference between business and smart casual can sometimes feel a little ambiguous and open to interpretation. Typically, it entails a shift away from formal, dressy attire and toward more contemporary shapes, colors, and fits. Despite being more laid back, it can still feel tailored and fitted.

Consider being a little more outgoing, and adaptable, and moving away from safer colors. Regarding this style of attire, a black tie is not required. When it comes to this look, you can experiment with lighter suits, blends of linen, and various colors with your twill shirt.


For a more relaxed appearance, a twill shirt will layer well. For your off-duty attire, consider knits, hooded jackets, or jumpers. A twill shirt can be easily dressed down with sneakers, chinos, or jeans. When it comes to nailing the casual look, a plain white twill shirt looks just as good as something a little bolder, like a twill shirt with a herringbone or check pattern.

When it comes to styling your shirt for casual wear, there are essentially no rules. What you wear, where you wear it, and how you wear it is entirely up to you. We can support that kind of styling right now.

Conclusion: a Twill Shirt

Signature white twill cotton shirts are a necessary component of any well-rounded wardrobe. They are appropriate for boardrooms, black-tie events, WFH, and weekends.

A twill shirt is available that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. This is one shirt that you should add to your wardrobe, regardless of the color or fit you choose. Getting the right fit is crucial.


What is a Twill Shirt Vs a Poplin Shirt?

Both weaves are soft and durable, but poplin is light, thin, and smooth, whereas twill is thicker and heavier. Poplin is frequently softer and more breathable, but both materials are strong. Generally speaking, twill will keep you warmer during the winter while poplin is better for the summer.

Is a Twill Shirt Good for Summer?

Because of the strength and durability of twill’s weave, it can be worn frequently (without wearing out). As a result, it’s a fantastic option for year-round wear and performs admirably when you need a stronger, more durable shirt. It’s also great for keeping warm when the weather is cooler.

Is Poplin Or Twill More Formal?

We suggest poplin shirts for formal occasions, for everyday business looks, and for ceremonies. Twill: Twill drapes beautifully, resists creases, and is simple to iron. It is made up of a distinct diagonal pattern.

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