What is Combed Cotton? Everything About Combed Cotton
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What is Combed Cotton? Everything About Combed Cotton

You will learn what is combed cotton and how it can actually play a bigger role in our daily lives.

It is possible to point out that various fabrics are used in various contexts. One of the most popular and frequently used fabric types is combed cotton fabric, which is one of these fabric types.

So what is combed cotton? Combed cotton is a type of cotton that has undergone a particular process before being spun into yarn, making it much softer to the touch than regular cotton.

Combed cotton is typically a little more expensive than regular cotton. For making bed linens and clothing that will be worn next to the skin, the incredibly soft yet sturdy material is perfect.

Here is everything about combed cotton.

What is Combed Cotton?

It is made from a specific type of cotton yarn and is known as the most popular fabric in recent years. Combed cotton fabrics made from cotton yarns are of the highest caliber. The French word scan, which means to comb, has entered our language and taken on the meaning of combed fabric.

It is a term for tops or t-shirts in Turkish. This fabric has a soft, very long cotton fiber texture. It is extremely flexible and durable, with a shiny, clean, and smooth surface. It also has a higher quality stance in appearance when compared to other fabrics.


History of Combed Cotton

Cotton’s history as a fabric for clothing begins in the Nile Valley of Egypt, where it has been used for clothing for about 5,000 years. The Egyptians were the first people to domesticate cotton and turn it into a material that could be used for clothing.

What is Combed Cotton? Everything About Combed Cotton

The cotton plant had already reached the country when it arrived in Florida in 1556, more than a century before the Pilgrims set out for the New World in 1620.

Over the following few decades, the demand for cotton in the southern United States grew steadily. Even though there was more demand for cotton, the process of turning cotton fiber into fabric was mostly unaffected by this trend.

Before an Englishman by the name of Nasmith discovered a method for combing cotton in addition to his own hair in 1902, combing was only applied to hair. The Nasmith Comber is a device that was given the name after he received a patent for his method.

Production of Combed Cotton

  1. Separation of Fibers: The fibers are then separated from one another and, in the majority of cases, lined up in a straight line with their points of intersection pointing in the same direction.
  2. Dividing the Fibers: These divided slivers of oriented fiber are eventually spun into thread or yarn.
  3. Removing & Combining: The cotton is then combined with extremely fine brushes to remove any last impurities and excessively short cotton strands.
  4. Strands the Cotton: About fifteen percent of the total volume is taken, leaving long, straight cotton strands that have been evened and aligned. The resulting spun thread or yarn is made from these cotton-combed strands.

Properties of Combed Cotton

One of the best fabrics is combed cotton, which provides the ideal balance of softness, durability, and comfort in shirts. So let’s talk about how a combed cotton t-shirt functions and what distinguishes it from a standard cotton t-shirt. The features come down there:

Super Soft

The first trait is that they feel incredibly velvety and soft. As a result, your skin will feel amazing, entrancing, and soft whether you’re wearing a combed cotton t-shirt or a combed cotton jersey. It is superior to a traditional cotton garment because the combed cotton fabric is incredibly soft.

Greater Strength

What is Combed Cotton? Everything About Combed Cotton

The second-greatest characteristic that characterizes the excellence of a cotton fabric is strength. Combed cotton t-shirts, on the other hand, have this as one of the unique qualities that set them apart from other cotton fabrics.

Whereas the strongest material, premium fabric, and outstanding features like greater resistance to harsh conditions, greater strength, and greater durability are present, it may feel heavy on the pocketbook as well!


Not to mention, the cost of a 100% combed cotton T-shirt is high. Combed cotton fabrics are too expensive when compared to other cotton fabric varieties. As a result, if you’re planning to buy wholesale t-shirts in large quantities made of combed cotton fabric, be sure you have a sizeable spending limit to cover the cost of high-quality goods.

Common Uses of Combed Cotton

The following products mostly use combed cotton. A few significant uses for this fabric are covered in the following sentences.

Bedding Items

For making bedding, combed cotton is a common fabric. Bed linens and clothing made of this combed cotton are extremely popular among luxury consumers worldwide.


Combed cotton is an essential part of the textile industry, along with all other varieties. In addition, it produces a wide range of apparel, including linen fabrics. Because of its exceptional softness, this material is perfect for creating dresses, blouses, scarves, and other apparel. People love how soft it feels when wearing anything made of it.

What is Combed Cotton? Everything About Combed Cotton

Does Combed Cotton Shrink?

It is a kind of fabric that can be wrung out after being washed in hot water. Combed fabrics can also be dried by hanging them. It is simpler to wrinkle them when they are damp and ironed. Combed fabric can shrink when washed, just like any other fabric can.

But to minimize shrinkage, it’s crucial to wash them at the right temperature. Combed fabric will experience the least amount of shrinkage when washed at the proper temperatures.

Care Instructions for Combed Cotton

  • Combed cotton typically requires the same care instructions as regular cotton.
  • Cotton can be cleaned and dried at any temperature, but it’s important to take care of combed cotton items like clothing, towels, and bed linens.
  • To increase the fabric’s lifespan, clothing made of colored combed cotton or knits should be washed at lukewarm temperatures with mild detergents.
  • Place the combed cotton load in the dryer and begin the cool-down cycle ten minutes before the drying process is finished. Cotton fibers can relax as a result of this.
  • Combed cotton sheets and towels should always be washed before use to make them softer and more comfortable.
  • Use a preset mode and medium heat when ironing cotton.

Conclusion: Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is used to make our tights and socks. Because it is premium cotton, it feels silkier to the touch and is more durable. The longer fibers in this cotton tangle less. As a result, our socks are softer, simpler to wash, and more durable.

The added advantage that combed cotton gives to cotton is something we all adore. Despite the extra work and cost, we think it is totally worthwhile. You have no reason not to want to wear it every day because it is more durable, softer, and simpler to maintain than combed or uncombed cotton.


Does Combed Cotton Make You Sweat?

Because of its breathability, it does not cause perspiration. It is therefore frequently employed during the summer. Due to this quality, combed cotton fabric is preferred for many products, not just clothing.

Does Combed Cotton Keep You Warm?

It has the quality of not sweating. Additionally, its breathable design keeps people cool rather than keeping them warm. It is a kind of fabric that should not be worn during the winter. It is possible to say that because it keeps things cool, people use it most during the summer.

Is Combed Cotton Better Than Cotton?

Combed cotton is superior to regular cotton because the fibers undergo an extra step before they are made into yarn, resulting in a softer, stronger, more luxurious fabric that is typically more expensive.

What is the Difference Between Combed Cotton and Regular Cotton?

Since it lacks the short fibers that stick out and prickle, combed cotton is softer than regular cotton. The combing procedure also eliminates all the dirt and impurities. The shorter, more fragile fibers are removed during combing, making combed cotton stronger overall.

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