What is Microfiber Leather? a Complete Guide
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What is Microfiber Leather? a Complete Guide

Microfiber leather fabric is popular in the furniture industry. Here is a complete guide to microfiber leather.

When it comes to office furniture, microfiber leather is one of the best substitutes on the market. Aesthetics depend not only on materials but also on how useful the product is to you.

In order to create microfiber leather, high-performance PU (polyurethane) resins are applied to a layer of nonwoven microfiber material. Learn more about microfiber leather by reading on.

What is Microfiber Leather?

Genuine leather can be substituted with microfiber leather or microfiber synthetic leather, and some people choose to do so when purchasing real leather furniture. Microfiber leather is the most sophisticated and best option available on the market among all leather substitutes; it is even superior to regular PU leather.

This faux leather’s composition of PU resins and microfiber has several advantages over other types of furniture materials. Chairs, bags, couches, clothes, and many other items are made of microfiber leather.

Despite the fact that they are frequently confused, microfiber leather and PU leather are distinct materials. This leather substitute includes PU as one of its components, which is the source of the confusion. They provide you with various things, though.

Pros and Cons of Microfiber Leather

What is Microfiber Leather? a Complete Guide

Microfiber synthetic leather, like all furniture materials on the market, has some benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the product you want to purchase, some benefits and drawbacks are more significant than others.

Here are microfiber leather’s pros and cons:

Pros of Microfiber Leather

  • It’s breathable
  • It’s anti-odor
  • It’s antibacterial
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • It’s washable
  • It’s water-repellent

Cons of Microfiber Leather

  • Dust and pet hair can cling to it
  • It’s more flammable than genuine leather

How Do You Clean Microfiber Leather Furniture?

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to clean microfiber leather furniture:

  1. For the purpose of removing debris, dirt, and grime, vacuum the microfiber leather sofa regularly. In addition to keeping the couch looking brand-new, this will collect residue as it accumulates, making cleaning much easier.
  2. In a bowl, combine one cup of water and one tablespoon of mild soap, such as dish soap or laundry detergent. Shake the soapy water vigorously to produce lots of soap suds.
  3. Scoop the suds and rub them into the microfiber leather surface with a cleaning cloth. Using only suds prevents the entry of extra moisture, which could cause water spots and stains to appear.
  4. Scrub the suds into particularly dirty areas with an old toothbrush. Additionally, it enables you to scrub small areas that are challenging to clean with a cotton rag alone.
What is Microfiber Leather? a Complete Guide

How to Identify the Quality of Microfibre Leather?

  1. Check the surface grains. High-quality microfiber has a clearer texture and a surface layer that feels eerily similar to genuine leather. The texture of low-grade microfiber leather, however, is rough and strongly plastic-like.
  2. Hand feeling. The elasticity and comfort of high-quality microfiber are also very high.
  3. Check the crease. Folding various microfiber types of leather, comparing the creases, and determining whether or not they will disappear quickly during recovery are all important steps. The performance of the surface PU attached microfiber base is improved by the smaller crease and quicker disappearance. This is an essential sign of premium microfiber.
  4. Check the scratches. To test whether a hard object will leave scratches, scrape the microfiber’s surface. The high-quality microfiber’s surface has excellent scratch resistance.
  5. Hydrolysis resistance. Microfiber of the highest quality resists hydrolysis very well. Naturally, this is challenging to distinguish with the unaided eye, but it is necessary to state clearly when the procurement is.
  6. Base fabric. A crucial element of microfiber leather is the base fabric, which affects how well the microfiber works as a whole. The performance of microfiber is more stable with a good base fabric.

Microfiber Leather Vs Other Kinds of Leather

What is Microfiber Leather? a Complete Guide

Bonded Leather

Bonded leather is thought to be the least desirable type of real leather among the various grades. Because it is more durable and realistic-looking than bonded leather, microfiber leather is a preferable choice. Bonded leather is not durable because it is made from leftover leather.

PU Leather

Unlike microfiber leather, which is made of microfiber fabric, PU leather is made of regular fabric that has been coated with polyurethane resin. Soft and breathable microfiber fabric is available. It is tough because it is also very absorbent. Contrarily, PU leather peels, and cracks.

Full-grain Leather

Full-grain leather is popular. Full-grain leather is expensive and is best utilized when making clothing or shoes because it is a luxurious material. The best synthetic leather is, in fact, made of microfiber. However, it cannot hold a candle to real full-grain leather.

Sheen, absorption, and breathability are some qualities of natural leather. Synthetic materials do not have these advantages. Real leather, when properly cared for, also lasts longer than microfiber leather.

Conclusion: Microfiber Leather

Finally, you have a better understanding of what microfiber leather is, how it differs from other types of leather, and its advantages and disadvantages. It is strong and excellent synthetic leather.

Customers should take into account these aspects when selecting items made of microfiber leather and do their research to make sure they are purchasing a high-quality item from a reputable manufacturer.


What Does Microfiber Leather Look Like?

Despite having superior physical and chemical performance, microfiber leather resembles natural leather in appearance and in many other ways. Along with being lighter than most faux leather options and real leather, it is also more flexible.

Does Microfiber Leather Crack?

Leather made of microfiber doesn’t crack. It performs better than anything else and won’t fade, peel, tear, or chip over time.

Does Microfiber Leather Fade?

A microfiber or faux leather couch will continue to hold its color regardless of sunlight, while a leather couch will fade over time.

Is Microfiber Leather Vegan?

A mixture of non-woven fabrics coated in PU (polyurethane) resin is used to create microfiber, a synthetic material. Synthetic fibers like microfibre are sometimes referred to as “faux leather” or “non-leather” in the context of clothing. ‘ Because microfibre is a substitute for leather, it’s considered ‘vegan-friendly.

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