What is Velveteen Fabric? Velveteen Fabric Guide

What is Velveteen Fabric? Velveteen Fabric Guide

Here is a complete guide to velveteen fabric, including its definition, how it is made, and its advantages.

What is velveteen fabric? If you need a fabric that looks and feels like velvet but needs to cut costs, you can always choose velveteen as a substitute. After all, this fabric was specifically designed to mimic the characteristics of velvet.

Velveteen, on the other hand, is less expensive and suitable for a variety of uses because it is made primarily of cotton with a small amount of silk.

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What is Velveteen Fabric?

Velveteen is a kind of fabric that is used in the textile industry. It is distinguished by having a back that is smooth and a surface that has a brief, thick pile. It is created using the filling-pile method. In this method, a plain or twill weave is used as the base, and extra fills are floated over four or five warps.

Following the completion of the weaving process, the floats are cut, and the ends are combed through to produce a smooth pile that measures about one-eighth of an inch in length.

Velveteen is becoming a popular style among clothing makers because it gives off an air of luxury but is still affordable. It is possible to use it as a speedier substitute for velvet.

How is Velveteen Fabric Made?

What is Velveteen Fabric? Velveteen Fabric Guide

Velveteen is a non-stretch woven fabric that is typically cotton or a cotton blend. In a comparison of velour, velvet, and velveteen, it has the shortest pile of all three materials.

To produce a dense texture in velveteen, the woven loops are cut with a short nap. Unlike velvet or velour, it is smooth but has a strong, matte finish that completely changes the way it looks.

Advantages of Velveteen Fabric

Velveteen can be a great alternative for clothing due to its resemblance to velvet. In fact, it has numerous advantages, including the following:

  • It is affordable – Due to the fact that cotton, not silk, is used as its primary component, velveteen is thought to be more affordable than traditional velvet. In actuality, velveteen was specifically created to be used in the creation of casual yet still elegant attire.
  • It is pliable to an extent – Given that cotton and silk are used to make velveteen, it has some flexibility. It still has a stretchy feel, though not as much as velvet or velour. In fact, this material can be used to make clothing with a little stretch.
  • It is long-lasting – In general, velveteen is simpler to keep and preserve than other materials of a similar nature. Furthermore, since the fabric is typically less expensive, you won’t need to worry too much if it gets ruined. However, velveteen is more robust in general, so this isn’t too worrying.
  • It is washable – And lastly, unlike velvet, velveteen can be cleaned. Actually, you have two options: dry cleaning or washing machine. But you can’t wash velvet in a washing machine because it will ruin the fabric.

When to Choose and Use Velveteen Fabric?

What is Velveteen Fabric? Velveteen Fabric Guide

Upholstery and soft furnishings frequently feature velveteen. Due to its denser and stiffer finish, velveteen is best used in the world of fashion for more structured pieces of clothing or designs that require a little more durability, like childrenswear.

Velveteen is used for more structured items because it is tauter than velvet or velour and lacks draping characteristics. This could be applied to anything, from jackets and sportswear to bedspreads and home decor items.

Velveteen can be washed and ironed on the wrong side and resembles suede, making it a good material for clothing.

How to Care for Velveteen Fabric?

To avoid shrinking, velveteen must be pre-washed like other 100% cotton fabrics.

In this situation, you can use a washing machine to wash your velveteen material. You can dry clean your velveteen if you want to be safe, but it’s best to be aware that this is the typical recommendation.

However, some people do successfully wash velveteen in washing machines. Velveteen is after all a sturdy material. But let’s say you want to use your machine once you’ve created a velveteen dress or other ensemble. If so, you’ll need to pre-wash and dry your material.

Additionally, keep in mind that drying your cotton velveteen requires extra caution. In this situation, drying your fabric on a line or by hanging it from a ledge is never acceptable.

This is due to the fact that any ridge or crease left on your velveteen during drying will remain there permanently.

As a result, when drying velveteen, you must spread it out or hang it from a padded hanger. Finally, you can use a dryer to dry it just enough so that it is damp, and then hang it on a hanger or carefully place it on a flat surface to finish drying.

What is Velveteen Fabric? Velveteen Fabric Guide

Sewing Instructions for Velveteen Fabric

The process of preparing your velveteen to make a top-notch garment or outfit is the next step in using velveteen. Therefore, you must take into account the pattern of the pieces when you are already at the cutting stage of your material. In this situation, they must all run in the same direction.

  • Working with a nap – You should also be aware that if a single piece of velveteen is cut in an alternate or different direction, the color of the pile will alter. Because of this, some patterns—especially those for materials with naps—will call for a different measurement.
  • Increase yardage – Materials with fabric nap in this context refer to textiles that are oriented in a single direction. It follows that the pieces are not fitted or placed in an elaborate manner, and more fabric is typically needed.
  • Direction – With that said, run your hand along the length of the fabric to determine the proper direction for your velveteen. In this instance, going in the right direction will feel silky soft, whereas going in the wrong direction will feel different. It’s best to keep in mind, though, that there might be some exceptions. For instance, some people decide to lay their pieces in the incorrect direction in order to get the color they want for their garments. Overall, it’s important to let each component move in its own direction.
  • Careful with pins – In addition to this, you should be aware that velveteen fabric is delicate and can reveal pin marks. Therefore, it’s best to use fine, sharp pins when sewing if you’re going to use them.

Of course, as was already mentioned, in order to prevent leaving marks, your machine also needs a precise and sharp needle. In addition, apply light pressure to the presser to avoid damaging your velveteen stack. Your velveteen is now prepared for sewing into a stunning outfit.

In this instance, this is because velveteen sheds more quickly because it has cut edges and is piled up. However, you can finish the edges by serging, casing, zigzagging, or lining the fabric.

Final Words: Velveteen Fabric Guide

Velveteen is an exceptional and striking fabric all around. However, velveteen can occasionally scare you away from using it as a material due to the care required to make an excellent garment out of it.

While many other varieties of velvet and velour only need a little bit of maintenance, washing silk velvet might be thought to be somewhat difficult.


What Does Velveteen Feel Like?

Velveteen is woven, closely set short pile, never more than 3 mm deep; made generally from cotton, or cotton and silk; is essentially “faux velvet” and drapes less well than velvet. Similar to corduroy, it has a hard pile that lies flat and tends to be stiffer.

What is the Difference Between Velvet and Velveteen Fabric?

For opulent evening wear and upholstery, velvet is preferable due to its high pile and glossy sheen. Velveteen has a short pile, it’s stiff and structured, and it has no drape or shines. Upholstery and soft furnishings like decorative throw pillows are where it works best.

Is Velveteen Softer Than Velvet?

Velveteen is heavier and has less shine and drape than velvet, which is softer and smoother.

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