What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? Reasons Explored
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What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? Reasons Explored

The gold standard for cotton that demonstrates its superiority is Egyptian cotton. Ever pondered the potential causes of this? Here is what makes Egyptian cotton special.

Bedsheets made of Egyptian cotton have long been associated with high-quality cotton. We all know that cotton is grown extensively throughout the world, but when we purchase bed linen and clothing, we prefer Egyptian cotton. As far as cotton goes, Egyptian cotton is considered the best. However, what makes Egyptian cotton special?

Of course, we are delighted to inform you! We are here to separate fact from fiction and to explain why Egyptian cotton is unique.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special?

Egyptian cotton is exceptional because it produces fibers with an extra-long length and a smaller diameter than typical cotton. When combed and spun into yarn, these longer, finer fibers produce super smooth yarns that, when woven into cloth, produce super smooth, soft clothing.

Your bedding will feel incredibly special thanks to the lovely drape and excellent hand-feel that are produced as a result.

Bed linen with natural temperature-regulating qualities, like Egyptian Cotton, has been shown to help you get a better night’s sleep by reducing nighttime disturbances from overheating or being too cold, allowing you to wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? Reasons Explored

Egyptian cotton is more breathable, moisture-wicking, and absorbent than regular cotton, which helps to regulate your body temperature. It is therefore perfect for warm summer nights and comfortable sleeping all year round.

In order to help you cool off when you get hot, this works by removing moisture from your skin. When the weather gets colder, the fabric and your duvet work together to trap your body heat and reflect it back to you, keeping you cozy and warm all night.

Genuine Egyptian Cotton Comes from Egypt

Egypt is the origin of genuine Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton’s exceptional softness and high quality are guaranteed by its distinctive climate, fiber, and manufacturing process. There is only one climate where the fibers used to make Egyptian cotton can grow.

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The Nile Delta provides ideal living conditions thanks to its moist, rich soil, numerous hours of sunshine, and cool nights. The cotton plants grow in ideal conditions and have a steady supply of nutrients in this incredibly fertile area. In turn, this causes the plants’ fibers to increase in length and speed.

Super Long Fibers

What sets Egyptian cotton apart from regular cotton is its extraordinarily long fiber. This (extra) long fiber is both incredibly strong and soft. The fiber becomes smoother and thinner as it grows longer. A soft and pure top-quality finished product is then possible thanks to a number of steps in the production process.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? Reasons Explored

The Purest of Fabrics

Handpicking ensures that the cotton fibers are carefully selected and less likely to break when it comes to Egyptian cotton. In the end, the cotton’s quality is improved by this. The remaining loose fibers and debris are combed out of the cotton fibers. Following that, pure cotton is spun into yarn.

Impurities present in improperly spun cotton can be seen in the fabric of the finished product. These impurities cause the fabric to pill and lower the material’s quality over time. Additionally, the number of threads used has a significant impact on the fabric’s quality.

The Strongest Cotton

The straight and intact fibers of Egyptian cotton are preserved by hand picking it rather than by machines. Without compromising strength, it enables the yarns to be lengthened and made finer. Each square inch can accommodate many of these finer yarns, making the fabric incredibly soft and flexible.

The strength and thickness of Egyptian cotton are determined by the threads used in its weaving. Compared to fabrics made with thin threads, thicker fabrics with greater strength are produced. The final sheets are so silky to the touch because they can then be made from very fine Egyptian cotton fibers that are woven into this fabric.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? Reasons Explored

Is Egyptian Cotton Worth It?

Cotton has been grown and valued since the dawn of time for its softness and breathability. These characteristics make cotton bed sheets particularly useful, as they enable you to stay cool and comfortable all night long. While they are ideal for some types of clothing, they are particularly beneficial for cotton clothing.

If this wasn’t enough of a reason to use cotton for bed sheets, cotton is also a very low-maintenance material that has the ability to resist odors and can be machine washed. And finally, cotton bed sheets are made to last because they are sturdy and retain their shape well.

Why is Egyptian Cotton More Expensive?

Better than regular cotton, great Egyptian cotton bedding is smoother, softer, more durable, and more opulent. However, there are times when you can find Egyptian cotton bedding for a very low price. But how high-quality is this less expensive Egyptian cotton?

The manner in which the yarns are spun and woven is everything. Due to its quicker production and lower production costs, bedding made from ring-spun yarns may be more affordable for the consumer. This occurs because the fibers were not combed or aligned during spinning.

Combing is a crucial step in the textile manufacturing process because it eliminates the shorter, rougher fibers, producing smoother yarn and, when woven, smoother fabric.

You’ll be on the right track if you look for combed fibers when purchasing Egyptian cotton bedding. Egyptian cotton is also hand-picked rather than mechanically collected, resulting in straighter and less likely-to-be broken fibers, which also adds to the softness of the yarns.

How Do You Maintain the Quality of Egyptian Cotton?

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special? Reasons Explored

It is crucial that the bedding maintains its softness now that you are aware that no other cotton can compare to the quality of Egyptian cotton.

Although Egyptian cotton is incredibly strong and long-lasting, as was previously mentioned, how can you make sure that it continues to feel soft to the touch over time?

Wash Egyptian Cotton

Although you can always find the washing instructions when buying your products, we also realize that after a while, you won’t be able to.

It is advised to wash the first load of Egyptian cotton bedding in cold water with the least amount of detergent possible to preserve its quality. The threads are improved by the first wash. The following three were held at 30 degrees. After that, if you’d like, you can wash the bedding at 60 degrees.

Your bedding should be washed separately from all other laundries. The bedding can be damaged by zippers or buttons. Cotton can also be impacted by chemicals. Make sure to wash your clothes without using any chemicals like bleach, chlorine, or fabric softener.

Iron and Store Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is best ironed when it is still slightly damp. After ironing the bedding to remove wrinkles, let it air dry completely before putting it away.

Shake the sheets out and dry them on low heat if you’re using a dryer. If you’d rather avoid ironing, spread the sheets out on the mattress while they’re still slightly damp to smooth out the wrinkles. The best way to fold bedding is neatly and tightly after it has dried completely.

Conclusion: What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special?

Egyptian cotton sheets last up to 20 years in use and are softer, finer, and more durable. Here, it is important to know that finer yarns mean a higher thread count, hence the weave of the fabric is significantly stronger and lasts a lot longer than average cotton.

Egyptian cotton sheets are therefore slightly more expensive, but they will last much longer, making them a worthwhile investment for both your wallet and the environment.


Why is Egyptian Cotton Famous in the World?

Another factor that contributes to the unique quality of Egyptian cotton is that it is hand-picked, which reduces the stress on the fibers and preserves the cotton far better than mechanical picking. Egyptian cotton produces sheets that are soft, strong, and long-lasting.

Is Egyptian Cotton a Luxury?

Egyptian cotton sheets and sateen sheets can feel exceptionally soft and comfortable, so both are often seen as luxurious.

What’s Better Than Egyptian Cotton?

Supima cotton stands for “superior cotton,” which is a step above the quality and feel of Egyptian cotton. Superior strength and resistance to washing characterize the fibers.

Is Egyptian Cotton Better Than Silk?

Silk offers a host of health benefits that outshine even premium Egyptian cotton. Chinese silkworms called Bombyx Mori spin fine silk threads to make their soft, sturdy cocoons. The best silk available is called mulberry silk, and its quality is measured in mommes. The name comes from the silkworms’ diet of mulberry leaves.

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