Why is Mulberry Silk Better? Reasons to Choose Mulberry Silk
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Why is Mulberry Silk Better? Reasons to Choose Mulberry Silk

Why Is Mulberry Silk So Beneficial? If you have never used silk, you will be astounded by how soft and opulent your sheets are.

100% The finest natural fibers are used to handcraft mulberry silk bed linen, which is 100 percent organic and environmentally friendly. Silk is also known to be hypoallergenic, to be kind to the skin, and to repel dust mites. Silk also helps you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What is Mulberry silk, exactly, and why is it so unique? Find out why it’s worthwhile to get one for yourself by reading on!

Why Choose Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry silk has a lengthy and illustrious history. It is grown in China and has a long history. Larvae of the domestic silk moth, Bombyx mori, produce the silk. It is not exceptional in this respect.

The diet of the larvae is what distinguishes it. They only consume mulberry tree leaves, and it is because of this extremely restricted diet that they are able to weave silk that is so flawless and smooth.

An Elite Product

The best silk available is mulberry silk. It is the finest silk that has ever been produced. The product is infused with a variety of distinct characteristics from the mulberry leaves that the silkworms are fed. With their antipyretic and antioxidant properties, they produce a very uniform finish. The purest white, which is also easily dyed.

Why is Mulberry Silk Better? Reasons to Choose Mulberry Silk

Myriad Health Benefits

Mulberry regulates temperature and is hypoallergenic. This occurs naturally, not as a result of treatment, and is made possible by the chemical makeup of mulberry leaves. It is a natural protein fiber that resists all odor-causing bacteria and allergen-causing microbes that attempt to settle on your sheets.

Mulberry silk makes a significant contribution to your health and appearance because it has an extremely high glycine content (43%), which just so happens to be a protein required for the health of the skin and other body tissues.

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It Makes for a Safer, Comfier Bed

Mulberry silk will feel better than your regular sheets in addition to all the health advantages we listed above. The humidity in your bed can be reduced by up to 50% because it can wick moisture away twice as quickly as cotton. Because, alas, people do perspire.

In addition, it avoids overheating. Your body will stop overheating because it can sense that the extra moisture is evaporating quickly without being trapped, thanks to this.

Properties of Mulberry Silk

Sand washing the silk results in a smoother, softer silk yarn; this premium manufacturing technique is only employed in the best silk factories. the long strands of mulberry are of a superior nature to other silks as the bedding, duvet covers, and silk fillings are made from one complete strand of silk, this helps keep consistency and quality at a premium.

Why is Mulberry Silk Better? Reasons to Choose Mulberry Silk

Since silk does not pill, you can be sure that your fitted sheet or duvet cover will last for many years. Silk has some fantastic and unique properties, a few are listed below:

  • Silk bedding is renowned for its breathability, which keeps you “Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer”
  • Silk also has hypoallergenic (anti-allergy) properties, because dust/house mites, which can cause asthma, blocked sinuses, and hay fever-like symptoms, cannot live in silk
  • Silk Bedding is acknowledged by the Chinese to relieve aches and pains caused by such ailments as arthritis and rheumatism
  • Silk blankets are lightweight, which is great for the elderly
  • Natural materials are used to make silk. It is produced under organic methods and is environmentally sustainable
  • All Silk products within our range are of the highest quality, giving you complete peace of mind


Sericin, a naturally occurring protein in silk that makes your favorite pillowcases hypoallergenic, is also present in mulberry silk. Your skin will undoubtedly adore this type of silk due to its antibacterial, UV-resistant, oxidation-resistant, and moisturizing qualities.

This might be the case because silk doesn’t cause as much friction with the face and hair as other fabrics do. Mulberry silk is preferred to satin because it is less slippery, which increases the likelihood that both you and the bedding will stay put.

You are well protected from the dreaded House and Dust Mites if you have allergies and are completely covered in silk because silk is unappealing to them.

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